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On This Day (USA) - 19 May

The Green Death: Episode One premiered on BBC One in 1973 at 5:51pm BST, watched by 9.20 million viewers.

In Wales, a dead miner is found glowing green. UNIT investigates and Jo empathises with the environmentalism of Cliff Jones who is opposing the pollution from Global Chemicals

Boom Town premiered on SyFy (East Coast Feed) in 2006 at 9:00pm EDT

42 premiered on BBC One in 2007 at 7:15pm BST, watched by 7.41 million viewers.

The Doctor and Martha are trapped on board a spaceship hurtling out of control towards a boiling Sun. A mysterious force starts to possess the ship's crew as the Doctor races against time to uncover who's behind the vessel's sabotage.

Space Craft premiered on BBC Three in 2007 at 8:00pm BST

Front Row: David Tennant and Catherine Tate premiered on Radio 4 in 2011 at 7:15pm BST

David Tennant and Catherine Tate discuss playing Shakespearian lovers in Much Ado About Nothing and whether there are any similarities with their roles in Doctor Who.

Eleanor Tomlinson will be 29 - credited as Eve in The Mad Woman in the Attic(SJA)

Eleanor May Tomlinson is an English actress, known for her role as Princess Isabelle in Jack the Giant Slayer (2013), Isabel Neville in The White Queen, and Demelza Poldark in Poldark.

Tomlinson was born in London. She moved with her family to Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England when she was young and attended Beverley High School. She is the daughter of Judith Hibbert, a singer, and Malcolm Tomlinson, an actor. Her brother, Ross Tomlinson, is also an actor.

Tomlinson appeared in The Illusionist as Young Sophie. She starred in the teenage film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging in which she plays "Jas". Tomlinson played Kirsten in the Pro Sieben international production Hepzibah - Sie holt dich im Schlaf alongside David Bamber under the direction of Robert Sigl. Tomlinson went on to play Eve, an alien, in 'The Mad Woman in the Attic' - episodes three and four of Season 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures - in 2009, as well as Fiona Chataway in the film Alice in Wonderland which premiered in theatres on 5 March 2010. In 2013 she was Xenya in the film Siberian Education by Gabriele Salvatores.

After an extensive search, Tomlinson was cast as Princess Isabelle in Jack the Giant Slayer (2013), directed by Bryan Singer. She also starred in the TV series, The White Queen, as Lady Isabel Neville and as Georgiana Darcy in the BBC adaptation of Death Comes to Pemberley. In 2015, she plays Demelza Poldark née Carne, Ross Poldark's maid until episode 3 when she becomes his wife in the new BBC One version of Poldark.

Biography from the wikipedia article, licensed under CC-BY-SA

Lily Cole will be 33 - credited as The Siren in The Curse of the Black Spot

Lily  Cole is an English model and actress. 

Cole has featured in several well-known publications, including Vogue (US, UK, Italian, Japanese), other fashion clients have included Numero, V, Pop, Dazed, Citizen K, Christian Lacroix, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Hermes, Galliano, Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs. Advertising campaigns include Longchamp, Anna Sui, Hermes, Moschino, Prada, Chanel, Cacharel, Moschino fragrance, and Ghost fragrance. She has a lucrative cosmetics contract with beauty brand Rimmel London and can be seen in TVC and print advertising as part of her work with them, attracting controversy in 2008 by appearing naked in a pictorial for Playboy magazine's French edition. Cole has also appeared in advertisements for companies such as high street retailer Marks and Spencer and cosmetics chain Rimmel.

After several minor acting roles, starting with St Trinian'sin 2007, Cole's first leading role was as Valentina in the 2009 film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, in which she starred alongside Heath LedgerJohnny DeppColin Farrell, and Jude Law.

As of 2011, Cole was studying History of Art at theUniversity of Cambridge.

Michael Cochrane will be 74 - 11 credits, including Redvers Fenn-Cooper in Ghost Light

Michael Cochrane is an English actor who specialises in playing suave upper class characters.

He has had many television and radio roles including Oliver Sterling in the Radio 4 soap opera The ArchersThe Pallisers (1974), Wings (1977�78), The Citadel (1983), Goodbye Mr. Chips(1984), No Job for a LadyThe Chief (1990�1995), and as Sir Henry Simmerson in the Sharpe series.

He has twice appeared in Doctor Who, first as Charles Cranleigh in the serial "Black Orchid" (1982) and later as Redvers Fenn-Cooper in "Ghost Light" (1989). He was later associated with Doctor Who when he appeared in the 2006 Big Finish Productions audio drama "No Man's Land". He also appeared in 2008 Big Finish Productions audio drama "Brotherhood of the Daleks" and "Trail of the White Worm / The Oseidon Adventure" in 2012.

He featured in the ITV science fiction series The Uninvited. In 2008 he appeared in the soap opera Doctors as Daniel's solicitor and in 2009 in Margaret as MP Alan Clark. He appeared in the situation comedy Perfect World as the sex-obsessed marketing director.

Cochrane also starred in the 2002 film Offending Angels with Susannah Harker and Shaun Parkes. He is married to the actress Belinda Carroll. He was also seen as the vicar in Downton Abbey with Hugh Bonneville and Maggie Smithas-well as Johnny Darby in the one-off special Panto! written by John Bishop and Jonathan Harvey

Biography from the Wikipedia article, licensed under CC-BY-SA

James Fox will be 82 - 2 credits, including Professor Chronotis in Shada (Online)(Misc)

James Fox is an English actor.

Fox was born in London, England to theatrical agent Robin Fox and actress Angela Worthington. He is the brother of actor Edward Fox and film producer Robert Fox. 

James Fox first appeared on film in The Miniver Story in 1950. His other early film appearances were made under the name William Fox.

During the 1960s he gained popularity and appeared to be heading for stardom. In 1964, he won a BAFTA for Most Promising Newcomer in The Servant (1963).[1] His roles in films such as Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965), King Rat (1965), The Chase (1966), Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967), Isadora (1968) and Performance (1970) (alongside Mick Jagger), as well as his relationship with actress Sarah Miles, had made him a media personality.

Michael Wisher (died 1995 aged 60) would be 86 - 13 credits, including Dalek Voice in Death to the Daleks

Michael Wisher was a British actor.

His best remembered creation was Davros who he played in the 1975 story Genesis of the Daleks. He had many other roles in the series during the early 70's appearing on 35 episodes.

Wisher's contributions to Doctor Who began with uncredited voice work in the Second Doctor serial The Seeds of Death (1969).

The director of that story, Michael Ferguson, later asked Wisher to play a reporter in the Third Doctor serial "The Ambassadors of Death" (1970). The following season, he appeared in the Robert Holmes classic "Terror of the Autons" (1971), playing Rex Farrell. During the later years of the Pertwee era, Wisher provided Dalek voices in stories including "Frontier in Space" (1973), "Planet of the Daleks" (1973) and "Death to the Daleks" (1974) and acted as the villainous Commissioner Kalik in "Carnival of Monsters" (1973).

He continued to be associated with the series through the early Fourth Doctor years where he voiced unseen characters in both "Revenge of the Cybermen" (1975) and "Planet of Evil" (1975); he also acted on-screen in both serials, as Magrik in "Revenge of the Cybermen" and Morelli in "Planet of Evil".

He also appeared in programmes such as Z-Cars, Dixon of Dock Green, Moonbase 3 and Colditz. His theatre work was also extensive (and included a lengthy tour of New Zealand).

In 1987 the first video based spinoff, Wartime, was released by Reeltime Pictures, starring John Levene in his television role as Sergeant Benton. Wisher played the ghost of Benton's father.

He followed this by playing a villain with several faces in Summoned by Shadows, produced by BBV in 1991 and as a Minister in The Airzone Solution in 1993. That production included performances by four of the actors who had played the lead character in Doctor Who. Finally, he played a spaceship engineer in Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans in 1994.

One of his final acting roles was as an evil theatre commissionaire in Dalekmania, a documentary about the production of the Dalek movies of the 1960s.

A sudden heart attack resulted in his death in 1995. 

James Greene (died 2021 aged 89) would be 90 - credited as The Abbott in The Bells of Saint John

James Greene has had a busy career in both film and television. Some of his more notable roles include Rev. Kenneth Bartlett in Mapp & Lucia, the Comte De Vache in Let Them Eat Cake, Mr Trimble in Chocky, Arnold in William and Mary, Mr Cobbey in The Life and Adventures of Nick Nickleby, Maffeo Gherardo in Borgia, Eric in The Fades, and most recently as Andrew Haldane in Shetland.

Other shows he has worked on include Colditz, Whodunnit?, Armchair Theatre, Thriller, Rentaghost, Target, Secret Army, Rumpole of the Bailey, Inspector Morse, Play for Today, Next of Kin, Kavanagh QC, Little Britain, Spooks, The Colour of MagicThe Bill and Merlin.

Films include Empire of the Sun, Tom & Viv, From Hell, Johnny English, Sherlock Holmes, and Les Miserables.

Peter Bryant (died 2006 aged 82) - 15 credits, including Producer for The Tomb of the Cybermen

Peter Bryant was the fourth producer of  Doctor Who

He was born in London and was originally an actor, appearing in the 1950s soap opera The Grove Family. Later, he became a BBC Radio announcer and wrote radio scripts as a sideline. This led to him becoming a script editor in the Radio Drama Department and eventually the head of the Drama Script Unit.

About seven years later, he transferred from radio to television, where Head of Serials Shaun Sutton put him to work with script editor Gerry Davis on Doctor Who.

Having acted as Associate Producer on The Faceless Ones and The Evil of the Daleks, he was full producer for The Tomb of the Cybermen and then the bulk of the later Patrick Troughton stories from The Web of Fear to The Space Pirates. He was also the script editor on The Evil of the DaleksThe Abominable Snowmen and The Enemy of the World. During this time he was married to actress Shirley Cooklin but they eventually divorced.

He later became a literary agent to writers and a casting agent to actors. One of his clients was Doctor Who writer Eric Pringle.

Bryant died in May 2006, aged 82, after a year-long battle with cancer.

Biography from the Wikipedia article, licensed under CC-BY-SA

Arnold Chazen (died 2002 aged 70) - 2 credits, including Scientist in The Moonbase

Arnold Chazen played a scientist in the 1967 Doctor Who story The Moonbase.

He is the father of Debbie Chazen.

Elwyn Jones (died 1982 aged 58) - credited as Writer for The Highlanders
Elwyn Jones was a British television writer and producer, whose best-known work was perhaps the co-creation of the famous police drama series Z-Cars for BBC Television in 1962.

A prolific television drama writer from the early 1960s up until the late 1970s, from 1963 to 1966 he was Head of Drama Series at the BBC, under Head of Drama Group Sydney Newman, the first person to hold that post after Newman divided the drama group into Series, Serials and Plays divisions. In 1966 he co-wrote with Gerry Davis the script for the Doctor Who serial The Highlanders.