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Episode Four

Episode Four

Series Episode Number: 247

World Premiere: Sat 10 May 1969 - 5:15pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Sun 30 Nov 1986 - 11:25pm CST [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 23 minutes 30 seconds

5.70 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 50 (UK)

Chart Position: 63 () (UK)

Recorded on Fri 02 May 1969 in Television Centre 4
Archive State: 16mm t/r

The Doctor and Zoe penetrate the Aliens' HQ from where the war games are controlled. Carstairs is reconditioned and exposes the Doctor and Zoe as German spies.

Characters hide uncredited
Dr. WhoPatrick Troughton
JamieFrazer Hines
ZoeWendy Padbury
Lady Jennifer BuckinghamJane Sherwin
Sgt. ThompsonBill Hutchinson
Corporal RileyTerry Adams
LeroyLeslie Schofield
von WeichDavid Garfield
War ChiefEdward Brayshaw
ScientistVernon Dobtcheff
HarperRudolph Walker
Alien GuardJohn Atterbury
Lieutenant CarstairsDavid Savile
German soldierDavid Billa (uncredited)
German soldierDenis Balcombe (uncredited)
German soldierTim O'Leary (uncredited)
1862 Union SoldierLes Conrad (uncredited)
1862 Union SoldierBill Richards (uncredited)
Alien StudentPhil Lundgren (uncredited)
Alien StudentRon Conrad (uncredited)
Alien StudentGeorge Howse (uncredited)
Alien StudentNeville Simons (uncredited)
Alien StudentLouis Berkman (uncredited)
Alien StudentBob Willyman (uncredited)
Alien StudentBarry Kennington (uncredited)
1862 Confederate SoldierJim Delaney (uncredited)
Confederate SoldierLeslie Bates (uncredited)
1862 Confederate SoldierBryan Nolan (uncredited)
Resistance ManAllan Travell (uncredited)
Resistance ManHarry Tierney (uncredited)
Resistance ManDavid Melbourne (uncredited)
Foot SoldiersPatrick Milner (uncredited)
Alien GuardMartin Lyder (uncredited)
Foot SoldierPeter Kaukus (uncredited)
Foot SoldierJohn Spradbury (uncredited)
Foot SoldierTerence Danville (uncredited)