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On This Day (USA) - 22 April

The Faceless Ones: Episode 3 premiered on BBC One in 1967 at 5:50pm BST, watched by 7.90 million viewers.

With the support of Inspector Crossland, the Doctor pursues his investigations. But the Chameleons have already taken steps to prevent the Doctor from uncovering the truth.

The Mutants: Episode Three premiered on BBC One in 1972 at 5:50pm BST, watched by 7.90 million viewers.

Ky opens the message box but cannot understand the ancient carved tablets inside. The Marshal seals the Doctor and his friends in the caves and prepares to gas them to death.

Tooth and Claw premiered on BBC One in 2006 at 7:18pm BST, watched by 9.24 million viewers.

Fear Factor premiered on BBC Three in 2006 at 8:00pm BST

Smile premiered on BBC One in 2017 at 7:21pm BST, watched by 5.98 million viewers.

The Doctor takes Bill to a spectacular city on a distant planet - but where are the human colonists? In seeking to solve the mystery the pair find that a band of "cute" droids holds the deadly answer.

Smile premiered on BBC America in 2017 at 9:00pm EDT, watched by 0.78 million viewers.

The language of the future is emoji! The Doctor takes Bill to a spectacular city on a distant planet, but where are the colonists?  A band of "cute" droids hold the deadly answer.

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo premiered on BBC America in 2017 at 10:05pm EDT, watched by 0.31 million viewers.

Isolating himself from Charlie, April and Tanya, a devastated Ram struggles with his new reality following the tragic events at prom. Desperately trying to hold himself together on the football field, he thinks he witnesses someone getting skinned alive.

Michelle Ryan will be 37 - 4 credits, including Lady Christina de Souza in Planet of the Dead

Michelle Ryan is best known for portraying the role of Zoe Slater on BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Ryan was born in Enfield, Greater London, and was a student at Chace Community School. She was picked for her role in EastEnders when she was 15 and first appeared on the show in September 2000. She left the series in late 2005

During summer 2005, Ryan appeared in a run of Who's the Daddy? at the King's Head Theatre. She had a small role in an episode of Marple which screened in February 2006, and also appeared in a small independent film the same year, Cashback.

In early 2007, Ryan was seen as Maria in Mansfield Park and also as Lila in the film I Want Candy. In February 2007, it was announced that she had been cast as the lead in the new drama Bionic Woman. The series began airing in the United States on the broadcast network NBC in September 2007. 

Ryan is signed to Independent Models in London, and is also a patron of children's cancer charity CLIC Sargent.

In 2009 Ryan was cast as Lady Christina de Souza in Planet of the Dead, a Doctor Who special to be shown at Easter 2009. 

Also in 2009, Ryan filmed, a crime thriller starring Emma Roberts, Noel Clarke, Tamsin Egerton and Ophelia Lovibond.

In 2011 Ryan appeared in the comedy film Huge alongside Noel Clarke, Johnny Harris, Ralph Brown, Thandie Newton, and Tamsin Egerton, directed by Ben Miller. Another film, No Ordinary Trifle, is in post-production. Also in 2011, Ryan played Helena from A Midsummer Night's Dream in the BBC Learning project, "Off By Heart Shakespeare" and delivered the speech: "Lo, she is one of this confederacy!"

Lauri Hendler will be 56 - credited as Angry nurse in The New World(TW)

Lauri Hendler is an American actress, best known for her role as the middle child Julie Kanisky on Gimme a Break!

Her television guest appearances include CHiPsLou GrantThree's CompanyMagnum, P.I.Mr. BelvedereCharmedThe West WingBeckerWithout a TraceStrong Medicine and ER.

During the 1980s, she also made frequent appearances on game shows including The $25,000 PyramidThe $100,000 PyramidSuper Password and Body Language.

Career starting in 1978 at 13 in Chips as Robin, then in 1978 she was also in Lou Grant and Three's Company. 1979 she was in The child stealer, 1979-80 in the show A New kind of Family. 1978-81 ABC weekend specials and in 1980 she was in Portrait of an escort, The promise of love and Magnum P.I. 1981-86 Gimme a break. 1983 High School USA. 1978-87 ABC after-school specials. 1987 Mr Belvedere, 1989 Heartbeat the flamingo kid. 1991 Eerie, Indiana, 1992 Ferngully: The last rainforest. 1996 Wing Commander Academy. 2000 Charmed and the West Wing. 2001 Becker and Citizen Baines. 2004 Without a trace and Strong Medicine. 2006 ER 2008 Saints Row 2 (a video game) and Faux baby. 2011 Torchwood, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The story beyond the still and Saints Row: the 3rd (video game). 2012 Currently in Southland (Buzby).

Denis Lill will be 79 - 2 credits, including Dr. Fendelman in Image of the Fendahl

Denis Lill  is a New Zealand-born British actor.

He twice appeared in Doctor Who: as Dr Fendelman in the 1977 serial Image of the Fendahl and as Sir George Hutchinson in 1984's The Awakening,

Some of his many film and television roles include Fall of Eagles (1974),Edward the Seventh (1975), Survivors (1975�1977), The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982), as William Knox d-Arcy, the Australian oil pioneer in Persia, in Reilly: Ace of Spies (1983), Rumpole of the Bailey (1983�1992),Mapp & Lucia (1985�1986), Only Fools and Horses (1989�1992),Richard III (1995), Evita (1996), and Rebecca (1997).

He starred in the second (1976 and 1977) two series ofTerry Nation's post-apocalyptic BBC drama Survivors as Charles Vaughan. In the 1990s sitcom Outside Edge he played Dennis.

He also appeared as the drunken MP Sir Talbot Buxomly who died onscreen in an episode of Blackadder the Third. He also appeared as Sir Reuben Astwell in "The Underdog" (1993) of the detective series Poirot. He appeared in Red Dwarf, playing a rogue simulant in "Gunmen of the Apocalypse" and from 2003 until 2011 Lill starred in the ITV1 drama The Royal. as Consultant General Surgeon Mr. Rose.

Mark Jones (died 2010 aged 70) would be 82 - credited as Arnold Keeler in The Seeds of Doom

Mark Jones  was a British actor, who appeared frequently in various television series.

Credits include: A Family at WarZ CarsVan der ValkDoctor Who (in the serial The Seeds of Doom), The New AvengersThe Onedin LineTargetSecret ArmyTales of the UnexpectedBuccaneerBlott on the LandscapeCasualtyCall Me Mister and Dempsey & Makepeace.

He also appeared in the Star Wars saga film The Empire Strikes Back.

Biography from the Wikipedia article, licensed under CC-BY-SA

Tom Priestley will be 89 - credited as Sound Editor for Dr Who and the Daleks(Aaru)

The son of J.B. Priestley.

Hugh Lloyd MBE (died 2008 aged 85) would be 98 - credited as Goronwy in Delta and the Bannermen

Hugh Lloyd  was an English actor who made his name in television and film comedy from the 1960s to the 1980s. He was best known for appearances in Hugh and I and other sitcoms of the 1960s.

He played Goronwy Jones in the Doctor Who story Delta and the Bannermen 

His first professional acting appearance was with ENSA and he worked in repertory theatre until 1957, when he made the first of 25 appearances on the television series Hancock's Half Hour. Many years after its first transmission, he would still be remembered as the character in the episode entitled The Blood Donor in which he forgets to return Tony Hancock's wine gums.

He appeared with Terry Scott in the series Hugh and I and The Gnomes of Dulwich; with Peggy Mount in Lollipop Loves Mr. Mole; in Jury and You Rang M'Lord?. He created the series Lord Tramp (1977), written by Michael Pertwee, in which he also starred. The Comedy Playhouse special, Hughie, in which he starred as a recently-released prisoner following the ending of Hugh and I, was unsuccessful.

Television plays in which he appeared include She's Been Away (starring Peggy Ashcroft); The Dunroamin Rising; A Matter Of Will (with Brenda Bruce); and a number of Alan Bennett plays, notably A Visit From Miss Protheroe (withPatricia Routledge), Say Something Happened (with Julie Walters and Thora Hird), and Me, I'm Afraid Of Virginia Woolf. 

Lloyd was awarded an MBE in the 2005 New Year Honours List for his services to drama and charity.

Kenny McBain (died 1989 aged 42) - credited as Director for The Horns of Nimon

Kenny McBain was a Scottish TV director and producer who was born on 28 July 1946 and died on 22 April 1989.

He is perhaps best known as a producer on Inspector Morse, though he had also worked in that capacity on Boon and Grange Hill.

His directorial credits include the Doctor Who story The Horns of Nimon (1979), episodes of Coronation Street and the Omega Factor episode Double Vision.

McBain, a gifted musician, attended Hutcheson's Grammar school in Glasgow and won a place to study music at Harvard University, deciding eventually to concentrate on drama. His name can be found on the 'wall of fame' at BAFTA headquarters in Piccadilly, London, having been nominated for a BAFTA award for his work on Morse.

Harold Goldblatt (died 1982 aged 82) - credited as Professor Dale in Frontier In Space

Actor who had a long and distinguished career in British Television.

He appeared in the 1973 story Frontier in Space.

Peter Reynolds (died 1975 aged 49) - credited as Man on Bicycle in Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.(Aaru)

Peter Reynolds played the Man on Bicycle in the 1966 movie Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

He appeared in over 80 films

He tragically burned to death at his flat when he fell asleep whilst smoking. He moved to Australia in 1969 and in addition to playing in Australian television serials he portrayed a top-hatted Englishman in cigarette commercials.