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The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide

Series Episode Number: 23

World Premiere: Sat 18 Jun 2005 - 6:15pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 44 minutes

2.77 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 80 (UK)

Audience Share: 22.8% (UK)

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Narrated bySimon Pegg
"The Fourth Doctor"Tom Baker
"The Sixth Doctor"Colin Baker
SelfJohn Barrowman
"Mickey"Noel Clarke
"Visual Effects Producer"Will Cohen
"Critic and Broadcaster"Andrew Collins
"Producer"Phil Collinson
"Head Writer"Russell T Davies
"The Fifth Doctor"Peter Davison
"Pete Tyler"Shaun Dingwall
"The Ninth Doctor"Christopher Eccleston
"Head of Drama BBC Wales"Julie Gardner
SelfJames Hawes
"Editor, Doctor Who Magazine"Clayton Hickman
"The Seventh Doctor"Sylvester McCoy
"Rose Tyler"Billie Piper
SelfEdward Thomas
"Costume Designer"Lucinda Wright
(Composer)Murray Gold
"Creature Effects Designer"Neill Gorton
"Henry van Statten"Corey Johnson
"Rodrick"Paterson Joseph
"The Editor"Simon Pegg
"Anne Droid"Alan Ruscoe
Production Team
Camera OperatorMat Bryant
Camera OperatorPaul Cox
Camera OperatorEric Huyton
Camera OperatorNick Jardine
Camera OperatorAled Jenkins
Camera OperatorJohn Podpodec
Camera OperatorJohnny Rogers
Camera OperatorAndy Smith
SoundPaul Baker
SoundPeter Eason
SoundSteve Hoy
SoundRichard Maxwell
SoundKevin Meredith
SoundLes Mowbray
SoundGraham Ross
SoundMaz Tagaki
SoundPhil Turner
SoundRoger van K
SoundRyan Windley
RunnerNic Britz
RunnerBethan Evans
RunnerMaxine Hughes
RunnerLucy Lutman
RunnerHannah Williams
Artist ContractsLesley Longhurst
Copyright ContractsRobert Bruce
Junior ResearcherAlexander Gratton
ResearcherGeoff Evans
ResearcherZoë Rushton
ResearcherStephen Thomas
Production Co-ordinatorHannah Simpson
Production ManagerZöe Scott
Insert DirectorTony Lee
Insert DirectorAdam Page
Insert DirectorGriff Rowland
Insert DirectorRebecca Sanderson
Insert EditorIan Hunt
Insert EditorSven Brooks
Insert EditorCaroline Lynch-Blosse
Insert EditorTim Dawson
Insert EditorRob Mansell
Insert EditorSara Jones
Programme EditorTom Appleby
ColouristChris Packham
Dubbing MixerSteve Hudson
TitlesRheea Aranha
Executive Producer for Dr WhoRussell T Davies
Executive Producer for Dr WhoJulie Gardner
Executive Producer for Dr WhoMal Young
Executive ProducerMark Cossey
ProducerGillane Seaborne
DirectorGillane Seaborne