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Episode TitleDateTimeLengthRatingShareAI⇩ Chart
601The Zygon InversionSat7 Nov 20158:00pm00:46:206.03m25.1%8424
602The Dæmons: Episode FourSat12 Jun 19716:11pm00:24:258.10m24
603Planet of the Spiders: Part FourSat25 May 19745:31pm00:23:538.20m24
604The Time Meddler: CheckmateSat24 Jul 19655:40pm00:24:008.30m5424
605Planet of the Daleks: Episode SixSat12 May 19735:50pm00:23:068.50m24
606Revenge of the Cybermen: Part OneSat19 Apr 19755:36pm00:24:199.50m5724
607Planet of Evil: Part TwoSat4 Oct 19755:46pm00:22:309.90m24
608The Ark In Space: Part FourSat15 Feb 19755:31pm00:24:3710.20m24
609The Hand Of Fear: Part OneSat2 Oct 19766:11pm00:24:5010.50m24
610Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part OneSat12 Jan 19745:30pm00:25:2911.00m6224
611The Android Invasion: Part TwoSat29 Nov 19755:45pm00:24:3011.30m24
612Empress Of MarsSat10 Jun 20177:17pm00:43:425.02m25.9%8323
613Fugitive of the JudoonSun26 Jan 20207:10pm00:49:405.57m24.5%8323
614SmileSat22 Apr 20177:21pm00:45:355.98m28.5%8323
615FlatlineSat18 Oct 20148:24pm00:43:206.71m25.5%8523
616The Dæmons: Episode TwoSat29 May 19716:10pm00:24:208.00m23
617Colony In Space: Episode SixSat15 May 19716:12pm00:25:228.70m23
618Colony In Space: Episode FiveSat8 May 19716:13pm00:25:228.80m23
619Galaxy 4: Four Hundred DawnsSat11 Sep 19655:41pm00:22:219.00m5623
620Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part FiveSat9 Feb 19745:29pm00:24:309.00m23
621The Space Museum: The Dimensions of TimeSat1 May 19655:54pm00:22:009.20m5323
622The Monster of Peladon: Part OneSat23 Mar 19745:30pm00:24:599.20m23
623Horror of Fang Rock: Part ThreeSat17 Sep 19776:17pm00:23:129.80m6023
624The Brain of Morbius: Part ThreeSat17 Jan 19765:45pm00:25:0710.10m5723
625The Masque of Mandragora: Part FourSat25 Sep 19766:12pm00:24:4510.60m5623
626The Face of Evil: Part OneSat1 Jan 19776:22pm00:24:5810.70m6123
627Genesis of the Daleks: Part OneSat8 Mar 19755:30pm00:24:2010.70m23
628The Creature from the Pit: Part TwoSat3 Nov 19796:07pm00:24:0310.80m6723
629The Seeds of Doom: Part FourSat21 Feb 19765:46pm00:24:4611.10m23
630Under the LakeSat3 Oct 20158:26pm00:43:205.63m22.0%8422
631It Takes You AwaySun2 Dec 20186:31pm00:49:116.42m28.3%8022
632Nightmare in SilverSat11 May 20137:01pm00:44:326.64m27.1%8422
633The Sensorites: Hidden DangerSat11 Jul 19645:15pm00:24:537.40m5622
634The Doctor's WifeSat14 May 20116:30pm00:45:517.97m34.7%8722
635The Space Museum: The SearchSat8 May 19656:00pm00:23:338.50m5622
636Planet of the Spiders: Part ThreeSat18 May 19745:40pm00:24:588.80m5722
637Revenge of the Cybermen: Part FourSat10 May 19756:30pm00:23:219.40m5822
638Galaxy 4: Trap of SteelSat18 Sep 19655:50pm00:24:519.50m5422
639The Masque of Mandragora: Part TwoSat11 Sep 19766:07pm00:24:449.80m5622
640The Keys of Marinus: The Screaming JungleSat25 Apr 19645:29pm00:23:459.90m6122
641The Keys of Marinus: The Sea of DeathSat11 Apr 19645:31pm00:23:209.90m6222
642Robot: Part ThreeSat11 Jan 19755:30pm00:24:2910.10m22
643The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part ThreeSat12 Mar 19776:31pm00:21:5610.20m22
644Marco Polo: Assassin at PekingSat4 Apr 19645:30pm00:24:4810.40m5922
645The Time Warrior: Part FourSat5 Jan 19745:29pm00:24:5710.60m6022
646The Three Doctors: Episode TwoSat6 Jan 19735:51pm00:24:1810.80m22
647Pyramids of Mars: Part FourSat15 Nov 19755:45pm00:24:5211.70m6022
648World Enough And TimeSat24 Jun 20176:45pm00:45:415.00m28.2%8521
649Knock KnockSat6 May 20177:21pm00:44:285.73m27.3%8321
650Before The FloodSat10 Oct 20158:26pm00:42:256.05m26.7%8221
651Journey to the Centre of the TARDISSat27 Apr 20136:29pm00:44:426.52m30.2%8521
652The Almost PeopleSat28 May 20116:45pm00:45:086.72m29.5%8621
653The Empty ChildSat21 May 20056:29pm00:41:507.11m37.0%8421
654A Good Man Goes to WarSat4 Jun 20116:40pm00:48:127.51m31.0%8821
655Death to the Daleks: Part FourSat16 Mar 19745:34pm00:24:359.50m6221
656Planet of the Daleks: Episode FiveSat5 May 19735:51pm00:22:319.70m21
657The Edge of DestructionSat8 Feb 19645:15pm00:25:0410.40m6121
658The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part FourSat19 Mar 19776:31pm00:24:3011.40m6021
659ExtremisSat20 May 20177:27pm00:48:445.53m26.4%8220
660The LodgerSat12 Jun 20106:47pm00:41:156.44m28.5%8720
661The Crimson HorrorSat4 May 20136:29pm00:44:406.47m31.5%8520
662The CaretakerSat27 Sep 20148:29pm00:45:206.82m26.4%8320
663Kill The MoonSat4 Oct 20148:29pm00:45:006.91m26.6%8220
664In The Forest Of The NightSat25 Oct 20148:19pm00:45:106.92m26.3%8320
665Closing TimeSat24 Sep 20117:10pm00:45:116.93m29.4%8620
666Fear HerSat24 Jun 20067:02pm00:43:507.14m41.2%8320
667World War ThreeSat23 Apr 20057:01pm00:40:407.98m40.2%8120
668Galaxy 4: The Exploding PlanetSat2 Oct 19655:50pm00:24:479.90m5320
669The Keys of Marinus: The Snows of TerrorSat2 May 19645:29pm00:24:5410.40m6020
670Death to the Daleks: Part ThreeSat9 Mar 19745:30pm00:24:2410.50m6120
671The Curse of Peladon: Episode TwoSat5 Feb 19725:51pm00:24:3311.00m20
672Carnival Of Monsters: Episode TwoSat3 Feb 19735:50pm00:24:1111.00m20
673The Hand Of Fear: Part ThreeSat16 Oct 19766:07pm00:24:2211.10m6220
674The Face of Evil: Part ThreeSat15 Jan 19776:22pm00:24:4011.30m5920
675The Satan PitSat10 Jun 20067:01pm00:47:106.08m38.0%8619
676The Hungry EarthSat22 May 20106:18pm00:42:506.49m39.8%8619
677HideSat20 Apr 20136:44pm00:44:446.61m29.2%8519
678Bad WolfSat11 Jun 20057:00pm00:42:506.81m37.9%8619
679Night TerrorsSat3 Sep 20117:01pm00:42:347.07m29.8%8619
680The Aztecs: The Bride of SacrificeSat6 Jun 19645:14pm00:25:277.90m5719
681The End Of The WorldSat2 Apr 20056:59pm00:44:457.97m37.8%7619
682The Time Meddler: The Meddling MonkSat10 Jul 19655:39pm00:25:178.80m4919
683Planet of the Spiders: Part FiveSat1 Jun 19745:36pm00:24:019.20m19
684Planet of Evil: Part OneSat27 Sep 19755:45pm00:24:0210.40m5619
685The Face of Evil: Part TwoSat8 Jan 19776:29pm00:24:5811.10m19
686The Face of Evil: Part FourSat22 Jan 19776:26pm00:24:4611.70m6019
687The Hand Of Fear: Part FourSat23 Oct 19766:02pm00:25:0012.00m19
688The Impossible PlanetSat3 Jun 20067:00pm00:45:206.32m41.0%8518
689The Poison SkySat3 May 20086:19pm00:44:406.53m34.3%8818
690The Girl Who DiedSat17 Oct 20158:23pm00:45:456.56m28.1%8218
691The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosSun9 Dec 20186:25pm00:49:406.65m29.6%7918
692Daleks in ManhattanSat21 Apr 20076:36pm00:46:556.69m36.4%8718
693The Idiot's LanternSat27 May 20067:00pm00:45:106.76m33.4%8418
694The God ComplexSat17 Sep 20117:11pm00:47:546.77m28.3%8618
695The Doctor DancesSat28 May 20056:59pm00:42:506.86m39.0%8518
696Aliens of LondonSat16 Apr 20057:00pm00:45:057.63m35.7%8218
697Boom TownSat4 Jun 20057:01pm00:43:157.68m39.0%8218
698The Green Death: Episode OneSat19 May 19735:51pm00:25:559.20m18
699The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part FiveSat26 Mar 19776:30pm00:24:4910.10m18
700Planet of the Daleks: Episode TwoSat14 Apr 19735:53pm00:24:0810.70m18