Doctor Doctor Who Guide


Last updated 28 March 2020

ADR has appeared in:
42 episodes of Doctor Who

1989Battlefield: Part One (uncredited)David Bingham
2005The Unquiet Dead (uncredited)Claire Cage
The Unquiet Dead (uncredited)Charlotte Merrry
The Unquiet Dead (uncredited)Duncan Bett
The Unquiet Dead (uncredited)Kathryn Dimery
The Unquiet Dead (uncredited)Ceri Mears
World War Three (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
World War Three (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
World War Three (uncredited)Hannah Welch
World War Three (uncredited)Paula Keogh
World War Three (uncredited)Paul Ganney
World War Three (uncredited)Jane Kyte Hunt
World War Three (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
World War Three (uncredited)Nicholas Lupton
Dalek (uncredited)Hannah Welch
Dalek (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
Dalek (uncredited)Paul Ganney
Dalek (uncredited)Nicholas Lupton
Dalek (uncredited)Emma Feeney
Dalek (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
Dalek (uncredited)Nicholas Cater
Dalek (uncredited)Wench Sheard
The Long Game (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Long Game (uncredited)Vernon Keeble Watson
The Long Game (uncredited)Alison Goldsmith
The Long Game (uncredited)Paula Keogh
The Long Game (uncredited)Megan Brooks
The Long Game (uncredited)Paul Ganney
Father's Day (uncredited)
Father's Day (uncredited)Matt Jones
Father's Day (uncredited)Hannah Welch
Father's Day (uncredited)Nicholas Lupton
Father's Day (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
Father's Day (uncredited)Paula Keogh
The Empty Child (uncredited)Jane Kyte Hunt
The Empty Child (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
The Empty Child (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Empty Child (uncredited)Vernon Keeble-Watson
The Empty Child (uncredited)Paul Ganney
The Empty Child (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Doctor Dances (uncredited)Vernon Keeble-Watson
The Doctor Dances (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Doctor Dances (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
The Doctor Dances (uncredited)Paul Ganney
The Doctor Dances (uncredited)Jane Kyte Hunt
The Doctor Dances (uncredited)Hannah Welch
Bad Wolf (uncredited)Alison Goldsmith
Bad Wolf (uncredited)Vernon Keeble-Watson
Bad Wolf (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Parting of the Ways (uncredited)Alison Goldsmith
The Parting of the Ways (uncredited)Vernon Keeble-Watson
The Parting of the Ways (uncredited)Matt Jones
The Parting of the Ways (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Vernon Keeble-Watson
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Sophie Olley
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Paul Ganney
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Paula Keogh
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Joanna Compere
2006New Earth (uncredited)Hannah Welch
New Earth (uncredited)Jane Kyte Hunt
New Earth (uncredited)Paul Ganny
New Earth (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
New Earth (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
New Earth (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
New Earth (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
New Earth (uncredited)Nina Kitt
Tooth and Claw (uncredited)Glenna Morrison
Tooth and Claw (uncredited)Ian Bustard
Tooth and Claw (uncredited)Marshall Stewart
Tooth and Claw (uncredited)Cameon Jake
Tooth and Claw (uncredited)Judith Williams
Tooth and Claw (uncredited)Ronnie McCann
School Reunion (uncredited)Hannah Welch
School Reunion (uncredited)Paul Ganney
School Reunion (uncredited)Paula Keogh
School Reunion (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
School Reunion (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
School Reunion (uncredited)Vernon Keeble-Watson
The Girl in the Fireplace (uncredited)Paul Ganney
The Girl in the Fireplace (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Girl in the Fireplace (uncredited)Nina Kitt
The Girl in the Fireplace (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Girl in the Fireplace (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Girl in the Fireplace (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Girl in the Fireplace (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)Paula Keogh
Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)Hannah Welch
Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)Paul Ganney
Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)Vernon Keeble-Watson
Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Age of Steel (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Age of Steel (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
The Age of Steel (uncredited)Vernon Keeble-Watson
The Age of Steel (uncredited)Paula Keogh
The Age of Steel (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Age of Steel (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
The Age of Steel (uncredited)Paul Ganney
The Age of Steel (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Idiot's Lantern (uncredited)Paula Keogh
The Idiot's Lantern (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Idiot's Lantern (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
The Idiot's Lantern (uncredited)Nicholas Cater
The Idiot's Lantern (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Idiot's Lantern (uncredited)Hannah Welch
Fear Her (uncredited)Paula Keogh
Fear Her (uncredited)Nicholas Cater
Fear Her (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
Fear Her (uncredited)Hannah Welch
Fear Her (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
Fear Her (uncredited)Steven Bracken Keogh
Army of Ghosts (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
Army of Ghosts (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
Army of Ghosts (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
Army of Ghosts (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
Army of Ghosts (uncredited)Paul Ganney
Army of Ghosts (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
Army of Ghosts (uncredited)Ian Williams
Doomsday (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
Doomsday (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
Doomsday (uncredited)Paul Ganney
Doomsday (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
Doomsday (uncredited)Ian Williams
Doomsday (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
Doomsday (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Matthew Jones
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Jenny Pink
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Nicholas Cater
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Emma Feeney
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Wendy Olley
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Paula Keogh
2007Smith and Jones (uncredited)Elaine Laight
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Nicholas Lupton
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Sophie Olley
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Debbie J Nash
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Lauren Bracewell
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Hannah Welch
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Nicholas Cater
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Neil Gray
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Holly Cracknell
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Darren Matthews
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Lauren Simons
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingworth
Smith and Jones (uncredited)Terence Mustoo
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Gayle Spedding
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Richard Tunesi
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Viv Youell
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Paul Ganney
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Paula Keogh
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Nicholas Cater
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
Gridlock (uncredited)Paul Ganney
Gridlock (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
Gridlock (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
Gridlock (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
Gridlock (uncredited)Nina Kitt
Gridlock (uncredited)Lauren Bracewell
Gridlock (uncredited)Jenny Pink
Gridlock (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
Daleks in Manhattan (uncredited)David Jarvis
Daleks in Manhattan (uncredited)John Guerrasio
Daleks in Manhattan (uncredited)Barbara Barnes
Daleks in Manhattan (uncredited)Martin T Sherman
Daleks in Manhattan (uncredited)Laurel Lefkow
Daleks in Manhattan (uncredited)Alan Marriott
Daleks in Manhattan (uncredited)Kathryn Akin
Daleks in Manhattan (uncredited)Tim Beckman
Evolution of the Daleks (uncredited)Laurel Lefkow
Evolution of the Daleks (uncredited)John Guerrasio
Evolution of the Daleks (uncredited)Martin T Sherman
Evolution of the Daleks (uncredited)Kathryn Akin
Evolution of the Daleks (uncredited)Tim Beckman
Evolution of the Daleks (uncredited)David Jarvis
Evolution of the Daleks (uncredited)Alan Marriott
Evolution of the Daleks (uncredited)Barbara Barnes
The Lazarus Experiment (uncredited)Vernon Keeble-Watson
The Lazarus Experiment (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Lazarus Experiment (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
The Lazarus Experiment (uncredited)Joanna Campers
The Lazarus Experiment (uncredited)Paul Ganney
The Lazarus Experiment (uncredited)Emma Feeney
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Paul Ganney
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Hannah Welch
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Emma Feeney
2008Partners in Crime (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
Partners in Crime (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
Partners in Crime (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
Partners in Crime (uncredited)Holly Cracknell
Partners in Crime (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
Partners in Crime (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
Partners in Crime (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
Partners in Crime (uncredited)Paula Keogh
Partners in Crime (uncredited)Nicole Clark
Partners in Crime (uncredited)Steve Brayham
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)Holly Cracknell
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)Steve Brayham
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)Nicole Casey
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)Paula Keogh
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Fires of Pompeii (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)Matthew Jones
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)Nicholas Lupton
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)Nicole Casey
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)Nicholas Cater
The Sontaran Stratagem (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Poison Sky (uncredited)Nicole Casey
The Poison Sky (uncredited)Nicholas Cater
The Poison Sky (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Poison Sky (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
The Poison Sky (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Poison Sky (uncredited)Matthew Jones
The Poison Sky (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
The Poison Sky (uncredited)Nicholas Lupton
The Poison Sky (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Poison Sky (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Matthew Jones
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Neil Gray
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Sophie Olley
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Debbie J Nash
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Holly Cracknell
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Claire Hilder
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)Nicole Casey
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Wendi Sheard
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Nick Lupton
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Claire Hilder
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Neil Grey
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Nicole Clark
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Nina Kitt
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Paul Ganney
The Unicorn and the Wasp (uncredited)Lauren Bracewell
Midnight (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
Midnight (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
Midnight (uncredited)Jane S R Kyle-Hunt
Midnight (uncredited)Nicholas Lupton
Midnight (uncredited)Nicole Casey
Midnight (uncredited)Paul Ganney
Midnight (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
Midnight (uncredited)Holly Cracknell
Midnight (uncredited)Matthew Jones
Turn Left (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
Turn Left (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
Turn Left (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
Turn Left (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
Turn Left (uncredited)Nicole Casey
Turn Left (uncredited)Nicholas Lupton
Turn Left (uncredited)Paul Ganney
Turn Left (uncredited)Jane Kyte Hunt
Turn Left (uncredited)Holly Cracknell
Turn Left (uncredited)Matthew Jones
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Nicholas Cater
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Holly Cracknell
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Nicole Casey
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Paul Ganney
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Jane Kyte Hunt
Journey's End (uncredited)Paul Ganney
Journey's End (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
Journey's End (uncredited)Hannah Welch
Journey's End (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
Journey's End (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
Journey's End (uncredited)Holly Cracknell
Journey's End (uncredited)Nicholas Cater
Journey's End (uncredited)Nicole Casey
Journey's End (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
Journey's End (uncredited)Jane Kyte Hunt
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Emma Feeney
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Stephen Bracken-Keogh
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Lindsay Hollingsworth
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Neil Gray
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Claire Hilder
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Paul Sparrowham
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Nick Lupton
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Jane Kyte Hunt
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Nicole Clark
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Nicholas Wilkes
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Hannah Welch
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Daryl Adcock
2011The Wedding of River Song (uncredited)Frances Encell
The Wedding of River Song (uncredited)Fern Duncan
The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe (confirmed)Hayley Joanne Bacon