Bryan Griffiths

Last updated 06 November 2013

Bryan Griffiths has worked on
Doctor Who 58 episodes

Production Credits
2005The Christmas InvasionStandby Rigger
2006Fear HerStandby Rigger
DoomsdayStandby Rigger
The Runaway BrideStandby Rigger
2007Smith and JonesStandby Rigger
The Shakespeare CodeStandby Rigger
GridlockStandby Rigger
Daleks in ManhattanStandby Rigger
Evolution of the DaleksStandby Rigger
The Lazarus ExperimentStandby Rigger
42Standby Rigger
Human NatureStandby Rigger
The Family of BloodStandby Rigger
UtopiaStandby Rigger
The Sound of DrumsStandby Rigger
Last of the Time LordsStandby Rigger
2010A Christmas CarolStandby Rigger
2011The Impossible AstronautStandby Rigger
Day of the MoonStandby Rigger
The Curse of the Black SpotStandby Rigger
The Doctor's WifeStandby Rigger
The Rebel FleshStandby Rigger
The Almost PeopleStandby Rigger
A Good Man Goes to WarStandby Rigger
Let's Kill HitlerStandby Rigger
Night TerrorsStandby Rigger
The Girl Who WaitedStandby Rigger
The God ComplexStandby Rigger
The Wedding of River SongStandby Rigger
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeStandby Rigger
2012Asylum of the DaleksStandby Rigger
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipStandby Rigger
A Town Called MercyStandby Rigger
The Power Of ThreeStandby Rigger
The Angels Take ManhattanStandby Rigger
The SnowmenStandby Rigger
2013The Bells of Saint JohnStandby Rigger
The Rings of AkhatenStandby Rigger
Cold WarStandby Rigger
HideStandby Rigger
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISStandby Rigger
The Crimson HorrorStandby Rigger
Nightmare in SilverStandby Rigger
The Name of the DoctorStandby Rigger
The Day of The DoctorStandby Rigger
The Time of the DoctorStandby Rigger
2014Deep BreathStandby Rigger
Into the DalekStandby Rigger
Robot Of SherwoodStandby Rigger
ListenStandby Rigger
Time HeistStandby Rigger
The CaretakerStandby Rigger
Kill The MoonStandby Rigger
Mummy On The Orient ExpressStandby Rigger
In The Forest Of The NightStandby Rigger
Dark WaterStandby Rigger
Death in HeavenStandby Rigger
Last ChristmasStandby Rigger