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Ray Holman

Last updated 28 January 2015

Ray Holman has worked on
Doctor Who 50 episodes
Torchwood 17 episodes
The Sarah Jane Adventures 2 episodes
Factual 1 episodes
Stageshows 1 episodes

Acting Credits
2010Factual: Arthurian LegendSelf
Production Credits
2006Torchwood: Everything ChangesCostume Designer
Torchwood: Day OneCostume Designer
Torchwood: Ghost MachineCostume Designer
2007BlinkCostume Designer
2008Torchwood: Kiss Kiss, Bang BangCostume Designer
Torchwood: SleeperCostume Designer
Torchwood: To the Last ManCostume Designer
Torchwood: MeatCostume Designer
Torchwood: AdamCostume Designer
Torchwood: ResetCostume Designer
Torchwood: Dead Man WalkingCostume Designer
Torchwood: A Day in the DeathCostume Designer
Torchwood: Something BorrowedCostume Designer
Torchwood: From Out of the RainCostume Designer
Torchwood: AdriftCostume Designer
Torchwood: FragmentsCostume Designer
Torchwood: Exit WoundsCostume Designer
Turn LeftCostume Designer
2009Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day OneCostume Designer
2010The Eleventh HourCostume Designer
The Beast BelowCostume Designer
Victory of the DaleksCostume Designer
The Time of AngelsCostume Designer
Flesh and StoneCostume Designer
The Vampires of VeniceCostume Designer
Amy's ChoiceCostume Designer
The Hungry EarthCostume Designer
Cold BloodCostume Designer
Vincent and the DoctorCostume Designer
The LodgerCostume Designer
The Pandorica OpensCostume Designer
The Big BangCostume Designer
2011The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Man Who Never Was: Episode OneCostume Designer
The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Man Who Never Was: Episode TwoCostume Designer
2015The Magician's ApprenticeInfoCostume Designer
The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar: Prologue (uncredited)Costume Designer
The Witch's FamiliarCostume Designer
Under the LakeInfoCostume Designer
Before The FloodInfoCostume Designer
The Girl Who DiedInfoCostume Designer
The Woman Who LivedInfoCostume Designer
The Zygon InvasionInfoCostume Designer
The Zygon InversionInfoCostume Designer
Sleep No MoreInfoCostume Designer
Face The RavenInfoCostume Designer
Heaven SentInfoCostume Designer
Hell BentInfoCostume Designer
The Husbands of River SongInfoCostume Designer
2018The Woman Who Fell to EarthCostume Designer
The Ghost MonumentCostume Designer
RosaCostume Designer
Arachnids In The UKCostume Designer
The Tsuranga ConundrumCostume Designer
Demons Of The PunjabCostume Designer
Kerblam!Costume Designer
The WitchfindersCostume Designer
It Takes You AwayCostume Designer
The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosCostume Designer
2019ResolutionCostume Designer
2020Spyfall: Part OneCostume Designer
Spyfall: Part TwoCostume Designer
Orphan 55Costume Designer
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorCostume Designer
Fugitive of the JudoonCostume Designer
PraxeusCostume Designer
Can You Hear Me?Costume Designer
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiCostume Designer
Ascension of the CybermenCostume Designer
The Timeless ChildrenCostume Designer
2021Revolution of the DaleksCostume Designer
Stageshows: Doctor Who LiveCostume Designer