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Jason Haigh-Ellery

Last updated 08 March 2013

Acting Creditsexpand all 4 roles
Sskann: Red Dawn[BigFinish]
1 credit in
1 entry
Production Credits
Producer: as Producer for Big Finish: Real Time[Misc]; Shada (Online)[Misc]
12 credits in
2 entries
3 credits in
3 entries
Executive Producer : Mask of Tragedy[BigFinish]; Signs and Wonders[BigFinish]; The Widow's Assassin[BigFinish]; Masters of Earth[BigFinish]; The Rani Elite[BigFinish]; The Highest Science[BigFinish]; Mistfall[BigFinish]; Equilibrium[BigFinish]; The Entropy Plague[BigFinish]; The Defectors[BigFinish]; Last of the Cybermen[BigFinish]; The Secret History[BigFinish]; We Are The Daleks[BigFinish]; The Warehouse[BigFinish]; Terror of the Sontarans[BigFinish]; Criss-Cross[BigFinish]; Planet of the Rani[BigFinish]; Shield Of The Jötunn[BigFinish]; You Are the Doctor and Other Stories[BigFinish]; Wave of Destruction[BigFinish]; The Waters of Amsterdam[BigFinish]; The Labyrinth of Buda Castle[BigFinish]; Aquitaine[BigFinish]; The Paradox Planet[BigFinish]; The Peterloo Massacre[BigFinish]; The Victorian Age[BigFinish]; Legacy Of Death[BigFinish]; And You Will Obey Me[BigFinish]; Zone 10[BigFinish]; Gallery of Ghouls[BigFinish]; Ghost Mission[BigFinish]; Vampire of the Mind[BigFinish]; The Trouble with Drax[BigFinish]; Moving Target[BigFinish]; The Two Masters[BigFinish]; A Life of Crime[BigFinish]; The Pursuit of History[BigFinish]; Broken[BigFinish]; Casualties Of Time[BigFinish]; The Beast Of Kravenos[BigFinish]; The Eternal Battle[BigFinish]; The Silent Scream[BigFinish]; Dethras[BigFinish]; The Haunting Of Malkin Place[BigFinish]; Subterranea[BigFinish]; The Movellan Grave[BigFinish]; The Skin Of The Sleek[BigFinish]; The Thief Who Stole Time[BigFinish]
51 credits in
48 entries

Jason Haigh-Ellery


Jason Haigh-Ellery is the Managing Director of Big Finish Productions and co-producer of their Doctor Who audio stories. 

He has also directed and performed post production on a number of Doctor Who audio dramas.