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Episode Title⇩ DateTimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
101Journey's EndSat5 Jul 20086:40pm01:03:0510.57m48.7%911
102The Stolen EarthSat28 Jun 20087:11pm00:45:408.78m42.1%912
103Turn LeftSat21 Jun 20086:38pm00:49:258.09m38.1%884
104MidnightSat14 Jun 20087:10pm00:43:508.05m39.8%865
105Forest of the DeadSat7 Jun 20087:00pm00:45:207.84m42.1%8910
106Silence in the LibrarySat31 May 20087:02pm00:43:006.27m27.7%8927
107The Unicorn and the WaspSat17 May 20086:58pm00:44:408.41m37.8%867
108The Doctor's DaughterSat10 May 20086:44pm00:45:107.33m40.1%8810
109The Poison SkySat3 May 20086:19pm00:44:406.53m34.3%8818
110The Sontaran StratagemSat26 Apr 20086:19pm00:44:307.06m36.9%8717
111Planet of the OodSat19 Apr 20086:19pm00:43:357.50m35.2%8712
112The Fires of PompeiiSat12 Apr 20086:46pm00:48:159.04m38.8%8710
113Partners in CrimeSat5 Apr 20086:19pm00:48:309.14m41.3%8810
114Voyage of the DamnedTue25 Dec 20076:51pm01:11:5013.31m51.6%852
115Last of the Time LordsSat30 Jun 20077:05pm00:51:258.61m40.6%8810
116The Sound of DrumsSat23 Jun 20077:15pm00:46:107.51m40.0%8711
117UtopiaSat16 Jun 20077:15pm00:45:507.84m38.2%8714
118BlinkSat9 Jun 20077:10pm00:43:406.62m38.4%8716
119The Family of BloodSat2 Jun 20077:12pm00:42:557.21m40.9%8613
120Human NatureSat26 May 20077:11pm00:45:007.74m38.0%8613
12142Sat19 May 20077:15pm00:45:257.41m37.1%8416
122The Lazarus ExperimentSat5 May 20077:00pm00:43:007.19m38.8%8612
123Evolution of the DaleksSat28 Apr 20076:44pm00:46:256.97m39.2%8517
124Daleks in ManhattanSat21 Apr 20076:36pm00:46:556.69m36.4%8718
125GridlockSat14 Apr 20077:40pm00:44:588.40m40.4%857
126The Shakespeare CodeSat7 Apr 20076:59pm00:45:357.23m36.9%8714
127Smith and JonesSat31 Mar 20077:00pm00:44:258.71m40.7%889
128The Runaway BrideMon25 Dec 20067:00pm01:00:009.38m37.9%8410
129DoomsdaySat8 Jul 20066:59pm00:46:258.22m44.5%898
130Army of GhostsSat1 Jul 20067:01pm00:43:208.19m45.1%867
131Fear HerSat24 Jun 20067:02pm00:43:507.14m41.2%8320
132Love & MonstersSat17 Jun 20067:00pm00:45:056.66m39.7%7615
133The Satan PitSat10 Jun 20067:01pm00:47:106.08m38.0%8619
134The Impossible PlanetSat3 Jun 20067:00pm00:45:206.32m41.0%8518
135The Idiot's LanternSat27 May 20067:00pm00:45:106.76m33.4%8418
136The Age of SteelSat20 May 20066:38pm00:45:507.64m37.8%8615
137Rise of the CybermenSat13 May 20067:23pm00:46:059.22m43.7%866
138The Girl in the FireplaceSat6 May 20066:59pm00:44:407.90m38.1%8413
139School ReunionSat29 Apr 20067:23pm00:44:108.31m41.6%8512
140Tooth and ClawSat22 Apr 20067:18pm00:44:309.24m42.9%8310
141New EarthSat15 Apr 20067:16pm00:44:058.62m40.2%859
142The Christmas InvasionSun25 Dec 20057:02pm00:58:559.84m43.5%849
143The Parting of the WaysSat18 Jun 20056:59pm00:45:306.91m44.0%8917
144Bad WolfSat11 Jun 20057:00pm00:42:506.81m37.9%8619
145Boom TownSat4 Jun 20057:01pm00:43:157.68m39.0%8218
146The Doctor DancesSat28 May 20056:59pm00:42:506.86m39.0%8518
147The Empty ChildSat21 May 20056:29pm00:41:507.11m37.0%8421
148Father's DaySat14 May 20057:01pm00:42:508.06m44.4%8317
149The Long GameSat7 May 20057:00pm00:44:258.01m40.4%8117
150DalekSat30 Apr 20056:59pm00:45:208.63m44.9%8414
151World War ThreeSat23 Apr 20057:01pm00:40:407.98m40.2%8120
152Aliens of LondonSat16 Apr 20057:00pm00:45:057.63m35.7%8218
153The Unquiet DeadSat9 Apr 20057:00pm00:44:508.86m37.8%8015
154The End Of The WorldSat2 Apr 20056:59pm00:44:457.97m37.8%7619
155RoseSat26 Mar 20057:00pm00:44:1410.81m44.8%767
156The TV MovieMon27 May 19968:29pm01:24:399.08m36.0%7517
157Survival: Part ThreeWed6 Dec 19897:35pm00:24:205.00m7191
158Survival: Part TwoWed29 Nov 19897:35pm00:24:134.80m6996
159Survival: Part OneWed22 Nov 19897:35pm00:24:145.00m6989
160The Curse of Fenric: Part FourWed15 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:164.20m68104
161The Curse of Fenric: Part ThreeWed8 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:114.00m68104
162The Curse of Fenric: Part TwoWed1 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:094.00m68104
163The Curse of Fenric: Part OneWed25 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:234.30m67104
164Ghost Light: Part ThreeWed18 Oct 19897:35pm00:24:174.00m64104
165Ghost Light: Part TwoWed11 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:184.00m6893
166Ghost Light: Part OneWed4 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:174.20m6894
167Battlefield: Part FourWed27 Sep 19897:34pm00:24:144.00m6589
168Battlefield: Part ThreeWed20 Sep 19897:35pm00:24:133.60m6795
169Battlefield: Part TwoWed13 Sep 19897:34pm00:24:073.90m6891
170Battlefield: Part OneWed6 Sep 19897:35pm00:24:063.10m69102
171The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part FourWed4 Jan 19897:37pm00:24:246.60m6479
172The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part ThreeWed28 Dec 19887:39pm00:24:304.80m69108
173The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part TwoWed21 Dec 19887:35pm00:24:205.30m6699
174The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part OneWed14 Dec 19887:34pm00:24:235.00m6886
175Silver Nemesis: Part ThreeWed7 Dec 19887:34pm00:24:365.20m7098
176Silver Nemesis: Part TwoWed30 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:125.20m7094
177Silver Nemesis: Part OneWed23 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:316.10m7176
178The Happiness Patrol: Part ThreeWed16 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:255.30m6588
179The Happiness Patrol: Part TwoWed9 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:484.60m65104
180The Happiness Patrol: Part OneWed2 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:515.30m6796
181Remembrance of the Daleks: Part FourWed26 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:365.00m7296
182Remembrance of the Daleks: Part ThreeWed19 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:305.10m7091
183Remembrance of the Daleks: Part TwoWed12 Oct 19887:35pm00:24:315.80m6978
184Remembrance of the Daleks: Part OneWed5 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:335.50m6878
185Dragonfire: Part ThreeMon7 Dec 19877:35pm00:24:264.70m6494
186Dragonfire: Part TwoMon30 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:404.00m6196
187Dragonfire: Part OneMon23 Nov 19877:37pm00:24:015.50m6180
188Delta and the Bannermen: Part ThreeMon16 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:225.40m6087
189Delta and the Bannermen: Part TwoMon9 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:235.10m6093
190Delta and the Bannermen: Part OneMon2 Nov 19877:34pm00:24:475.30m6390
191Paradise Towers: Part FourMon26 Oct 19877:35pm00:24:215.00m5793
192Paradise Towers: Part ThreeMon19 Oct 19877:36pm00:24:305.00m5879
193Paradise Towers: Part TwoMon12 Oct 19877:37pm00:24:395.20m5884
194Paradise Towers: Part OneMon5 Oct 19877:34pm00:24:334.50m6188
195Time and the Rani: Part FourMon28 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:384.90m5986
196Time and the Rani: Part ThreeMon21 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:234.30m5781
197Time and the Rani: Part TwoMon14 Sep 19877:34pm00:24:364.20m6385
198Time and the Rani: Part OneMon7 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:445.10m5871
199The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Ultimate Foe): Part FourteenSat6 Dec 19865:45pm00:29:305.60m6980
200The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Ultimate Foe): Part ThirteenSat29 Nov 19865:19pm00:24:424.40m6998