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Claire Pritchard-Jones

Last updated 11 January 2016

Production Credits
Make-Up Artist: Dalek(as Claire Pritchard); The Long Game(as Claire Pritchard); Father's Day(as Claire Pritchard); The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances(as Claire Pritchard); Boom Town(as Claire Pritchard); Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways(as Claire Pritchard); Love & Monsters(as Claire Pritchard)
9 credits in
7 entries
Make-Up Supervisor: Everything Changes(as Claire Pritchard)[TW]; Day One(as Claire Pritchard)[TW]; Ghost Machine(as Claire Pritchard)[TW]; The Time of the Doctor(as Claire Pritchard)
4 credits in
4 entries
14 credits in
13 entries

Claire Pritchard-Jones


Make Up Artist based in Wales.

Work includes Sherlock and Stella