Prop Buyer

Last updated 28 March 2020

Prop Buyer has been credited in:
46 episodes of Doctor Who

1979Nightmare of Eden: Part One (uncredited)Robert Fleming
Nightmare of Eden: Part Two (uncredited)
Nightmare of Eden: Part Three (uncredited)
Nightmare of Eden: Part Four (uncredited)
1982Kinda: Part One (uncredited)Chris Faraday
Kinda: Part Two (uncredited)
Kinda: Part Three (uncredited)
Kinda: Part Four (uncredited)
2013Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): An Adventure In Space And Time (as Assistant Prop Buyer)Colleen MacLeod
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): An Adventure In Space And TimeStuart Bryce
2014Deep BreathHelen O'Leary
Deep BreathDonna Shakesheff
Into the DalekHelen O'Leary
Into the DalekDonna Shakesheff
Robot Of Sherwood
Robot Of SherwoodHelen O'Leary
ListenDonna Shakesheff
ListenHelen O'Leary
Time HeistDonna Shakesheff
Time HeistHelen O'Leary
The CaretakerDonna Shakesheff
The CaretakerHelen O'Leary
Kill The MoonMay Johnson
Kill The MoonVicki Male
Mummy On The Orient ExpressMay Johnson
Mummy On The Orient ExpressVicki Male
FlatlineMay Johnson
In The Forest Of The Night
In The Forest Of The NightVicki Male
Dark Water
Dark WaterMay Johnson
Death in Heaven
Death in HeavenVicki Male
Last Christmas
2015The Magician's ApprenticeRosy Pearce
The Magician's ApprenticeVicki Male
The Magician's ApprenticeMay Johnson
The Witch's Familiar
The Witch's FamiliarVicki Male
The Witch's FamiliarRosy Pearce
Under the LakeMay Johnson
Under the LakeVicki Male
Before The Flood
Before The FloodMay Johnson
The Girl Who DiedRosy Pearce
The Girl Who DiedMay Johnson
The Girl Who DiedVicki Male
The Woman Who LivedMay Johnson
The Woman Who LivedVicki Male
The Woman Who LivedRosy Pearce
The Zygon InvasionMay Johnson
The Zygon InvasionVicki Male
The Zygon Inversion
The Zygon InversionMay Johnson
Sleep No More
Sleep No MoreVicki Male
Face The RavenRosy Pearce
Face The RavenMay Johnson
Heaven SentUrsula Marshall
Heaven SentMay Johnson
Hell BentVicki Male
Hell BentMay Johnson
The Husbands of River SongVicki Male
The Husbands of River SongMay Johnson
2016The Return Of Doctor MysterioJo Pearce
The Return Of Doctor MysterioCharlotte Lailey De
2017The PilotJen Saguaro
The PilotJo Pearce
SmileJen Saguaro
Thin IceCharlotte Lailey de Ville
Thin IceJo Pearce
OxygenCharlotte Lailey de Ville
OxygenJo Pearce
ExtremisCharlotte Lailey de Ville
The Pyramid At The End Of The World
The Pyramid At The End Of The WorldJo Pearce
The Lie Of The LandCharlotte Lailey de Ville
The Lie Of The LandJo Pearce
Empress Of MarsCharlotte Lailey de Ville
Empress Of MarsJo Pearce
The Eaters of LightCharlotte Lailey de Ville
The Eaters of LightJo Pearce
World Enough And Time
World Enough And TimeCharlotte Lailey de Ville
The Doctor Falls
The Doctor FallsJo Pearce