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Episode TitleDateTime⇧ LengthRatingShareAIChart
1The Mind Robber: Episode 5Sat12 Oct 19685:20pm00:18:006.70m4984
2The Mind Robber: Episode 4Sat5 Oct 19685:19pm00:19:147.30m5644
3The Mind Robber: Episode 3Sat28 Sep 19685:19pm00:19:297.20m5345
4Meglos: Part FourSat18 Oct 19805:44pm00:19:304.70m63127
5Fury From the Deep: Episode 3Sat30 Mar 19685:16pm00:20:297.70m5647
6Image of the Fendahl: Part FourSat19 Nov 19776:13pm00:20:329.10m6146
7The Leisure Hive: Part TwoSat6 Sep 19806:20pm00:20:455.00m103
8The Deadly Assassin: Part OneSat30 Oct 19766:09pm00:21:1311.80m15
9Meglos: Part ThreeSat11 Oct 19805:42pm00:21:194.70m129
10The Leisure Hive: Part FourSat20 Sep 19806:15pm00:21:194.50m65111
11The Leisure Hive: Part ThreeSat13 Sep 19805:57pm00:21:215.00m111
12The Invisible Enemy: Part FourSat22 Oct 19776:12pm00:21:228.30m6050
13Meglos: Part TwoSat4 Oct 19806:17pm00:21:244.20m64139
14Underworld: Part TwoSat14 Jan 19786:26pm00:21:279.10m37
15The Mind Robber: Episode 2Sat21 Sep 19685:18pm00:21:396.50m4954
16The Enemy of the World: Episode 6Sat27 Jan 19685:26pm00:21:418.30m5255
17The Krotons: Episode ThreeSat11 Jan 19695:16pm00:21:417.50m5661
18Terror of the Zygons: Part OneSat30 Aug 19755:46pm00:21:418.40m5929
19The Seeds of Doom: Part SixSat6 Mar 19765:47pm00:21:5111.50m15
20The Wheel In Space: Episode 5Sat25 May 19685:16pm00:21:556.80m5744
21The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part ThreeSat12 Mar 19776:31pm00:21:5610.20m22
22The Power of Kroll: Part ThreeSat6 Jan 19796:27pm00:21:568.90m51
23The Power of Kroll: Part FourSat13 Jan 19796:27pm00:21:589.90m6331
24The Space Museum: The Dimensions of TimeSat1 May 19655:54pm00:22:009.20m5323
25Full Circle: Part ThreeSat8 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:005.90m115
26Inferno: Episode 2Sat16 May 19705:16pm00:22:045.90m6166
27Terror of the Autons: Episode FourSat23 Jan 19715:16pm00:22:108.40m59
28Full Circle: Part TwoSat1 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:113.70m170
29The Edge of Destruction: The Brink of DisasterSat15 Feb 19645:16pm00:22:119.90m6031
30Warriors' Gate: Part ThreeSat17 Jan 19815:11pm00:22:158.30m59
31The Space Museum: The Final PhaseSat15 May 19655:40pm00:22:158.50m4927
32Marco Polo: Five Hundred EyesSat7 Mar 19645:16pm00:22:209.40m6234
33The Mind Robber: Episode 1Sat14 Sep 19685:17pm00:22:206.60m5155
34Galaxy 4: Four Hundred DawnsSat11 Sep 19655:41pm00:22:219.00m5623
35Underworld: Part ThreeSat21 Jan 19786:30pm00:22:218.90m37
36The Daleks: The RescueSat1 Feb 19645:17pm00:22:2410.40m6525
37State of Decay: Part OneSat22 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:245.80m119
38The Space Pirates: Episode FourSat29 Mar 19695:17pm00:22:255.80m5383
39The War Games: Episode SevenSat31 May 19695:16pm00:22:284.90m5383
40Planet of Evil: Part TwoSat4 Oct 19755:46pm00:22:309.90m24
41Planet of the Daleks: Episode FiveSat5 May 19735:51pm00:22:319.70m21
42Planet of the Daleks: Episode ThreeSat21 Apr 19735:53pm00:22:3410.10m29
43Underworld: Part OneSat7 Jan 19786:24pm00:22:368.90m6550
44Genesis of the Daleks: Part ThreeSat22 Mar 19755:30pm00:22:388.50m42
45The Krotons: Episode FourSat18 Jan 19695:16pm00:22:397.10m5568
46Colony In Space: Episode TwoSat17 Apr 19716:12pm00:22:438.50m28
47Nightmare of Eden: Part TwoSat1 Dec 19796:04pm00:22:449.60m31
48The Wheel In Space: Episode 2Sat4 May 19685:16pm00:22:506.90m6059
49The Web Planet: Escape to DangerSat27 Feb 19655:40pm00:22:5212.50m5311
50The War Games: Episode SixSat24 May 19695:15pm00:22:534.20m5391
51Warriors' Gate: Part OneSat3 Jan 19815:20pm00:22:547.10m5988
52The Highlanders: Episode 3Sat31 Dec 19665:52pm00:22:547.40m4668
53Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 7Sat14 Mar 19705:15pm00:22:557.50m5854
54The Daleks' Master Plan: The Nightmare BeginsSat13 Nov 19655:50pm00:22:559.10m5435
55The Macra Terror: Episode 1Sat11 Mar 19675:51pm00:22:588.00m5037
56The Krotons: Episode OneSat28 Dec 19685:15pm00:23:009.00m5955
57Underworld: Part FourSat28 Jan 19786:29pm00:23:0311.70m27
58The Krotons: Episode TwoSat4 Jan 19695:15pm00:23:038.40m5754
59The Enemy of the World: Episode 3Sat6 Jan 19685:25pm00:23:057.10m4879
60Planet of the Daleks: Episode SixSat12 May 19735:50pm00:23:068.50m24
61The Stones of Blood: Part FourSat18 Nov 19786:23pm00:23:077.60m6766
62The Tenth Planet: Episode 1Sat8 Oct 19665:52pm00:23:085.50m5077
63Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 2Sat7 Feb 19705:16pm00:23:087.30m5868
64Fury From the Deep: Episode 2Sat23 Mar 19685:15pm00:23:087.90m5540
65The Romans: InfernoSat6 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:0912.00m5013
66The Invisible Enemy: Part OneSat1 Oct 19776:20pm00:23:098.60m40
67An Unearthly ChildSat23 Nov 19635:16pm00:23:104.40m63114
68The Wheel In Space: Episode 6Sat1 Jun 19686:06pm00:23:106.50m6251
69The Faceless Ones: Episode 3Sat22 Apr 19675:50pm00:23:107.90m5343
70The Seeds of Death: Episode OneSat25 Jan 19695:16pm00:23:116.60m5768
71The War Machines: Episode 4Sat16 Jul 19665:16pm00:23:115.50m3967
72Horror of Fang Rock: Part FourSat24 Sep 19776:16pm00:23:129.90m5728
73Horror of Fang Rock: Part ThreeSat17 Sep 19776:17pm00:23:129.80m6023
74The Romans: All Roads Lead to RomeSat23 Jan 19655:40pm00:23:1411.50m5115
75Planet of GiantsSat31 Oct 19645:13pm00:23:158.40m5737
76The Tenth Planet: Episode 2Sat15 Oct 19665:50pm00:23:156.40m4857
77The Abominable Snowmen: Episode TwoSat7 Oct 19675:25pm00:23:156.00m5271
78State of Decay: Part TwoSat29 Nov 19805:41pm00:23:165.30m136
79Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 3Sat14 Feb 19705:15pm00:23:167.50m5759
80The Power of Kroll: Part OneSat23 Dec 19786:17pm00:23:166.50m85
81The Underwater Menace: Episode 4Sat4 Feb 19675:50pm00:23:207.00m4765
82The Keys of Marinus: The Sea of DeathSat11 Apr 19645:31pm00:23:209.90m6222
83The Web Planet: The ZarbiSat20 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:2012.50m5312
84The Invasion: Episode SixSat7 Dec 19685:15pm00:23:206.50m5672
85Revenge of the Cybermen: Part FourSat10 May 19756:30pm00:23:219.40m5822
86The Macra Terror: Episode 2Sat18 Mar 19675:51pm00:23:217.90m4842
87Inferno: Episode 1Sat9 May 19705:15pm00:23:215.70m6172
88The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 4Sat23 Sep 19675:50pm00:23:227.40m5034
89The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The End of TomorrowSat12 Dec 19645:40pm00:23:2311.90m5911
90The Macra Terror: Episode 3Sat25 Mar 19675:51pm00:23:248.50m5245
91The Invasion: Episode FiveSat30 Nov 19685:15pm00:23:256.70m5267
92The Monster of Peladon: Part TwoSat30 Mar 19745:30pm00:23:266.80m55
93Marco Polo: Rider From Shang-TuSat21 Mar 19645:16pm00:23:269.40m5937
94The Horns of Nimon: Part ThreeSat5 Jan 19806:21pm00:23:269.80m40
95Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part ThreeSat26 Jan 19745:30pm00:23:2611.00m27
96The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part SixSat2 Apr 19776:30pm00:23:269.30m5832
97The Chase: The Death of Doctor WhoSat19 Jun 19655:41pm00:23:279.00m5611
98Frontier In Space: Episode OneSat24 Feb 19735:51pm00:23:279.10m32
99Genesis of the Daleks: Part FiveSat5 Apr 19755:30pm00:23:279.80m5730
100The Moonbase: Episode 4Sat4 Mar 19675:51pm00:23:288.10m5844