Last updated 03 January 2022

For the Glory of Urth

For the Glory of Urth

Series Episode Number: 4

First Broadcast: Thu 15 Apr 2021 - ~8:00pm UTC (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 131 minutes

Recorded on Sun 13 Oct 2019 in The Soundhouse

The TARDIS has barely landed in an alien sewer when a distant scream sends Susan racing to give aid, and the crew split up.

Trying to reunite, the travellers find themselves in something resembling a monastery led by a man half-way between an Abbot and a warlord. They discover that they are in Urth, a barbaric place clinging on to its former glory.

It's somewhere its populace are never allowed to leave, somewhere keeping many secrets from its people.

And today those secrets will be revealed...