3D Artist

Last updated 28 March 2020

3D Artist has been credited in:
36 episodes of Doctor Who
2 episodes of Torchwood
1 episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures

2005The Christmas InvasionChris Petts
The Christmas InvasionAndy Howell
The Christmas InvasionMark Wallman
The Christmas InvasionNicolas Hernandez
The Christmas InvasionChris Tucker
The Christmas InvasionNeil Roche
The Christmas InvasionJean-Claude Deguara
The Christmas InvasionPaul Burton
The Christmas InvasionMatthew McKinney
The Christmas InvasionNick Webber
2006New EarthPaul Burton
New EarthNicolas Hernandez
New EarthMatthew McKinney
New EarthNick Webber
New EarthChris Tucker
New EarthChris Petts
New EarthNeil Roche
New EarthAndy Howell
New EarthJean-Claude Deguara
New EarthMark Wallman
Tooth and ClawJean-Claude Deguara
Tooth and ClawJean-Yves Audouard
Tooth and ClawMark Wallman
Tooth and ClawNeil Roche
Tooth and ClawWill Pryor
Tooth and ClawChris Petts
Tooth and ClawPaul Burton
Tooth and ClawNicolas Hernandez
Tooth and ClawChris Tucker
Tooth and ClawMatthew McKinney
School ReunionChris Petts
School ReunionChris Tucker
School ReunionWill Pryor
School ReunionPaul Burton
School ReunionNick Webber
School ReunionNeil Roche
School ReunionNicolas Hernandez
School ReunionJean-Yves Audouard
School ReunionMark Wallman
School ReunionMatthew McKinney
School ReunionJean-Claude Deguara
The Girl in the FireplaceChris Petts
The Girl in the FireplaceMark Wallman
The Girl in the FireplaceMatthew McKinney
The Idiot's LanternChris Tucker
The Idiot's LanternSerena Cacciato
The Idiot's LanternChris Petts
The Idiot's LanternNick Webber
The Impossible PlanetSerena Cacciato
The Impossible PlanetPaul Burton
The Impossible PlanetJean-Yves Audouard
The Impossible PlanetMark Wallman
The Impossible PlanetChris Petts
The Impossible PlanetAdam Burnett
The Impossible PlanetNick Webber
The Impossible PlanetNicolas Hernandez
The Impossible PlanetMatt McKinney
The Impossible PlanetChris Tucker
The Impossible PlanetJean-Claude Deguara
The Impossible PlanetWill Pryor
The Impossible PlanetNeil Roche
The Satan Pit
The Satan PitPaul Burton
The Satan PitMark Wallman
The Satan PitJean-Yves Audouard
The Satan PitChris Petts
The Satan PitAdam Burnett
The Satan PitNick Webber
The Satan PitMatt McKinney
The Satan PitNicolas Hernandez
The Satan PitChris Tucker
The Satan PitWill Pryor
The Satan PitJean-Claude Deguara
The Satan PitSerena Cacciato
Love & MonstersChris Petts
Love & MonstersNick Webber
Fear HerJean-Claude Deguara
Fear HerNeil Roche
Fear HerChris Petts
Fear HerNicolas Hernandez
Fear HerChris Tucker
Fear HerJean-Yves Audouard
Fear HerWill Pryor
Fear HerMark Wallman
Fear HerPaul Burton
Fear HerMatthew McKinney
Torchwood: Everything ChangesJean-Claude Deguara
Torchwood: Everything ChangesNeil Roche
Torchwood: Everything ChangesJean-Yves Audouard
Torchwood: Everything ChangesNicholas Hernandez
Torchwood: Day OneNick Webber
Torchwood: Day OnePaul Burton
Torchwood: Day OneAndy Guest
The Runaway BrideChris Tucker
The Runaway BridePaul Burton
The Runaway BrideMark Wallman
The Runaway BrideNicolas Hernandez
The Runaway BrideNick Webber
The Runaway BrideAndy Guest
The Runaway BrideJean-Claude Deguara
The Runaway BrideMatthew McKinney
2007The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the BaneAdam Burnett
Smith and JonesWill Pryor
Smith and JonesMark Wallman
Smith and JonesMatthew McKinney
Smith and JonesBruce Magroune
The Shakespeare CodeAndy Guest
The Shakespeare CodeNick Webber
The Shakespeare CodeChris Tucker
The Shakespeare CodeBruce Magroune
GridlockNick Webber
GridlockNeil Roche
GridlockPaul Burton
GridlockMatthew McKinney
GridlockJeff North
GridlockSerena Cacciato
GridlockJean-Claude Deguara
Daleks in ManhattanAdam Burnett
Daleks in ManhattanJean-Yves Audouard
Evolution of the DaleksWill Pryor
Evolution of the DaleksMark Wallman
Evolution of the DaleksSerena Cacciato
Evolution of the DaleksMatthew McKinney
The Lazarus ExperimentJean-Claude Deguara
The Lazarus ExperimentNeil Roche
The Lazarus ExperimentJean-Yves Audouard
The Lazarus ExperimentNicolas Hernandez
The Lazarus ExperimentJeff North
42Nicolas Hernandez
42Serena Cacciato
42Jean-Claude Deguara
42Will Pryor
42Nick Webber
42Andy Guest
42Bruce Magroune
UtopiaNick Webber
UtopiaJean-Claude Deguara
UtopiaNicolas Hernandez
UtopiaMark Wallman
UtopiaPaul Burton
The Sound of Drums
The Sound of DrumsWill Pryor
The Sound of DrumsSerena Cacciato
The Sound of DrumsMatthew McKinney
The Sound of DrumsJeff North
The Sound of DrumsJean-Claude Deguara
The Sound of DrumsNicolas Hernandez
The Sound of DrumsBruce Magroune
Last of the Time LordsAndy Guest
Last of the Time LordsNick Webber
Last of the Time LordsWill Pryor
Last of the Time LordsJean-Yves Audouard
Last of the Time LordsAdam Burnett
Last of the Time LordsNeil Roche
Last of the Time LordsJean-Claude Deguara
Last of the Time LordsNicolas Hernandez
Last of the Time LordsMark Wallman
Voyage of the DamnedNicolas Hernandez
Voyage of the DamnedNeil Roche
Voyage of the DamnedBruce Magroune
Voyage of the DamnedMark Wallman
Voyage of the DamnedAndy Guest
Voyage of the DamnedJean-Claude Deguara
Voyage of the DamnedNick Webber
Voyage of the DamnedJeff North
Voyage of the DamnedMatt McKinney
2008Partners in Crime
Partners in CrimeStephen Regelous
Partners in CrimeSerena Cacciato
Partners in CrimeMark Wallman
Partners in CrimeDave Levy
The Fires of PompeiiNeil Roche
The Fires of PompeiiJean-Claude Deguara
The Fires of PompeiiAndy Guest
The Fires of PompeiiAdam Burnett
The Fires of PompeiiRuth Bailey
The Fires of PompeiiNick Webber
Planet of the OodChris Ticker
Planet of the OodNicolas Hernandez
Planet of the OodBruce Magroune
Planet of the OodJeff North
Planet of the OodWill Pryor
Planet of the OodJean-Claude Deguara
Planet of the OodSam Lucas
The Sontaran StratagemMatt McKinney
The Sontaran StratagemJeff North
The Poison SkySerena Cacciato
The Poison SkyChris Tucker
The Poison SkyAndy Guest
The Poison SkyJeff North
The Poison SkyNick Webber
The Poison SkyMatt McKinney
The Doctor's DaughterMark Wallman
The Doctor's DaughterRuth Bailey
The Doctor's DaughterJeff North
The Doctor's DaughterSerena Cacciato
The Unicorn and the WaspSam Lucus
The Unicorn and the WaspNicolas Hernandez
The Unicorn and the WaspNeil Roche
The Unicorn and the WaspJean-Claude Deguara
Forest of the DeadMark Wallman
Forest of the DeadChris Tucker
Forest of the DeadMatt McKinney
MidnightNicolas Hernandez
MidnightBruce Magroune
MidnightJean-Claude Deguara
Turn LeftMark Wallman
Turn LeftNick Webber
Turn LeftDavid Knight
Turn LeftMatt McKinney
The Stolen EarthSerena Cacciato
The Stolen EarthAndy Guest
The Stolen EarthNicolas Hernandez
The Stolen EarthNick Webber
The Stolen EarthJean-Claude Deguara
Journey's EndJeff North
Journey's EndJean-Yves Audouard
Journey's EndMatt McKinney
Journey's EndWill Pryor
Journey's EndNicolas Hernandez
Journey's EndDave Levy
Journey's EndJean-Claude Deguara
2010The Pandorica OpensJeff North
The Pandorica OpensNick Bell
The Pandorica OpensRuth Bailey
The Pandorica OpensDominic Anderson
The Pandorica OpensAdrian Bell
The Pandorica OpensAndy Guest
The Pandorica OpensWayde Duncan-Smith
The Pandorica OpensDarren Byford
The Pandorica OpensDavid Jones
The Pandorica OpensZahra Al Nabib
The Pandorica OpensSerena Cacciato
The Big BangNick Webber
The Big BangWayde Duncan-Smith
The Big BangDarren Byford
The Big BangNick Bell
The Big BangJeff North
The Big BangDominic Anderson
The Big BangSerena Cacciato
The Big BangRuth Bailey
The Big BangAndy Guest