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BBC Radiophonic Workshop: The Daleks; The Keys of Marinus; The Crusade; The Space Museum; Mission to the Unknown; The Daleks' Master Plan; The Massacre; The Gunfighters; The Power of the Daleks; The Moonbase; The Wheel In Space; The War Games; The Claws of Axos; Colony In Space; The Dæmons; Day of the Daleks; The Sea Devils; The Mutants; Carnival Of Monsters; Frontier In Space; Planet of the Daleks; Death to the Daleks; The Monster of Peladon; Planet of the Spiders; Genesis of the Daleks; Terror of the Zygons; Planet of Evil; The Talons of Weng-Chiang; Image of the Fendahl(uncredited); The Sun Makers(uncredited); The Invasion of Time(uncredited); The Ribos Operation(uncredited); The Pirate Planet(uncredited); The Stones of Blood(uncredited); The Androids of Tara(uncredited); The Power of Kroll(uncredited); The Armageddon Factor(uncredited); Destiny of the Daleks(uncredited); City of Death(uncredited); The Creature from the Pit(uncredited); Nightmare of Eden(uncredited); The Horns of Nimon(uncredited); Warriors of the Deep; Resurrection of the Daleks | as and: Galaxy 4; Doctor Who And The Silurians; The Ambassadors of Death(uncredited); Inferno; Terror of the Autons; The Mind of Evil; Day of the Daleks; The Curse of Peladon; The Time Monster; The Three Doctors; The Green Death; The Time Warrior; Invasion of the Dinosaurs; Robot; The Ark In Space; The Sontaran Experiment; Revenge of the Cybermen; Pyramids of Mars; The Android Invasion; The Brain of Morbius; The Seeds of Doom | as and the: The Reign Of Terror; The Web Planet; The Chase; The Time Meddler; The Myth Makers; The Daleks' Master Plan; The Massacre; The Ark; The Celestial Toymaker; The Savages; The War Machines; The Smugglers; The Power of the Daleks; The Highlanders; The Underwater Menace; The Macra Terror; The Faceless Ones; The Evil of the Daleks; The Tomb of the Cybermen; The Abominable Snowmen; The Ice Warriors; The Enemy of the World; The Web of Fear; Fury From the Deep; The Wheel In Space; The Dominators; The Mind Robber; The Invasion; The Krotons; The Seeds of Death; The Space Pirates; Spearhead From Space; Invasion of the Dinosaurs; Genesis of the Daleks; The Masque of Mandragora; The Hand Of Fear; The Deadly Assassin; The Face of Evil; The Robots of Death; Horror of Fang Rock(uncredited); Underworld(uncredited); The Invasion of Time | as with the: An Unearthly Child; The Daleks; The Edge of Destruction; The Keys of Marinus; The Aztecs; The Sensorites; The Reign Of Terror; Planet of Giants; The Dalek Invasion of Earth; The Rescue; The Romans; The Crusade; The Space Museum; The Chase; The Celestial Toymaker; The Gunfighters; The Smugglers
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