Doctor Doctor Who Guide

Paul Jefferies

Last updated 06 December 2013

Paul Jefferies has worked on
Doctor Who 102 episodes
Factual 3 episodes

Acting Credits
2005Factual: Time TroubleSelf
2008Factual: Look Who's Talking
2010Factual: After Effects
Production Credits
2005RoseSound FX Editor
The End Of The WorldSound FX Editor
The Unquiet DeadSound FX Editor
Aliens of LondonSound FX Editor
World War ThreeSound FX Editor
DalekSound FX Editor
The Long GameSound FX Editor
Father's DaySound FX Editor
The Empty ChildSound FX Editor
The Doctor DancesSound FX Editor
Boom TownSound FX Editor
Bad WolfSound FX Editor
The Parting of the WaysSound FX Editor
The Christmas InvasionSound FX Editor
2006New EarthSound FX Editor
Tooth and ClawSound FX Editor
School ReunionSound FX Editor
The Girl in the FireplaceSound FX Editor
Rise of the CybermenSound FX Editor
The Age of SteelSound FX Editor
The Idiot's LanternSound FX Editor
The Impossible PlanetSound FX Editor
The Satan PitSound FX Editor
Love & MonstersSound FX Editor
Fear HerSound FX Editor
Army of GhostsSound FX Editor
DoomsdaySound FX Editor
The Runaway BrideSound FX Editor
2007Smith and JonesSound FX Editor
The Shakespeare CodeSound FX Editor
GridlockSound FX Editor
Daleks in ManhattanSound FX Editor
Evolution of the DaleksSound FX Editor
The Lazarus ExperimentSound FX Editor
42Sound FX Editor
Human NatureSound FX Editor
The Family of BloodSound FX Editor
BlinkSound FX Editor
UtopiaSound FX Editor
The Sound of DrumsSound FX Editor
Last of the Time LordsSound FX Editor
Voyage of the DamnedSound FX Editor
2008Partners in CrimeSound FX Editor
The Fires of PompeiiSound FX Editor
Planet of the OodSound FX Editor
The Sontaran StratagemSound FX Editor
The Poison SkySound FX Editor
The Doctor's DaughterSound FX Editor
The Unicorn and the WaspSound FX Editor
Silence in the LibrarySound FX Editor
Forest of the DeadSound FX Editor
MidnightSound FX Editor
Turn LeftSound FX Editor
The Stolen EarthSound FX Editor
Journey's EndSound FX Editor
The Next DoctorSound FX Editor
2009Planet of the DeadSound FX Editor
The Waters of MarsSound FX Editor
The End of Time: Part OneSound FX Editor
2010The End of Time: Part TwoSound FX Editor
The Eleventh HourSound Effects Editor
Victory of the DaleksSound Effects Editor
The Time of AngelsSound Effects Editor
Flesh and StoneSound Effects Editor
The Vampires of VeniceSound Effects Editor
Amy's ChoiceSound Effects Editor
The Hungry EarthSound Effects Editor
Cold BloodSound Effects Editor
Vincent and the DoctorSound Effects Editor
The LodgerSound Effects Editor
The Pandorica OpensSound Effects Editor
The Big BangSound Effects Editor
A Christmas CarolSound Effects Editor
2011The Impossible AstronautSound Effects Editor
Day of the MoonSound Effects Editor
The Curse of the Black SpotSound Effects Editor
The Doctor's WifeSound Effects Editor
The Rebel FleshSound Effects Editor
The Almost PeopleSound Effects Editor
A Good Man Goes to WarSound Effects Editor
Let's Kill HitlerSound Effects Editor
Night TerrorsSound Effects Editor
The Girl Who WaitedSound Effects Editor
The God ComplexSound Effects Editor
Closing TimeSound Effects Editor
The Wedding of River SongSound Effects Editor
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeSound Effects Editor
2012Asylum of the DaleksSound Effects Editor
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipSound Effects Editor
A Town Called MercySound Effects Editor
The Angels Take ManhattanSound Effects Editor
The SnowmenSound Effects Editor
2013The Bells of Saint JohnSound Effects Editor
The Rings of AkhatenSound Effects Editor
Cold WarSound Effects Editor
HideSound Effects Editor
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISSound Effects Editor
The Crimson HorrorSound Effects Editor
Nightmare in SilverSound Effects Editor
The Name of the DoctorSound Effects Editor
The Day of The DoctorEffects Editor
The Time of the DoctorSound Effects Editor