David Llewellyn

Last updated 03 March 2016

David Llewellyn has worked on
Big Finish 35 episodes

Production Credits
2015Big Finish: Intervention EarthWriter
Big Finish: The ConspiracyWriter
2016Big Finish: Uncanny ValleyWriter
Big Finish: Zone 10Writer
Big Finish: Enemy LinesWriter
Big Finish: Agents of Chaos: The Shadow VortexWriter
2017Big Finish: Visiting HoursWriter
Big Finish: Torchwood_cascade_cdrip.torScript Editor
Big Finish: The Dying RoomScript Editor
2018Big Finish: Time War: Celestial InterventionWriter
Big Finish: Serpent In The Silver MaskWriter
Big Finish: The Death Of Captain JackWriter
Script Editor
Big Finish: We Always Get Out AliveScript Editor
Big Finish: Goodbye PiccadillyScript Editor
Big Finish: Instant KarmaWriter
Script Editor
Big Finish: Deadbeat EscapeScript Editor
2019Big Finish: Time War 2: HavocWriter
Big Finish: The Green LifeWriter
Big Finish: SerenityScript Editor
Big Finish: The HopeScript Editor
Big Finish: The VigilScript Editor
Big Finish: TartarusWritten By
Big Finish: SmashedScript Editor
Big Finish: Dead Man's SwitchWritten By
Big Finish: ExpectantScript Editor
2020Big Finish: Hearts of Darkness: The Edge of RedemptionWritten By
Big Finish: Missing Persons: The Brimstone KidWriter
Big Finish: Gallifrey V: ArbitrationWriter
Big Finish: Rage of the Time Lords: Darkness and LightWriter
Big Finish: Road Trip: Paradise FrostWriter
Big Finish: Fourth Doctor - Series 7: Volume 1: The Crowmarsh ExperimentWriter
Big Finish: God Among Us - Part 2: Eye of the StormWriter
Big Finish: Hearts of Darkness: The Castle of Kurnos 5Written By
Big Finish: The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 02: The Hidden RealmWriter
Big Finish: Rage of the Time Lords: The Coney Island ChameleonWriter
Big Finish: The Story So Far Volume Two: Empress of the DrahvinsWriter