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Part One

Part One

Series Episode Number: 636

World Premiere: Sat 9 Mar 1985 - 5:22pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Sun 27 Apr 1986 - 11:00pm CDT [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 45 minutes

6.70 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 66 (UK)

Chart Position: 69 () (UK)

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As rebellion grows on Karfel, the Maylin's daughter Vena falls into the Timelash while protecting a rebel. She is drawn into the TARDIS as it travels through a Kontron time tunnel.

Production Team hide uncredited
WriterGlen McCoy
DirectorPennant Roberts
ProducerJohn Nathan-Turner
DesignerBob Cove
Script EditorEric Saward
Title SequenceSid Sutton
Costume DesignerAlun Hughes
Make-up DesignerVanessa Poulton
Studio LightingHenry Barber
Studio SoundAndy Stacey
Vision MixerJayne Beckett
Videotape EditorHugh Parson
Technical Co-ordinatorAlan Arbuthnott
Camera SupervisorAlec Wheal
Visual Effects DesignerKevin Molloy
Video EffectsDave Chapman
Production ManagerAlan Wareing
Production Unit ManagerSue Anstruther
Production AssistantJane Whittaker
Assistant Floor ManagerAbigail Sharp
Title MusicRon Grainer
Incidental MusicLiz Parker
Special SoundDick Mills
Sound/Music BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Title Music ArrangerPeter Howell (uncredited)
Senior Studio EngineerGordon Ashford (uncredited)
Dresser (Female)Leslie Bingham (uncredited)
Design AssistantFrancis Boyle (uncredited)
Production Operative SupervisorRay Davies (uncredited)
Costume AssistantLiz Dawson (uncredited)
Dresser (Female)Liz Dixon (uncredited)
Floor AssistantHelen Greaves (uncredited)
Production OperativeHarry Greek (uncredited)
Production OperativeBrian Green (uncredited)
Production OperativeJohn Greenham (uncredited)
Production Operative SupervisorGeorge Griffith (uncredited)
Make-Up AssistantWendy Harrison (uncredited)
Dresser (Male)Alan Hatchman (uncredited)
Property BuyerAlan Huxley (uncredited)
Visual Effects AssistantPaul Mann (uncredited)
Senior Studio EngineerIan McLeod (uncredited)
Lighting ChargehandKen Rock (uncredited)
Senior Studio EngineerChas Seamons (uncredited)
Dresser (Male)Stephen Smith (uncredited)
Lighting ChargehandLen Wilson (uncredited)
BookerSarah Bird (uncredited)
Production SecretarySarah Lee (uncredited)