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Last updated 31 May 2015

Nigel PlanerVorgenson
Nicholas BriggsWinston Churchill
Matt SmithThe Doctor
Charlie AdamsPolice Constable McMillen
Nicholas BriggsPolice Sergeant Ainsworth
Nicholas BriggsCybermen's voice
Nicholas BriggsDalek Voice
Nicholas BriggsJudoon Voice
Silas CarsonVoice of the Ood
Paul Hardy-BrownPolice Constable Byers
Jonathan HartClockwork Robot Voice
William HazellPolice Constable Atkinson
Kerry NewellLiz 10
Charlie AdamsClockwork Robot
Charlie AdamsCyberman
Charlie AdamsChoir
Ross AldredClockwork Robot
Ross AldredMale Singer
Ross AldredCyberman
Ross AldredChoir
Adam AndersonJudoon
Adam AndersonScarecrow
Adam AndersonSmiler
Adam AndersonOod 3
Nicholas BriggsWinder
Jon DaveyJudoon Leader
Jon DaveyWinder
Jon DaveyCyberman (leader)
Jon DaveyOod 2
Vicki DavidsSilurian
Vicki DavidsVampire Girl
Vicki DavidsOrange Dalek
Vicki DavidsChoir
Josephine DesmondLadies in the street
Josephine DesmondClockwork Robot
Josephine DesmondSoloist
Josephine DesmondChoir
Karl GreenwoodJudoon
Alice GreenwoodScarecrow
Karl GreenwoodWinder
Karl GreenwoodOod 1
Karl GreenwoodCyberman
Paul Hardy-BrownPaper Seller
Paul Hardy-BrownWinder
Paul Hardy-BrownStooge
Paul Hardy-BrownWhite Dalek Operator
William HazellARP Warden
Will HazellClockwork Robot
William HazellSmiler
William HazellCyberman
William HazellScarecrow
Graeme HendersonShouting Man
Graeme HendersonStooge
Graeme HendersonMan
Graeme HendersonJudoon
Graeme HendersonChoir
Tarah McDonaldLadies in the street
Tarah McDonaldWeeping Angel
Tarah McDonaldClockwork Robot
Tarah McDonaldVampire
Kerry NewellLadies in the street
Kerry NewellVampire Girl
Kerry NewellYellow Dalek
Kerry NewellChoir
Claire ParrishVampire Girl
Claire ParrishSilurian
Claire ParrishBlue Dalek
Claire ParrishChoir
Jenny PhillipsWeeping Angel
Jenny PhillipsSilurian
Jenny PhillipsVampire Girl
Jenny PhillipsRed Dalek
Jenny PhillipsChoir
Production Team
Steven MoffatExecutive Producer
Will BrentonDirector
Will BrentonWriter
Gareth RobertsWriter
Ben FosterMusical Director
Ben FosterMusic Arranger
Jenny ArnoldChoreographer
Jenny ArnoldAssistant Director
Fiona BarnesCostume & Wardrobe Supervisor
Mark CunniffeProduction Designer
Mark CunniffeLighting Designer
Dave FosterMusic Associate
Murray GoldComposer
Murray GoldExecutive Music Producer
Ray HolmanCostume Designer
Nigel MousleyProduction Manager
Louise PageCostume Designer
Paul & Gary Hardy-BrownIllusions & SFX
Rich RowleyVenue Sound Designer
Richard SeniorVideo Director
Richard SeniorOffline Editor
Richard SillittoSound Designer
Keith SloteArt Director & Costume
Erica SouthonShow Caller
Craig StanleyProducer
Bethan BrittonBrand Producer
Steve HillTour Manager
Annabella Hurst-BrownProducer for BBC Wales
Andy Pryor CDGCasting Director (Vorgenson)