Nicholas Wilkes

Last updated 31 May 2014

Nicholas Wilkes has worked on
Doctor Who 27 episodes

Acting Credits
2005The Empty Child (uncredited)ADR
The Doctor Dances (uncredited)
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)
2006New Earth (uncredited)
School Reunion (uncredited)
The Girl in the Fireplace (uncredited)
Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)
The Age of Steel (uncredited)
Army of Ghosts (uncredited)
Doomsday (uncredited)
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)
2007Smith and Jones (uncredited)
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)
Gridlock (uncredited)
The Lazarus Experiment (uncredited)
Last of the Time Lords (uncredited)Crowd ADR
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)ADR
2008Partners in Crime (uncredited)
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)
The Poison Sky (uncredited)
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)
Turn Left (uncredited)
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)
Journey's End (uncredited)
The Next Doctor (uncredited)