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Performance: 6

First Performed: Sat 13 Jul 2013 - ~7:30pm UTC (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 90 minutes

7:30 BBC Proms 2013
Live from the Royal Albert Hall, Louise Fryer presents a concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, featuring music composed by Murray Gold for the TV series and works by Bizet, Debussy and Bach used in various episodes. The concert also journeys back to the early days of Doctor Who and the ground-breaking work of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. With guests from the series, big screens and a host of monsters ready to invade the Royal Albert Hall. London Philharmonic Choir, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, conductor Ben Foster.
8:30 Proms Plus Intro: The Soundworld of Doctor Who. Matthew Sweet and guests look back over 50 years of the BBC series. Recorded earlier today at the Royal College of Music.
8:50 Doctor Who Prom: Part 2

PresenterLouise FryerInfo
Dalek VoiceNicholas Briggs
The DoctorMatt Smith
Cybermen's voiceNicholas Briggs
ClaraJenna Coleman
Voice of JudoonNicholas Briggs
Madame VastraNeve McIntosh
Commander StraxDan Starkey
JudoonPaul Kasey
Ice WarriorRoss Mullan
The SilentJamie Hill
CybermanSimon Carew
CybermanMartin Challinor
CybermanAidan Cook
CybermanRuari Mears
OodMatthew Doman
VigilMatthew Doman
OodKevin Hudson
VigilKevin Hudson
Whisper ManJon Davey
Whisper ManClaudio Laurini
Vampire GirlAmber Doyle
Vampire GirlDaisy Michie
Masked Silurian WarriorNatalie Cuzner
Masked Silurian WarriorBarbara Fadden
Weeping AngelMarie McGonigle
SilurianMarie McGonigle
SingerKerry IngramInfo
PresenterMatt Smith
PresenterPeter Davison
PresenterJenna Coleman
PresenterCarole Ann Ford
SopranoElin Manahan Thomas
Synthesizers/Electronic effectsMark Ayres
Synthesizers/Electronic effectsPeter Howell
TenorAllan ClaytonInfo