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John Ainsworth

Last updated 17 January 2016

John Ainsworth has worked on
Big Finish 59 episodes

Acting Credits
2000Big Finish: The FearmongerHospital Tannoy Voice
2003Big Finish: NekromanteiaSoldier
Big Finish: Sympathy for the DevilPub Customer
2005Big Finish: PandoraTime Lord
2010Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 01: The Bloodless SoldierThe Landlord
2012Big Finish: Many Happy ReturnsCasino Robot
Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 01: The Spirit TrapThe Landlord
Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 01: The Bellova Devil
Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 01: The Similarity Engine
Factual: Comedy Sketches: The Corridor SketchCast
Production Credits
2002Big Finish: The Plague Herds of ExcelisDirector
2003Big Finish: NekromanteiaDirector
2005Big Finish: A Storm of AngelsDirector
Big Finish: Snake HeadDirector
Big Finish: The Masquerade of DeathDirector
Big Finish: Unregenerate!Director
2006Big Finish: Buried SecretsDirector
Big Finish: Snow BlindDirector
Big Finish: Fatal ConsequencesDirector
Big Finish: DreamlandDirector
Big Finish: The Tartarus GateDirector
Big Finish: Timeless PassagesDirector
Big Finish: No Man's LandDirector
2007Big Finish: Circular Time: SpringDirector
Big Finish: NocturneDirector
Big Finish: Renaissance of the DaleksDirector
Big Finish: ID / Urgent Calls: I.D.Director
Big Finish: ValhallaDirector
Big Finish: The Wishing BeastDirector
Big Finish: Return of the DaleksDirector
2008Big Finish: The Seven Keys to DoomsdayDirector
2009Big Finish: Glory DaysDirector
Big Finish: AbsenceDirector
Big Finish: Venus MantrapDirector
Big Finish: The Nightmare FairDirector
Big Finish: Secret OriginsDirector
Big Finish: The Nightmare FairAdapted By
2010Big Finish: Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal CodeScript Editor
Big Finish: Survival of the FittestDirector
Big Finish: The Hollows of TimeDirector
Big Finish: The Architects of HistoryDirector
Big Finish: Point of EntryDirector
Big Finish: The Song of MegapteraDirector
Big Finish: The MacrosDirector
Big Finish: Resurrecting the PastDirector
Big Finish: Escaping the FutureDirector
Big Finish: Year ZeroDirector
Big Finish: Dead Man's SwitchDirector
2011Big Finish: Peri and the Piscon ParadoxDirector
2012Big Finish: Many Happy ReturnsDirector
2013Big Finish: The Time MachineDirector
2016Big Finish: Prime WinnerScript Editor
2018Big Finish: The Lure of the NomadProducer
Big Finish: Iron BrightProducer
Big Finish: Hour Of The CybermenProducer
Big Finish: The Hunting GroundDirector
2019Big Finish: Memories of a TyrantScript Editor
Big Finish: Emissary of the DaleksScript Editor
Big Finish: Harry Houdini's WarScript Editor
Big Finish: Circular Time: AutumnDirector
Big Finish: The Vanity BoxDirector
Big Finish: Smoke and MirrorsDirector
Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Series 01: The Similarity EngineDirector
Big Finish: Urgent CallsDirector
Big Finish: Shadow of DeathDirector
Big Finish: Night of the WhisperDirector
Big Finish: Survival of the Fittest: Klein's StoryWriter
Big Finish: Trouble in ParadiseDirector
Big Finish: Circular Time: SummerDirector
Big Finish: BabblesphereDirector
Big Finish: Hunters of EarthDirector
Big Finish: Enemy AliensDirector
Big Finish: Circular Time: WinterDirector
Big Finish: Vengeance of the StonesDirector
Big Finish: Survival of the Fittest: Klein's StoryDirector
Big Finish: ShockwaveDirector