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Paul Jones

Last updated 19 March 2013

Paul Jones has worked on
Doctor Who 63 episodes
Big Finish 2 episodes

Acting Credits
2012Big Finish: Road Trip: Brand ManagementThe DJ
Planet of Giants: The Urge To Live (Reconstruction)Smithers
Big Finish: Road Trip: Bad HabitsThe DJ
Production Credits
2006The Runaway BrideStandby Carpenter
2007Smith and JonesStandby Carpenter
The Shakespeare CodeStandby Carpenter
GridlockStandby Carpenter
Daleks in ManhattanStandby Carpenter
Evolution of the DaleksStandby Carpenter
The Lazarus ExperimentStandby Carpenter
42Standby Carpenter
Human NatureStandby Carpenter
The Family of BloodStandby Carpenter
UtopiaStandby Carpenter
The Sound of DrumsStandby Carpenter
Last of the Time LordsStandby Carpenter
2008Turn LeftStandby Carpenter
2011Closing TimeStandby Carpenter
2013The Time of the DoctorStandby Carpenter
2014Deep BreathStandby Carpenter
Into the DalekStandby Carpenter
Robot Of SherwoodStandby Carpenter
ListenStandby Carpenter
Time HeistStandby Carpenter
The CaretakerStandby Carpenter
Kill The MoonStandby Carpenter
Mummy On The Orient ExpressStandby Carpenter
In The Forest Of The NightStandby Carpenter
Dark WaterStandby Carpenter
Death in HeavenStandby Carpenter
Last ChristmasStandby Carpenter
2015The Magician's ApprenticeStandby Carpenter
The Witch's FamiliarStandby Carpenter
Under the LakeStandby Carpenter
Before The FloodStandby Carpenter
The Girl Who DiedStandby Carpenter
The Woman Who LivedStandby Carpenter
The Zygon InvasionStandby Carpenter
The Zygon InversionStandby Carpenter
Sleep No MoreStandby Carpenter
Face The RavenStandby Carpenter
Heaven SentStandby Carpenter
Hell BentStandby Carpenter
The Husbands of River SongStandby Carpenter
2016The Return Of Doctor MysterioStandby Carpenter
2017The PilotStandby Carpenter
SmileStandby Carpenter
Thin IceStandby Carpenter
OxygenStandby Carpenter
ExtremisStandby Carpenter
The Pyramid At The End Of The WorldStandby Carpenter
The Lie Of The LandStandby Carpenter
Empress Of MarsStandby Carpenter
The Eaters of LightStandby Carpenter
World Enough And TimeStandby Carpenter
The Doctor FallsStandby Carpenter
2018The Ghost MonumentStandby Carpenter
RosaStandby Carpenter
Arachnids In The UKStandby Carpenter
The Tsuranga ConundrumStandby Carpenter
Demons Of The PunjabStandby Carpenter
Kerblam!Standby Carpenter
The WitchfindersStandby Carpenter
It Takes You AwayStandby Carpenter
The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosStandby Carpenter
2019ResolutionStandby Carpenter