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On This Day (USA) - 4 December

The Daleks' Master Plan: The Traitors premiered on BBC One in 1965 at 5:50pm GMT, watched by 9.50 million viewers.

Arriving on Earth, the Doctor, Steven and Bret Vyon alert Vyon's friend, Daxtar, to the Dalek threat and Mavec Chen's treachery. But whose side is Daxtar really on?

Beyond The Grave premiered on BBC Three in 2006 at 1:10am GMT
Ross Gurney-Randall will be 56 - credited as Reg in An Adventure In Space And Time(Misc)

Ross Gurney-Randall was born in North London in 1965 and became a professional actor in 1994 and, later, a playwright. Theatre includes Mussolini: A One-Man Political Farce (RGR Edinburgh 2010), Follow Me (Guy Masterson & TTI Edinburgh 2007 – Winner: Herald Angel and Brighton Fringe Award) and Goering’s Defence (Guy Masterson – TTI, Edinburgh 2002), all of which he co-wrote. Other theatre includes A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Festival Shakespeare Co), Hamlet (Edinburgh ’96 & national tour, Vital Theatre), Moonlight Over India (Komedia Theatre) and The Greatest Hits of British History (National tour for Brighton Theatre Events). 

Comedy includes performances with The Ornate Johnsons, and he is a regular performer in The Treason Show.

TV appearances include Kavanagh QC, The Bill, London’s Burning, The Missing Postman, 2.4 Children, Doctors, Chucklevision, and Crimewatch. Films include Honest and The Big Game.

In 2011′s Brighton Festival and Fringe he won The Latest 7 Award for Best Male Performer for his role as Shirley Crabtree in Big Daddy Vs. Giant Haystacks.

Biography compiled with thanks to Foundry Group.

Ronnie Corbett (died 2016 aged 85) would be 91 - credited as Ambassador in From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love(SJA)

Ronnie Corbett, CBE  was a Scottish actor and comedian who had a long association with Ronnie Barker in the television comedy series The Two Ronnies.

Born in Edinburgh, Corbett was educated at the Royal High School, and then served his national service in the Royal Air Force (where he reportedly became the shortest commissioned officer in the British Forces). Following the end of his service, he moved to London in order to become an actor, and initially played schoolboy roles owing to his height in films such as You're Only Young Twice, Fun as St Fanny's and Rockets Galore, and television shows like Rheingold Theatre.

His comedy talent developed over this time, leading him to supporting roles in The Dickie Henderson Show and It's Tarbuck; however it was in 1966 during The Frost Report where he was to first meet and work alongside Ronnie Barker, leading to their successful partnership in The Two Ronnies, which ran between 1971 and 1987 plus specials, making him a household name.

Outside of The Two Ronnies, he appeared in shows like It's Tommy Cooper, and The Prince of Denmark, but his other major television role was as Timothy Lumsden in Sorry!, which ran from 1981-1988. Later work included the films Fierce Creatures, Burke and Hare, and on television in The Ronnie Corbett Show, game show Small Talk, Ronnie's Animal Crackers, The One Ronnie, and also an appearance as 'himself' in both Extras and Little Britain.

Though not directly related to Doctor Who, he "inherits" the TARDIS from a 'Doctor' of sorts played by Ronnie Barker in their 1983 Christmas Special sketch, The Adventures of Archie. He was later to appear in the Sarah Jane Adventures universe, playing an ambassador that later turned out to be a Slitheen in the 2009 Comic Relief segment From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love.

Outside of his career, Corbett was a keen golfer, and was also president of the Lord's Taverners cricketing charity in 1982 and 1987. He received an OBE in 1978 and then a CBE in 2012 for services to entertainment and charity.

He was married to actress and dancer Anne Hart, with two daughters who also act, Emma and Sophie.

Adapted from the Wikipedia article.

Geraldine Stephenson (died 2017 aged 92) would be 96 - credited as Movement by for The Brain of Morbius

Geraldine Stephenson was a dancer, choreographer, movement director and teacher on more than 150 films and television programmes, and over 200 stage productions.

She was born in Hull in 1925, the daughter of Gordon Stephenson whose building company was involved with the building of the city's University. Having studied at Newland School for Girls she went on to study physiotherapy at Bedford College of Physical Education. It was here that she was introduced to pioneer of modern dance Rudolf Laban and went on to study at his Art of Movement Studio in Manchester, where she sometimes also worked as a pianist and physical trainer to pay her bills.

She continued to work with Laban through the 1940s and 1950s, with her first major engagement being a revival of York Mystery Plays in 1951 as movement director for E Martin Browne.She also had a solo performance career, and was a pioneer of Independence Dance; she had a keen interest in period dance, and in 1956 produced Centuries of Dance at the Park Lane Theatre. She later became president of the Early Dance Circle.

During the height of her career she could be providing choreography on four or five film and television productions a year, as well as a number of stage productions.Films include Barry Lyndon and Notting Hill, whilst BBC productions included classics such as The Pallisers, Poldark, The House of Elliot, and Tenko, not to mention variety entertainment shows including The Two Ronnies. In 1975 she provided choreography for the Sisterhood of Karn's dances in The Brain of Morbius.

Her final professional stage show was the 28th John Strauss Gala at the Royal Festival Hall for Christmas 2004.

Maurice Browning (died 1983 aged 64) - credited as Karlton in The Daleks' Master Plan

George Tovey (died 1982 aged 68) - credited as Ernie Clements in Pyramids of Mars

George Tovey played Ernie Clements in Pyramids of Mars.

He was the father of Roberta Tovey, who portrayed Susan in the two Aaru movies from the 1960s, and the adopted father of actor Russell Tovey

Work includes Jack of DiamondsThe Wicked LadyKelly MonteithThe Kenny Everett Television ShowA Fine RomanceShine on Harvey MoonWhen the Boat Comes InThe Onedin LineHammer House of HorrorBorn and BredTime of My LifeMinderTo the Manor BornHazellTwo's CompanyThe Fall and Rise of Reginald PerrinBBC Play of the MonthPlay for TodaySelwynAngelsPeople Like UsDevenishMind Your LanguageCitizen SmithSeven Faces of WomanRafflesMr. BigThe SweeneyThe CrezzYus My DearCrown CourtAnd Mother Makes FiveShades of GreeneDays of HopeCentre PlayMy Old ManA Little Bit of WisdomOranges & LemonsBlack and BlueSoap Opera in StockwellLove Thy NeighbourSecretsSteptoe and Son Ride AgainThe Dick Emery ShowBaxter!The Rivals of Sherlock HolmesGhost in the Noonday SunThirty Minutes WorthSpring and AutumnDixon of Dock GreenTill Death Us Do PartThirty-Minute TheatreBudgieThe Train Now StandingFrenzyMike and BernieFrom a Bird's Eye ViewThe Mind of Mr. J.G. ReederThe Laughing Stock of TelevisionAlbert!Paul TempleSteptoe and SonSoftly Softly: Task ForceDetectiveMum's BoysA Man of our TimesPoor CowThe VultureAdam Adamant Lives!King of the RiverQuick Before They Catch UsBarney Is My DarlingBindle (One of Them Days)The Wednesday PlayKnock on Any DoorNo Hiding PlaceHMS ParadiseDiary of a Young ManCrooks in Cloisters , The Valiant VarneysTaxi!Boyd Q.C.The Dickie Henderson ShowThe VictoriansITV Play of the WeekThe Edgar Wallace Mystery TheatreColonel Trumper's Private WarThe Secret PartnerITV Television PlayhouseNever Back LosersPaul of TarsusThe Army GameLife in Emergency Ward 10Expresso BongoThe Salvage GangStrangers' MeetingBlack IcePotts and the Phantom PiperO.S.S.Potts, GangbusterPotts in ParoviaQuatermass II

Alec Ross (died 1971 aged 49) - credited as Bob Hall in The Evil of the Daleks