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Episode TitleDate⇧ TimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
1The Keeper of Traken: Part TwoSat7 Feb 19815:08pm00:24:506.10m106
2Logopolis: Part OneSat28 Feb 19815:09pm00:24:327.10m84
3The Keeper of Traken: Part OneSat31 Jan 19815:09pm00:24:057.60m72
4Logopolis: Part TwoSat7 Mar 19815:09pm00:24:037.70m6157
5Logopolis: Part FourSat21 Mar 19815:09pm00:25:106.10m6597
6The Keeper of Traken: Part ThreeSat14 Feb 19815:09pm00:23:495.20m112
7Warriors' Gate: Part TwoSat10 Jan 19815:09pm00:23:476.70m93
8Warriors' Gate: Part FourSat24 Jan 19815:09pm00:24:537.80m5969
9The Ice Warriors: OneSat11 Nov 19675:10pm00:24:216.70m5268
10The Time Warrior: Part OneSat15 Dec 19735:10pm00:24:158.70m5934
11The Time Warrior: Part ThreeSat29 Dec 19735:10pm00:23:306.60m89
12Logopolis: Part ThreeSat14 Mar 19815:11pm00:24:325.80m102
13Warriors' Gate: Part ThreeSat17 Jan 19815:11pm00:22:158.30m59
14The Keeper of Traken: Part FourSat21 Feb 19815:12pm00:25:116.10m63103
15Planet of GiantsSat31 Oct 19645:13pm00:23:158.40m5737
16The SnowmenTue25 Dec 20125:14pm00:59:449.87m38.8%879
17The War Games: Episode OneSat19 Apr 19695:14pm00:25:005.50m5588
18The Ambassadors of Death: Episode 5Sat18 Apr 19705:14pm00:24:177.10m57
19The Mind of Evil: Episode TwoSat6 Feb 19715:14pm00:24:318.80m54
20The Seeds of Death: Episode FiveSat22 Feb 19695:14pm00:24:567.60m5765
21The Sensorites: Strangers in SpaceSat20 Jun 19645:14pm00:24:467.90m5917
22The War Games: Episode EightSat7 Jun 19695:14pm00:24:373.50m5396
23The Space Pirates: Episode FiveSat5 Apr 19695:14pm00:24:445.50m5670
24The Ambassadors of Death: Episode 2Sat28 Mar 19705:14pm00:24:397.60m6159
25The War Games: Episode TwoSat26 Apr 19695:14pm00:25:006.30m5468
26The Aztecs: The Bride of SacrificeSat6 Jun 19645:14pm00:25:277.90m5719
27The Aztecs: The Day of DarknessSat13 Jun 19645:14pm00:25:307.40m5834
28The Space Pirates: Episode TwoSat15 Mar 19695:14pm00:25:026.80m5274
29The Sensorites: A Race Against DeathSat18 Jul 19645:14pm00:24:495.50m6058
30The Dominators: Episode 4Sat31 Aug 19685:14pm00:23:547.50m5133
31The Invasion: Episode SevenSat14 Dec 19685:14pm00:24:467.20m5551
32Spearhead From Space: Episode 4Sat24 Jan 19705:14pm00:24:478.10m5751
33The Keys of Marinus: Sentence of DeathSat9 May 19645:14pm00:25:037.90m6129
34The Seeds of Death: Episode SixSat1 Mar 19695:14pm00:44:317.70m5959
35The Dominators: Episode 5Sat7 Sep 19685:14pm00:24:195.90m5364
36The Space Pirates: Episode SixSat12 Apr 19695:14pm00:24:265.30m5298
37The War Games: Episode FiveSat17 May 19695:14pm00:24:305.10m5387
38The Sensorites: A Desperate VentureSat1 Aug 19645:14pm00:24:296.90m5739
39The Invasion: Episode FourSat23 Nov 19685:14pm00:24:186.40m5173
40The War Games: Episode TenSat21 Jun 19695:14pm00:24:235.00m5866
41Terror of the Autons: Episode TwoSat9 Jan 19715:14pm00:24:488.00m71
42The Dominators: Episode 2Sat17 Aug 19685:14pm00:24:075.90m5561
43The Daleks: The AmbushSat11 Jan 19645:14pm00:24:379.90m6329
44The Web of Fear: Episode 2Sat10 Feb 19685:14pm00:24:386.80m5380
45The War Games: Episode NineSat14 Jun 19695:14pm00:24:344.10m5791
46The Reign Of Terror: Guests of Madame GuillotineSat15 Aug 19645:14pm00:24:046.90m5435
47The Invasion: Episode EightSat21 Dec 19685:15pm00:25:037.00m5380
48The Massacre: The Sea BeggarSat12 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:436.00m5296
49The Massacre: Bell of DoomSat26 Feb 19665:15pm00:25:065.80m5394
50The Ark: The PlagueSat12 Mar 19665:15pm00:25:006.90m5670
51The Seeds of Death: Episode TwoSat1 Feb 19695:15pm00:24:266.80m5972
52The Seeds of Death: Episode ThreeSat8 Feb 19695:15pm00:24:107.50m5565
53Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 6Sat7 Mar 19705:15pm00:24:157.20m5763
54An Unearthly Child: The Forest of FearSat7 Dec 19635:15pm00:23:386.90m5661
55An Unearthly Child: The FiremakerSat14 Dec 19635:15pm00:24:236.40m5570
56Marco Polo: The Wall of LiesSat14 Mar 19645:15pm00:24:489.90m6031
57Planet of Giants: CrisisSat14 Nov 19645:15pm00:26:358.90m5933
58The Invasion: Episode TwoSat9 Nov 19685:15pm00:24:267.10m5355
59The Ark: The ReturnSat19 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:196.20m5185
60The Reign Of Terror: The Tyrant of FranceSat29 Aug 19645:15pm00:24:466.40m5336
61The Ark: The BombSat26 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:377.30m5071
62The Daleks: The ExpeditionSat18 Jan 19645:15pm00:24:319.90m6327
63The Edge of DestructionSat8 Feb 19645:15pm00:25:0410.40m6121
64Marco Polo: The Roof of the WorldSat22 Feb 19645:15pm00:24:129.40m6333
65Planet of Giants: Dangerous JourneySat7 Nov 19645:15pm00:23:408.40m5845
66The Wheel In Space: Episode 1Sat27 Apr 19685:15pm00:23:477.20m5740
67The Massacre: Priest of DeathSat19 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:335.90m4992
68The Sensorites: Hidden DangerSat11 Jul 19645:15pm00:24:537.40m5622
69Marco Polo: The Singing SandsSat29 Feb 19645:15pm00:26:349.40m6233
70The Sensorites: KidnapSat25 Jul 19645:15pm00:24:176.90m5729
71The Seeds of Death: Episode FourSat15 Feb 19695:15pm00:24:577.10m5574
72The Mind of Evil: Episode OneSat30 Jan 19715:15pm00:24:396.10m61
73The Invasion: Episode OneSat2 Nov 19685:15pm00:24:327.30m5555
74The Invasion: Episode SixSat7 Dec 19685:15pm00:23:206.50m5672
75The Daleks: The EscapeSat4 Jan 19645:15pm00:25:108.90m6245
76The Massacre: War of GodSat5 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:518.00m5245
77The Dominators: Episode 3Sat24 Aug 19685:15pm00:24:065.40m5565
78The Wheel In Space: Episode 3Sat11 May 19685:15pm00:24:257.50m5540
79The Ark: The Steel SkySat5 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:005.50m55102
80The Daleks: The OrdealSat25 Jan 19645:15pm00:26:1410.40m6329
81The Invasion: Episode FiveSat30 Nov 19685:15pm00:23:256.70m5267
82The War Games: Episode ThreeSat3 May 19695:15pm00:24:305.10m5381
83The Mind of Evil: Episode FourSat20 Feb 19715:15pm00:24:407.40m63
84The Ambassadors of Death: Episode 7Sat2 May 19705:15pm00:24:326.40m6280
85Fury From the Deep: Episode 4Sat6 Apr 19685:15pm00:24:176.60m5662
86Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 7Sat14 Mar 19705:15pm00:22:557.50m5854
87The Mind of Evil: Episode ThreeSat13 Feb 19715:15pm00:24:307.50m70
88The Invasion: Episode ThreeSat16 Nov 19685:15pm00:23:447.10m5466
89The Space Pirates: Episode ThreeSat22 Mar 19695:15pm00:23:506.40m5575
90The Dominators: Episode 1Sat10 Aug 19685:15pm00:24:256.10m5254
91The Mind of Evil: Episode SixSat6 Mar 19715:15pm00:24:487.30m65
92Inferno: Episode 1Sat9 May 19705:15pm00:23:215.70m6172
93The Krotons: Episode TwoSat4 Jan 19695:15pm00:23:038.40m5754
94Fury From the Deep: Episode 6Sat20 Apr 19685:15pm00:24:246.90m5742
95Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 4Sat21 Feb 19705:15pm00:25:008.20m6046
96Terror of the Autons: Episode ThreeSat16 Jan 19715:15pm00:23:288.10m58
97The Reign Of Terror: A Land of FearSat8 Aug 19645:15pm00:24:246.90m5837
98Spearhead From Space: Episode 3Sat17 Jan 19705:15pm00:24:168.30m49
99Terror of the Autons: Episode OneSat2 Jan 19715:15pm00:24:367.30m78
100The War Games: Episode SixSat24 May 19695:15pm00:22:534.20m5391