On This Day (USA) - 9 February

Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part Five premiered on BBC One in 1974 at 5:29pm GMT, watched by 9.00 million viewers.

Sarah discovers that the spaceship passengers are all victims of a deception, but not all are willing to believe her story.

Kinda: Part Four premiered on BBC One (Not Wales) in 1982 at 7:05pm GMT, watched by 8.90 million viewers.

Mawdryn Undead: Part Four premiered on BBC One in 1983 at 6:47pm GMT, watched by 7.70 million viewers.

The Mark of the Rani: Part Two premiered on BBC One in 1985 at 5:21pm GMT, watched by 7.30 million viewers.

Starring Colin Baker
A two-part story by Pip and Jane Baker
With the Rani and the Master in uneasy alliance, the Doctor and Peri could be in for a 'sleepless' life.

Can You Hear Me? premiered on BBC One in 2020 at 7:10pm GMT, watched by 4.90 million viewers.

The Doctor and friends must embark on a mission that forces them to face their darkest fears as they are haunted by a call from beyond the stars.

Craig Gallivan was 38 - credited as Jonathan in From Out of the Rain(TW)

Craig Gallivan played Jonathan Penn in the Torchwood story From Out of the Rain.

Also worked on StellaThe Edge of LoveFootballers' WivesCare

Shaun Parkes was 49 - 2 credits, including Zachary Cross Flane in The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit

Shaun Parkes is an English actor currently appearing in the ITV drama Identity.

He played Captain Zachary Cross Flane in the Doctor Who stories The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit.

Having acted in both theatre and television support roles, Parkes made his breakthrough in Human Traffic.

Recent work includes films such as ClubbedThe Mummy ReturnsThings To Do Before You're 30 and the acclaimed Notes on a Scandal. Television work includes Lock, Stock...Servantsand and Russell T. DaviesCasanova

Shaun also continues to forge a career as an established and respected theatre actor. He has starred alongside David Threlfall and Neil Stuke in Joe Penhall’s award-winning play, Blue/Orange, in the West End and in Kwame Kwei-Armah’s Elmina's Kitchen and at Shakespeare's Globe as Aaron in Titus Andronicus.

Parkes also starred as the lead in BBC Two's detective series "Moses Jones," with a support cast that included Matt Smith.

Professor Kevin Warwick was 68 - credited as Self in The Science of Doctor Who(Factual)

Kevin Warwick is a British engineer and professor of cybernetics at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. 

He is known for his studies on direct interfaces between computer systems and the human nervous system, and has also done research in the field of robotics. 

Clive Swift (died 2019 aged 82) would have been 86 - 2 credits, including Jobel in Revelation of the Daleks

Clive Swift is an English, character comedy; actor and songwriter. He is best known for his role as character Richard Bucket in the British television series Keeping Up Appearances. 

Swift was born in Liverpool, England. He was educated at Clifton College and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, where he read English literature. He was previously a teacher at LAMDA and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Swift has appeared in many TV series and movies.

In the 1970s, he appeared as Doctor Black in two of the BBC's M.R. James adaptations: The Stalls of Barchester and A Warning to the Curious. He is most noted for his performance in Keeping Up Appearances, starring as Richard Bucket, the long-suffering husband of Hyacinth. He also starred in the BBC adaptation of The Barchester Chronicles. He played Sir Ector, the adoptive father of King Arthur in John Boorman's 1981 film Excalibur.

As well as acting, he is a songwriter. Many of his songs are included in his show, Richard Bucket Overflows: An Audience with Clive Swift, which toured the UK in 2007 and Clive Swift Entertains, performing his own music and lyrics, which toured the UK in 2009. He also played the part of the Reverend Eustacius Brewer, which aired on BBC 1,from 2002-2005.

Michael Imison was 87 - credited as Director for The Ark

Michael Imison is a British television director and literary agent.

Imison started his career at the BBC working for the Script Department. Initial successes included directing 'Magnyfcence' by John Skelton at the Tower TheatreCanonbury in May 1963.

In 1966 he directed the Doctor Who series The Ark, Imison is believed to have helped create the MonoidsThe Ark was first broadcast in four weekly parts from 5 to 26 March 1966. The story is set in the 57th "Segment of Time", which the Doctor calculates to be approximately AD 10,000,000.

Later in 1966, he acted as Story Editor on the second series of anthology series Out of the Unknown.

Later in his career Imison became a literary agent. His company has now been incorporated into Alan Brodie Representation Ltd. However it was whilst based in IslingtonNorth London that Michael concentrated on promoting authors and poets from the former Eastern Bloc. His contacts at the Almeida Theatre, where lesser-known writers were promoted, proved invaluable during this period.

Imison is married to the prominent educator Tamsyn Imison and he now spends much of his time with his family at their country retreat in SouthwoldSuffolk. Apart from chairing the Noël Coward Society and working for the British Humanist Association, he has on occasions worked as a Salman Rushdie look-alike for the London based, "Splitting Images" agency.

Morris Barry (died 2000 aged 82) would have been 104 - 4 credits, including Director for The Moonbase

Morris Barry was born in Northampton and was a noticeable figure on the production side of the BBC in the 1960s and 1970s.

He made his name as a producer and director on such notable productions as AngelsCompact and Z-Cars; but his most impressive credit was perhaps as producer of the highly popular dramatisation of Poldark by Winston Graham.

Morris Barry had a strong connection with Doctor Who as well. He directed three stories during the Patrick Troughton years: The Moonbase(1966), The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967) and The Dominators (1968).

He also appeared as an actor in the Doctor Who story The Creature from the Pit in 1979, playing the scientist Tollund. His other acting credits include episodes of Are You Being Served?Blake's 7The Day of the TriffidsTales of the UnexpectedAll Creatures Great and Small, and Hi-de-Hi!.

Biography from the Wikipedia article, licensed under CC-BY-SA

Michael Burdle (died 2012 aged 69) - 2 credits, including Costume Designer for The Armageddon Factor

Michael Burdle was born in Weymouth in 1942. Becoming a costume designer for the BBC, his early work included episodes of Dad's Army and Dombey & Son, with work continuing throughout the 1970s in shows such as The Edwardians, Notorious Women, and his two stints on Doctor Who. In the 1980s he worked on The Borgias, The Importance Of Being Earnest and The Ginger Tree

Bryan Mosley (died 1999 aged 67) - credited as Prop Man in The Daleks' Master Plan (as Buddy Windrush)

Bryan Mosley OBE was a British actor, known best as grocer Alf Roberts in the long-running ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

He played Malpha in the 1966 Doctor Who episode The Abandoned Planet.

Born in LeedsWest Riding of Yorkshire, he attended Leeds Central High School and held a childhood ambition to become a missionary. Instead he won a scholarship to Leeds College of Art (1944–46) and afterwards worked as a commercial artist. He also worked in a bookshop and sold books door-to-door.

After national service in the RAF, working in air traffic control, he trained as an actor at the Bradford Civic Theatre and Esme Church's Northern Theatre School.

He appeared in Coronation Street in 1961 and 1963, then from 1971 onwards. His appearances in the soap opera became less frequent following a serious heart attack in 1991. Alf Roberts made his last appearance on New Year's Day 1999 dying peacefully on screen in his sleep. Mosley died just weeks later of a heart attack in ShipleyWest Yorkshire aged 67.

As part of the show's 40th anniversary celebrations, heritage plaques were unveiled outside the Granada Studios in 2000 to four of the soap opera's stars, including Mosley. The other plaques commemorated the lives of Doris SpeedPat Phoenix and Violet Carson.

Mosley made his screen debut in A Kind of Loving (1962). He also appeared in Get Carter (1971) playing local gangster Cliff Brumby. He is famously killed by Jack Carter (Michael Caine) who beats him up and throws him from the roof of the infamous Trinity Square multi-storey car park in Gateshead, after discovering Brumby's involvement in his brother's death. He also made two appearances in The Avengers. Mosley also had a small role as the pub landlord in Queenie's Castle.

Biography from the Wikipedia article, licensed under CC-BY-SA  

Heron Carvic (died 1980 aged 67) - credited as Voice of Morpho in The Keys of Marinus

Heron Carvic was a British actor and writer who provided the voice for Gandalf in the BBC Radio version of The Hobbit, and played Caiphas the High Priest every time the play cycle The Man Born To Be King was broadcast.

As a writer he created the characters and wrote the first five books featuring retired art teacher Miss Emily D. Seeton, a gentle parody of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple.

Further books nominally in the Miss Seeton series were then written under two other pseudonymsRoy Peter Martin as "Hampton Charles" wrote three novels which were all released in 1990. Sarah J. Mason, writing under the name of Hamilton Crane, then took up the series writing 14 books in all, some of which are still in print. Mason's books modify Carvic's characters so much that only the names will be recognisable to readers of the first five books.

Biography from the Wikipedia article, licensed under CC-BY-SA