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⇧ Episode TitleDateTimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
142Sat19 May 20077:15pm00:45:257.41m37.1%8416
2The Reign Of Terror: A Bargain of NecessitySat5 Sep 19645:31pm00:23:516.90m5339
3The Time Meddler: A Battle of WitsSat17 Jul 19655:40pm00:24:107.70m5328
4The Reign Of Terror: A Change of IdentitySat22 Aug 19645:29pm00:25:236.90m5534
5A Christmas CarolSat25 Dec 20106:01pm01:02:0412.11m41.8%834
6The Sensorites: A Desperate VentureSat1 Aug 19645:14pm00:24:296.90m5739
7A Good Man Goes to WarSat4 Jun 20116:40pm00:48:127.51m31.0%8821
8The Gunfighters: A Holiday for the DoctorSat30 Apr 19665:50pm00:23:486.50m4550
9The Reign Of Terror: A Land of FearSat8 Aug 19645:15pm00:24:246.90m5837
10The Sensorites: A Race Against DeathSat18 Jul 19645:14pm00:24:495.50m6058
11A Town Called MercySat15 Sep 20127:36pm00:44:108.42m33.4%859
12Galaxy 4: Air LockSat25 Sep 19655:52pm00:24:1911.30m5413
13Aliens of LondonSat16 Apr 20057:00pm00:45:057.63m35.7%8218
14The Romans: All Roads Lead to RomeSat23 Jan 19655:40pm00:23:1411.50m5115
15Amy's ChoiceSat15 May 20106:24pm00:43:257.55m37.4%8413
16An Unearthly ChildSat23 Nov 19635:16pm00:23:104.40m63114
17Arachnids In The UKSun28 Oct 20187:00pm00:49:228.22m32.9%834
18Army of GhostsSat1 Jul 20067:01pm00:43:208.19m45.1%867
19Ascension of the CybermenSun23 Feb 20207:10pm00:49:244.99m22.6%8125
20Marco Polo: Assassin at PekingSat4 Apr 19645:30pm00:24:4810.40m5922
21Asylum of the DaleksSat1 Sep 20127:21pm00:48:508.33m34.4%896
22Bad WolfSat11 Jun 20057:00pm00:42:506.81m37.9%8619
23Before The FloodSat10 Oct 20158:26pm00:42:256.05m26.7%8221
24The Massacre: Bell of DoomSat26 Feb 19665:15pm00:25:065.80m5394
25BlinkSat9 Jun 20077:10pm00:43:406.62m38.4%8716
26Boom TownSat4 Jun 20057:01pm00:43:157.68m39.0%8218
27Can You Hear Me?Sun9 Feb 20207:10pm00:49:154.90m21.6%7835
28The Time Meddler: CheckmateSat24 Jul 19655:40pm00:24:008.30m5424
29Closing TimeSat24 Sep 20117:10pm00:45:116.93m29.4%8620
30Cold BloodSat29 May 20107:01pm00:44:557.49m31.9%869
31Cold WarSat13 Apr 20136:03pm00:41:377.37m31.4%8415
32The Romans: ConspiracySat30 Jan 19655:39pm00:26:1810.00m5028
33The Daleks' Master Plan: Coronas of the SunSat18 Dec 19655:48pm00:24:459.10m5640
34The Daleks' Master Plan: Counter PlotSat11 Dec 19655:51pm00:24:039.90m5326
35The Web Planet: Crater of NeedlesSat6 Mar 19655:39pm00:25:5013.00m499
36Planet of Giants: CrisisSat14 Nov 19645:15pm00:26:358.90m5933
37DalekSat30 Apr 20056:59pm00:45:208.63m44.9%8414
38Daleks in ManhattanSat21 Apr 20076:36pm00:46:556.69m36.4%8718
39Planet of Giants: Dangerous JourneySat7 Nov 19645:15pm00:23:408.40m5845
40Dark WaterSat1 Nov 20148:15pm00:46:257.34m27.4%8515
41The Daleks' Master Plan: Day of ArmageddonSat20 Nov 19655:50pm00:24:259.80m5231
42The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Day of ReckoningSat5 Dec 19645:39pm00:26:5011.90m5910
43Day of the MoonSat30 Apr 20116:00pm00:46:147.30m36.7%8715
44Death in HeavenSat8 Nov 20148:02pm00:57:007.60m28.6%8314
45The Myth Makers: Death of a SpySat30 Oct 19655:49pm00:25:398.70m4933
46Deep BreathSat23 Aug 20147:52pm01:16:269.17m37.9%822
47Demons Of The PunjabSun11 Nov 20187:01pm00:50:057.48m31.4%808
48The Rescue: Desperate MeasuresSat9 Jan 19655:41pm00:24:3613.00m598
49The Daleks' Master Plan: Devil's PlanetSat27 Nov 19655:50pm00:24:3010.30m5229
50Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipSat8 Sep 20127:36pm00:45:107.57m31.9%879
51The Gunfighters: Don't Shoot the PianistSat7 May 19665:49pm00:23:476.60m3945
52DoomsdaySat8 Jul 20066:59pm00:46:258.22m44.5%898
53Empress Of MarsSat10 Jun 20177:17pm00:43:425.02m25.9%8323
54The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 1Sat20 May 19676:00pm00:24:078.10m5137
55The Moonbase: Episode 1Sat11 Feb 19675:50pm00:24:128.10m5056
56Inferno: Episode 1Sat9 May 19705:15pm00:23:215.70m6172
57The Underwater Menace: Episode 1Sat14 Jan 19675:49pm00:24:188.30m4843
58Spearhead From Space: Episode 1Sat3 Jan 19705:15pm00:23:388.40m5454
59The Ambassadors of Death: Episode 1Sat21 Mar 19705:16pm00:24:337.10m6060
60The Faceless Ones: Episode 1Sat8 Apr 19675:50pm00:23:478.00m5147
61The Tenth Planet: Episode 1Sat8 Oct 19665:52pm00:23:085.50m5077
62The Savages: Episode 1Sat28 May 19665:36pm00:23:414.80m4862
63The Macra Terror: Episode 1Sat11 Mar 19675:51pm00:22:588.00m5037
64The Smugglers: Episode 1Sat10 Sep 19665:49pm00:24:364.30m4796
65The War Machines: Episode 1Sat25 Jun 19665:35pm00:24:015.40m4971
66Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 1Sat31 Jan 19705:15pm00:24:158.80m5841
67The Web of Fear: Episode 1Sat3 Feb 19685:24pm00:24:537.20m5482
68The Mind Robber: Episode 1Sat14 Sep 19685:17pm00:22:206.60m5155
69The Enemy of the World: Episode 1Sat23 Dec 19675:25pm00:23:456.80m5089
70The Highlanders: Episode 1Sat17 Dec 19665:48pm00:24:386.70m4767
71The Dominators: Episode 1Sat10 Aug 19685:15pm00:24:256.10m5254
72The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 1Sat2 Sep 19675:49pm00:23:586.00m5357
73Fury From the Deep: Episode 1Sat16 Mar 19685:14pm00:24:548.20m5546
74The Wheel In Space: Episode 1Sat27 Apr 19685:15pm00:23:477.20m5740
75The Tenth Planet: Episode 2Sat15 Oct 19665:50pm00:23:156.40m4857
76The Smugglers: Episode 2Sat17 Sep 19665:54pm00:24:274.90m4577
77The Web of Fear: Episode 2Sat10 Feb 19685:14pm00:24:386.80m5380
78Fury From the Deep: Episode 2Sat23 Mar 19685:15pm00:23:087.90m5540
79The War Machines: Episode 2Sat2 Jul 19666:56pm00:24:004.70m4576
80The Dominators: Episode 2Sat17 Aug 19685:14pm00:24:075.90m5561
81The Ambassadors of Death: Episode 2Sat28 Mar 19705:14pm00:24:397.60m6159
82Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 2Sat7 Feb 19705:16pm00:23:087.30m5868
83The Faceless Ones: Episode 2Sat15 Apr 19675:51pm00:25:226.40m5070
84The Wheel In Space: Episode 2Sat4 May 19685:16pm00:22:506.90m6059
85The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 2Sat27 May 19675:50pm00:25:137.50m5137
86Inferno: Episode 2Sat16 May 19705:16pm00:22:045.90m6166
87The Enemy of the World: Episode 2Sat30 Dec 19675:26pm00:23:487.60m4975
88The Underwater Menace: Episode 2Sat21 Jan 19675:51pm00:25:007.50m4664
89The Mind Robber: Episode 2Sat21 Sep 19685:18pm00:21:396.50m4954
90The Moonbase: Episode 2Sat18 Feb 19675:51pm00:24:428.90m4936
91The Macra Terror: Episode 2Sat18 Mar 19675:51pm00:23:217.90m4842
92The Savages: Episode 2Sat4 Jun 19665:34pm00:23:575.60m4950
93The Highlanders: Episode 2Sat24 Dec 19665:50pm00:23:416.80m4689
94Spearhead From Space: Episode 2Sat10 Jan 19705:15pm00:24:218.10m57
95The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 2Sat9 Sep 19675:50pm00:24:446.40m5257
96Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 3Sat14 Feb 19705:15pm00:23:167.50m5759
97The Underwater Menace: Episode 3Sat28 Jan 19675:51pm00:24:097.10m4559
98The Highlanders: Episode 3Sat31 Dec 19665:52pm00:22:547.40m4668
99The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 3Sat16 Sep 19675:50pm00:24:147.20m4938
100The Dominators: Episode 3Sat24 Aug 19685:15pm00:24:065.40m5565