Last updated 23 April 2017

Blinded by the Light

Series Episode Number: 79

World Premiere: Sat 1 May 2010 - 7:10pm BST [BBC Three] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 45 minutes

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This episode goes behind the scenes of Flesh and Stone

Actress Karen Gillan tells how the 'Crack in Time' series story arc fits into this episode, while writer Steven Moffat describes how the very first crack in time was actually in his son's bedroom wall. As we prepare to say goodbye (for now) to River Song, the cast and crew examine the character's shady story so far and speculate about her possibly even shadier future, while Gillan gives a guided tour to Amy Pond's bedroom.

Production Team
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Camera OperatorAled Jenkins
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Camera OperatorSteve Webb
SoundWil Planitzer
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ResearcherMatthew Andrews
Assistant ProducerPaul Symonds
Assistant ProducerHannah Williams
Production Team AssistantEmma Chapman
Production AccountantKevin Rickwood
Production Co-ordinatorMegan Pinches
Production ManagerKaty Cartwright
Production ExecutiveStan Matthews
Online EditorJeremy Lott
ColouristMatt Mullins
Dubbing MixerMark Ferda
EditorAnya Lewis
Edit ProducerTracy Comer
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ProducerZoƫ Rushton
Series ProducerGillane Seaborne