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Episode TitleDateTimeLengthRatingShare⇧ AIChart
1Full Circle: Part TwoSat1 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:113.70m170
2State of Decay: Part ThreeSat6 Dec 19805:40pm00:24:134.40m145
3Meglos: Part ThreeSat11 Oct 19805:42pm00:21:194.70m129
4The Leisure Hive: Part TwoSat6 Sep 19806:20pm00:20:455.00m103
5The Leisure Hive: Part ThreeSat13 Sep 19805:57pm00:21:215.00m111
6The Keeper of Traken: Part ThreeSat14 Feb 19815:09pm00:23:495.20m112
7State of Decay: Part TwoSat29 Nov 19805:41pm00:23:165.30m136
8Inferno: Episode 5Sat6 Jun 19705:15pm00:23:425.40m54
9State of Decay: Part OneSat22 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:245.80m119
10Logopolis: Part ThreeSat14 Mar 19815:11pm00:24:325.80m102
11The Leisure Hive: Part OneSat30 Aug 19806:14pm00:23:335.90m77
12Full Circle: Part OneSat25 Oct 19805:40pm00:24:235.90m106
13Full Circle: Part ThreeSat8 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:005.90m115
14The Time Monster: Episode FiveSat17 Jun 19725:45pm00:24:296.00m67
15The Horns of Nimon: Part OneSat22 Dec 19796:11pm00:25:416.00m100
16The Mind of Evil: Episode OneSat30 Jan 19715:15pm00:24:396.10m61
17Terror of the Zygons: Part TwoSat6 Sep 19755:45pm00:25:086.10m61
18The Keeper of Traken: Part TwoSat7 Feb 19815:08pm00:24:506.10m106
19Planet of Fire: Part TwoFri24 Feb 19846:41pm00:24:206.10m102
20The Sea Devils: Episode OneSat26 Feb 19725:50pm00:24:406.40m76
21The Claws of Axos: Episode ThreeSat27 Mar 19715:15pm00:24:056.40m70
22The Mutants: Episode SixSat13 May 19725:52pm00:23:436.50m67
23The Power of Kroll: Part OneSat23 Dec 19786:17pm00:23:166.50m85
24The Time Warrior: Part ThreeSat29 Dec 19735:10pm00:23:306.60m89
25The Stones of Blood: Part TwoSat4 Nov 19786:22pm00:23:536.60m75
26The Caves of Androzani: Part TwoFri9 Mar 19846:41pm00:25:006.60m75
27Image of the Fendahl: Part OneSat29 Oct 19776:11pm00:24:386.70m70
28Warriors' Gate: Part TwoSat10 Jan 19815:09pm00:23:476.70m93
29The Green Death: Episode FourSat9 Jun 19735:50pm00:25:576.80m32
30The Monster of Peladon: Part TwoSat30 Mar 19745:30pm00:23:266.80m55
31The Time Warrior: Part TwoSat22 Dec 19735:45pm00:24:107.00m75
32The Green Death: Episode SixSat23 Jun 19735:50pm00:26:067.00m30
33Planet of Fire: Part FourFri2 Mar 19846:41pm00:24:447.00m74
34Frontier In Space: Episode FourSat17 Mar 19735:50pm00:23:357.10m55
35The Ambassadors of Death: Episode 5Sat18 Apr 19705:14pm00:24:177.10m57
36Horror of Fang Rock: Part TwoSat10 Sep 19776:15pm00:24:107.10m51
37Logopolis: Part OneSat28 Feb 19815:09pm00:24:327.10m84
38The Green Death: Episode TwoSat26 May 19735:50pm00:25:567.20m38
39The Monster of Peladon: Part FourSat13 Apr 19745:30pm00:24:507.20m37
40Terror of the Zygons: Part FourSat20 Sep 19755:22pm00:25:227.20m45
41The Claws of Axos: Episode OneSat13 Mar 19715:15pm00:23:517.30m57
42The Mind of Evil: Episode SixSat6 Mar 19715:15pm00:24:487.30m65
43Terror of the Autons: Episode OneSat2 Jan 19715:15pm00:24:367.30m78
44The Invisible Enemy: Part TwoSat8 Oct 19776:04pm00:25:137.30m55
45The Time Monster: Episode TwoSat27 May 19725:51pm00:25:057.40m60
46The Mind of Evil: Episode FourSat20 Feb 19715:15pm00:24:407.40m63
47The Pirate Planet: Part TwoSat7 Oct 19786:21pm00:25:307.40m52
48Planet of Fire: Part OneThu23 Feb 19846:41pm00:24:267.40m71
49Planet of Fire: Part ThreeThu1 Mar 19846:41pm00:23:577.40m67
50Frontier In Space: Episode ThreeSat10 Mar 19735:52pm00:24:007.50m57
51The Mutants: Episode FourSat29 Apr 19725:49pm00:24:007.50m44
52The Mind of Evil: Episode ThreeSat13 Feb 19715:15pm00:24:307.50m70
53The Monster of Peladon: Part FiveSat20 Apr 19745:30pm00:23:567.50m42
54The Invisible Enemy: Part ThreeSat15 Oct 19776:13pm00:23:287.50m65
55The Time Monster: Episode SixSat24 Jun 19725:46pm00:24:557.60m39
56The Time Monster: Episode FourSat10 Jun 19725:50pm00:23:557.60m28
57The Time Monster: Episode OneSat20 May 19725:50pm00:25:047.60m37
58Colony In Space: Episode OneSat10 Apr 19716:11pm00:24:197.60m41
59The Mind of Evil: Episode FiveSat27 Feb 19715:15pm00:23:347.60m58
60The Keeper of Traken: Part OneSat31 Jan 19815:09pm00:24:057.60m72
61Frontier In Space: Episode FiveSat24 Mar 19735:52pm00:23:577.70m57
62The Green Death: Episode ThreeSat2 Jun 19735:51pm00:25:127.80m29
63Frontier In Space: Episode TwoSat3 Mar 19735:53pm00:24:107.80m53
64Carnival Of Monsters: Episode ThreeSat10 Feb 19735:51pm00:24:497.80m49
65The Mutants: Episode TwoSat15 Apr 19725:51pm00:24:247.80m38
66The Sea Devils: Episode FourSat18 Mar 19725:50pm00:24:217.80m40
67The Curse of Peladon: Episode ThreeSat12 Feb 19725:53pm00:24:217.80m49
68The Claws of Axos: Episode FourSat3 Apr 19715:15pm00:25:167.80m49
69The Armageddon Factor: Part ThreeSat3 Feb 19796:28pm00:25:027.80m76
70The Mutants: Episode FiveSat6 May 19725:51pm00:24:377.90m44
71The Mutants: Episode ThreeSat22 Apr 19725:50pm00:24:327.90m36
72Image of the Fendahl: Part ThreeSat12 Nov 19776:06pm00:24:227.90m63
73The Ribos Operation: Part ThreeSat16 Sep 19786:31pm00:24:427.90m38
74The Dæmons: Episode TwoSat29 May 19716:10pm00:24:208.00m23
75The Claws of Axos: Episode TwoSat20 Mar 19715:15pm00:24:008.00m43
76Terror of the Autons: Episode TwoSat9 Jan 19715:14pm00:24:488.00m71
77The Time Monster: Episode ThreeSat3 Jun 19725:51pm00:23:598.10m36
78The Dæmons: Episode FourSat12 Jun 19716:11pm00:24:258.10m24
79The Dæmons: Episode ThreeSat5 Jun 19716:11pm00:24:278.10m34
80Colony In Space: Episode FourSat1 May 19716:12pm00:24:208.10m28
81Terror of the Autons: Episode ThreeSat16 Jan 19715:15pm00:23:288.10m58
82Spearhead From Space: Episode 2Sat10 Jan 19705:15pm00:24:218.10m57
83The Monster of Peladon: Part SixSat27 Apr 19745:31pm00:23:488.10m30
84The Ribos Operation: Part TwoSat9 Sep 19786:21pm00:24:468.10m36
85Time-Flight: Part FourTue30 Mar 19826:51pm00:24:308.10m64
86Planet of the Spiders: Part FourSat25 May 19745:31pm00:23:538.20m24
87The Green Death: Episode FiveSat16 Jun 19735:52pm00:25:208.30m15
88Planet of the Daleks: Episode FourSat28 Apr 19735:51pm00:23:368.30m29
89The Sea Devils: Episode FiveSat25 Mar 19725:45pm00:24:538.30m39
90The Sea Devils: Episode ThreeSat11 Mar 19725:49pm00:24:058.30m45
91The Dæmons: Episode FiveSat19 Jun 19716:10pm00:24:048.30m17
92Spearhead From Space: Episode 3Sat17 Jan 19705:15pm00:24:168.30m49
93Revenge of the Cybermen: Part TwoSat26 Apr 19755:30pm00:24:248.30m28
94Warriors' Gate: Part ThreeSat17 Jan 19815:11pm00:22:158.30m59
95Carnival Of Monsters: Episode FourSat17 Feb 19735:51pm00:24:108.40m27
96The Curse of Peladon: Episode FourSat19 Feb 19725:50pm00:24:168.40m27
97Terror of the Autons: Episode FourSat23 Jan 19715:16pm00:22:108.40m59
98Four To Doomsday: Part OneMon18 Jan 19826:56pm00:23:368.40m66
99Kinda: Part OneMon1 Feb 19826:57pm00:24:508.40m78
100Planet of the Daleks: Episode SixSat12 May 19735:50pm00:23:068.50m24