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⇩ Episode TitleDateTimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
101The God ComplexSat17 Sep 20117:11pm00:47:546.77m28.3%8618
102The Girl Who WaitedSat10 Sep 20117:14pm00:46:027.60m38.8%8513
103The Girl Who DiedSat17 Oct 20158:23pm00:45:456.56m28.1%8218
104The Girl in the FireplaceSat6 May 20066:59pm00:44:407.90m38.1%8413
105The Ghost MonumentSun14 Oct 20186:55pm00:48:479.00m37.2%824
106An Unearthly Child: The Forest of FearSat7 Dec 19635:15pm00:23:386.90m5661
107The Five DoctorsFri25 Nov 19837:20pm01:30:237.70m7554
108The Fires of PompeiiSat12 Apr 20086:46pm00:48:159.04m38.8%8710
109An Unearthly Child: The FiremakerSat14 Dec 19635:15pm00:24:236.40m5570
110The Celestial Toymaker: The Final TestSat23 Apr 19665:50pm00:23:577.80m4336
111The Space Museum: The Final PhaseSat15 May 19655:40pm00:22:158.50m4927
112The Daleks' Master Plan: The Feast of StevenSat25 Dec 19656:35pm00:24:367.90m3971
113The Family of BloodSat2 Jun 20077:12pm00:42:557.21m40.9%8613
114Galaxy 4: The Exploding PlanetSat2 Oct 19655:50pm00:24:479.90m5320
115The Daleks: The ExpeditionSat18 Jan 19645:15pm00:24:319.90m6327
116The Chase: The ExecutionersSat22 May 19655:41pm00:25:2510.00m5714
117The Daleks: The EscapeSat4 Jan 19645:15pm00:25:108.90m6245
118The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The End of TomorrowSat12 Dec 19645:40pm00:23:2311.90m5911
119The End Of The WorldSat2 Apr 20056:59pm00:44:457.97m37.8%7619
120The Empty ChildSat21 May 20056:29pm00:41:507.11m37.0%8421
121The Eleventh HourSat3 Apr 20106:21pm01:02:3510.08m39.7%863
122The Edge of DestructionSat8 Feb 19645:15pm00:25:0410.40m6121
123The Eaters of LightSat17 Jun 20176:45pm00:42:204.73m30.3%8126
124The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeSun25 Dec 20116:59pm00:58:2210.77m37.3%843
125The Doctor's WifeSat14 May 20116:30pm00:45:517.97m34.7%8722
126The Doctor's DaughterSat10 May 20086:44pm00:45:107.33m40.1%8810
127The Doctor FallsSat1 Jul 20176:31pm01:00:275.30m31.3%8316
128The Doctor DancesSat28 May 20056:59pm00:42:506.86m39.0%8518
129The Space Museum: The Dimensions of TimeSat1 May 19655:54pm00:22:009.20m5323
130The Daleks' Master Plan: The Destruction of TimeSat29 Jan 19665:50pm00:23:318.60m5739
131The Chase: The Death of TimeSat29 May 19655:40pm00:23:329.50m5612
132The Chase: The Death of Doctor WhoSat19 Jun 19655:41pm00:23:279.00m5611
133The Daleks: The Dead PlanetSat21 Dec 19635:15pm00:24:226.90m5967
134The Day of The DoctorSat23 Nov 20137:50pm01:16:4412.80m40.9%881
135The Aztecs: The Day of DarknessSat13 Jun 19645:14pm00:25:307.40m5834
136The Celestial Toymaker: The Dancing FloorSat16 Apr 19665:49pm00:24:109.40m4432
137The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The DaleksSat28 Nov 19645:41pm00:24:1912.40m5910
138The Curse of the Black SpotSat7 May 20116:15pm00:44:517.85m35.5%8611
139The Crimson HorrorSat4 May 20136:29pm00:44:406.47m31.5%8520
140The Christmas InvasionSun25 Dec 20057:02pm00:58:559.84m43.5%849
141The Web Planet: The CentreSat20 Mar 19655:55pm00:24:3211.50m4214
142The Celestial Toymaker: The Celestial ToyroomSat2 Apr 19665:50pm00:24:408.00m4844
143An Unearthly Child: The Cave of SkullsSat30 Nov 19635:29pm00:24:375.90m5985
144The CaretakerSat27 Sep 20148:29pm00:45:206.82m26.4%8320
145The Edge of Destruction: The Brink of DisasterSat15 Feb 19645:16pm00:22:119.90m6031
146The Aztecs: The Bride of SacrificeSat6 Jun 19645:14pm00:25:277.90m5719
147The Ark: The BombSat26 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:377.30m5071
148The Big BangSat26 Jun 20106:06pm00:53:406.70m36.9%8910
149The Bells of Saint JohnSat30 Mar 20136:14pm00:45:248.44m35.8%878
150The Beast BelowSat10 Apr 20106:20pm00:41:258.42m38.9%8610
151The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosSun9 Dec 20186:25pm00:49:406.65m29.6%7918
152The Angels Take ManhattanSat29 Sep 20127:20pm00:44:157.82m32.0%8813
153The Daleks: The AmbushSat11 Jan 19645:14pm00:24:379.90m6329
154The Almost PeopleSat28 May 20116:45pm00:45:086.72m29.5%8621
155The Age of SteelSat20 May 20066:38pm00:45:507.64m37.8%8615
156The Daleks' Master Plan: The Abandoned PlanetSat22 Jan 19665:50pm00:24:349.80m4935
157The Myth Makers: Temple of SecretsSat16 Oct 19655:50pm00:24:458.30m4834
158The Sensorites: Strangers in SpaceSat20 Jun 19645:14pm00:24:467.90m5917
159Smith and JonesSat31 Mar 20077:00pm00:44:258.71m40.7%889
160SmileSat22 Apr 20177:21pm00:45:355.98m28.5%8323
161The Myth Makers: Small Prophet, Quick ReturnSat23 Oct 19655:49pm00:24:438.10m5140
162Sleep No MoreSat14 Nov 20158:14pm00:45:075.61m22.6%7828
163The Ice Warriors: SixSat16 Dec 19675:24pm00:23:587.50m5159
164Silence in the LibrarySat31 May 20087:02pm00:43:006.27m27.7%8927
165The Keys of Marinus: Sentence of DeathSat9 May 19645:14pm00:25:037.90m6129
166School ReunionSat29 Apr 20067:23pm00:44:108.31m41.6%8512
167RoseSat26 Mar 20057:00pm00:44:1410.81m44.8%767
168RosaSun21 Oct 20186:55pm00:49:388.41m33.6%834
169Robot Of SherwoodSat6 Sep 20147:31pm00:46:167.28m31.1%8210
170Rise of the CybermenSat13 May 20067:23pm00:46:059.22m43.7%866
171Marco Polo: Rider From Shang-TuSat21 Mar 19645:16pm00:23:269.40m5937
172Revolution of the DaleksFri1 Jan 20216:44pm01:11:006.25m25.1%798
173ResolutionTue1 Jan 20197:00pm00:59:587.13m26.6%8014
174The Reign Of Terror: Prisoners of ConciergerieSat12 Sep 19645:29pm00:25:046.40m5538
175The Massacre: Priest of DeathSat19 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:335.90m4992
176PraxeusSun2 Feb 20207:11pm00:49:525.22m23.5%7828
177Planet of the OodSat19 Apr 20086:19pm00:43:357.50m35.2%8712
178Planet of the DeadSat11 Apr 20096:44pm00:58:559.74m41.7%885
179Planet of GiantsSat31 Oct 19645:13pm00:23:158.40m5737
180Partners in CrimeSat5 Apr 20086:19pm00:48:309.14m41.3%8810
181Warriors' Gate: Part TwoSat10 Jan 19815:09pm00:23:476.70m93
182The Keeper of Traken: Part TwoSat7 Feb 19815:08pm00:24:506.10m106
183Logopolis: Part TwoSat7 Mar 19815:09pm00:24:037.70m6157
184Four To Doomsday: Part TwoTue19 Jan 19827:05pm00:24:118.80m61
185Kinda: Part TwoTue2 Feb 19827:04pm00:24:589.40m45
186State of Decay: Part TwoSat29 Nov 19805:41pm00:23:165.30m136
187Full Circle: Part TwoSat1 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:113.70m170
188Castrovalva: Part TwoTue5 Jan 19827:02pm00:24:138.60m84
189Meglos: Part TwoSat4 Oct 19806:17pm00:21:244.20m64139
190The Leisure Hive: Part TwoSat6 Sep 19806:20pm00:20:455.00m103
191The Horns of Nimon: Part TwoSat29 Dec 19795:54pm00:25:008.80m56
192Nightmare of Eden: Part TwoSat1 Dec 19796:04pm00:22:449.60m31
193The Creature from the Pit: Part TwoSat3 Nov 19796:07pm00:24:0310.80m6723
194The Visitation: Part TwoTue16 Feb 19827:05pm00:24:269.30m48
195Black Orchid: Part TwoTue2 Mar 19827:04pm00:24:4110.10m55
196Earthshock: Part TwoTue9 Mar 19827:05pm00:24:238.80m50
197Planet of Fire: Part TwoFri24 Feb 19846:41pm00:24:206.10m102
198Resurrection of the Daleks: Part TwoWed15 Feb 19846:52pm00:46:528.00m6553
199The Caves of Androzani: Part TwoFri9 Mar 19846:41pm00:25:006.60m75
200Frontios: Part TwoFri27 Jan 19846:41pm00:24:355.80m69115