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On This Day (USA) - 15 June

Totally Doctor Who (#1.10) premiered on BBC One in 2006 at 5:00pm BST, watched by 0.42 million viewers.

Totally Doctor Who (#2.10) premiered on BBC One in 2007 at 4:59pm BST, watched by 0.92 million viewers.
Barney Harwood and Kirsten O'Brien look at everything Doctor Who, with exclusive clips and the next instalment of the Doctor Who animation, The Infinite Quest. There's a chat with top monster man Paul Kasey, and the Team Totally teams make monsters of their own.

Chris Chapman will be 40 - 2 credits, including Producer for My Life: I Am Ethan
Chris Chapman is a television producer, director and writer, and has also produced a variety of special features for the Doctor Who DVD range.

Chris Chapman will be 40 - 7 credits, including Blue Staff in The End Of The World

Candace Brown will be 41 - 3 credits, including Sarah in Escape to L.A.(TW)

Candace Brown is an American actress and comedian best known for her work on shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Head Case, The Wizards Of Waverly Place. In 2011, she joined the guest cast for Torchwood‍ '​s fourth series' Torchwood: Miracle Day, airing on BBC Worldwide and US premium television network Starz.

Early years

Brown was born in Culver City, California, and was raised in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale by her mother. She attended Glendale High School in Glendale and later attended California State University, Northridge to study Communications. She studied acting under the acting teacher, Ivana Chubbuck.


Brown made her first appearance on TV in 1995, on the Fox television show Party Of Five. She made her feature film debut in the 2003 comedy The Cat In The Hat, as the secretary at the Humberfloob Real Estate Office. Brown has appeared in numerous television shows. In 2007, she was cast as Natalie, Sarah's neighbor on The Sarah Silverman Program. In 2008, she was cast as The Genie on the Disney Channel show, The Wizards Of Waverly Place. In 2009, Brown joined the main cast of the comedy Head Case, on the Starz TV network.

In 2011, Brown portrayed the character Sarah Drummond on Torchwood‍ '​s fourth season, Torchwood: Miracle Day, airing on BBC Worldwide and US premium television network Starz.

In 2012, Candace joined the cast of Shameless, portraying the character "Alana Murphy" on the show's second season, airing on Showtime.

Biography from the wikipedia article, licensed under CC-BY-SA

Roy Holder will be 75 - credited as Krelper in The Caves of Androzani

Roy Holder is an English television actor who has appeared in various programmes including Ace of Wands, Z-Cars, Spearhead, the Doctor Who serial The Caves of Androzani and Sorry! His first notable appearance on the screen was in the 1961 film Whistle Down the Wind, and he then appeared in The Taming of the Shrew (1967), Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (1968), Romeo and Juliet (1968), The Virgin Soldiers (1969), Loot (1970), Psychomania (1973), The Land That Time Forgot (1975), Trial by Combat (1976) and Jesus of Nazareth (1977). More recently, Roy played the part of Mr Hill in Pride & Prejudice (2005), and Gaffer Tom in Robin Hood (2010).

Holder was born in Birmingham. He plays in several celebrity golf tournaments throughout the year and is currently 1st team captain at his home club. His loveable attitude and shaggy hairstyle have made him one of East Molesey's most popular celebrities. Roy is also a big name in the local Drama School industry, having lived in East Molesey for most of his life with his partner and two children. Roy also plays the part of Father Christmas at local primary schools

Biography from the wikipedia article, licensed under CC-BY-SA

Michael Bertinshaw will be 76 - credited as Mr Cole in The Next Doctor

Michael Bertinshaw played Mr Cole in the Doctor Who story The Next Doctor.

Also appeared in Doctors, Miliband of Brothers, The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson, The Bill, Murderland, Criminal Justice, EastEnders, Casualty, The Worst Week of My Life, The Da Vinci Code, Murphy's Law, Rosemary & Thyme, Messiah: The Promise, Swiss Toni, The Brief, William and Mary, Foyle's War, Silent Witness, Carla, Bust, A Touch of Frost, The Lost World, Midsomer Murders, Los Dos Bros, In Deep, Another Life, Summer in the Suburbs, Oliver Twist, Undercover Heart, Oktober, Noah's Ark, Intimate Relations, The Vet, Giving Tongue, Peak Practice, Backup, Castles, She's Out, Pie in the Sky, Joking Apart, Kavanagh QC, Seaforth, Lovejoy, Natural Lies, Harry Enfield's Television Programme, Spatz, Paper Mask, The Gravy Train, C.A.B., Traffik, Inspector Morse, Bellman and True, Slinger's Day, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, John Wycliffe: The Morning Star, The Professionals, Strangers.

Derek Smith will be 94 - credited as Doorman in Human Nature / The Family of Blood

Derek Smith is an actor who played a Doorman in Human Nature.

Michael Dillon (died 2006 aged 80) would be 95 - credited as Dalek Operator in Dr Who and the Daleks(Aaru)

Also known as Mick Dillon.

Willa Lowndes (died 2020 aged 29) - credited as Civillian UNIT Soldier in Dark Water / Death in Heaven

Amii-Josephina (Amy Josephine) was born in Bristol in 1990.

She died in June 2020 from an undiagnosed epilepsy seizure.

Leslie Grantham (died 2018 aged 71) - credited as Kiston in Resurrection of the Daleks (as Les Grantham)

Grantham was born in Camberwell, London. At the age of 15 he enlisted in the Royal Fusiliers regiment of the British Army, but in 1966 he attempted to rob a German taxi driver, Felix Reese, in which the driver suffered a fatal gunshot. Though claiming he didn't know the gun was loaded, he was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment in the UK.

During his time in prison Grantham he acted in several plays and was then encouraged to take up acting by actress Louise Jameson during a visit she made to Leyhill where he resided, and they later became good friends.

Training at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art after his release in 1977, his first meaty role on television was to be Kiston in Doctor Who; however, his breakthrough into fame came when he appeared in the premiere of Eastenders in 1985 as Den Watts, a character that quickly gained infamy through plots involving his tempestuous relationship with wife Angie - whose Christmas 1986 episode received record-breaking audiences - and the notable teenage pregnancy plotline. He left the show in 1989 - allegedly shot - but returned again in 2003 until he was finally killed off in 2005 following a reported scandal at the BBC.

Other roles have included Danny Kane in The Paradise Club (alongside Don Henderson), The Uninvited (that he also produced), and The Stretch. He has also played the role Private Walker in the stage adaptation of Dad's Army.

Leonard Sachs (died 1990 aged 80) - 2 credits, including Lord President Borusa in Arc of Infinity

Leonard Sachs was a South African - born British actor, best known for his appearance as the Chairman of the Leeds City Varieties in the long-running television series The Good Old Days

Sachs was born in South Africa in the town of Roodepoort, Transvaal (now Gauteng). He had many television and film roles from the 1930s to the 1980s, including Mowbray in the 1950 version of Richard II, John Wesley in the 1954 film of the same name and Lord Mount Severn in East Lynne from 1976.

He founded an Old Time Music Hall, named the Players' Theatre, in Villiers Street, London.  

Sachs appeared in Danger Man with Patrick McGoohan. 

He married the actress Eleanor Summerfield in 1947. They had two sons, the actor Robin Sachs and Toby Sachs.