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Set Dresser

Last updated 28 March 2020

Set Dresser has been credited in:
37 episodes of Doctor Who

2012Asylum of the DaleksJayne Davies
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (credit only)
A Town Called Mercy
The Power Of Three
The Angels Take Manhattan
The SnowmenAustin J Curtis
The SnowmenJayne Davies
2013The Bells of Saint John
The Rings of Akhaten
Cold War
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
The Crimson Horror
The Name of the Doctor
The Day of The DoctorJamie Farrell
The Day of The DoctorIan Griffin
The Day of The DoctorMike Elkins
The Time of the DoctorJamie Southcott
2014Deep BreathJamie Farrell
Deep BreathMike Elkins
Deep BreathJayne Davies
Into the Dalek
Into the DalekMike Elkins
Into the DalekJamie Farrell
Robot Of SherwoodMike Elkins
Robot Of SherwoodJamie Farrell
Robot Of SherwoodJayne Davies
ListenMike Elkins
ListenJamie Farrell
Time HeistJayne Davies
Time HeistMike Elkins
Time HeistJamie Farrell
The Caretaker
The CaretakerJayne Davies
The CaretakerMike Elkins
Kill The MoonJayne Davies
Kill The MoonMike Elkins
Kill The MoonJamie Farrell
Mummy On The Orient Express
Mummy On The Orient ExpressJayne Davies
Mummy On The Orient ExpressMike Elkins
FlatlineMatt Watts
FlatlineScott Howe
FlatlineRoger Hendry
FlatlineJanye Davies
FlatlineJamie Farrell
In The Forest Of The Night
In The Forest Of The NightJayne Davies
In The Forest Of The NightScott Howe
Dark WaterJayne Davies
Dark WaterScott Howe
Dark WaterJamie Farrell
Death in HeavenJayne Davies
Death in HeavenScott Howe
Death in HeavenJamie Farrell
Last ChristmasScott Howe
Last ChristmasNigel Magni
2020Spyfall: Part OneMartin Broadbent
Spyfall: Part OneDewi Thomas
Spyfall: Part TwoJohn Thomas
Spyfall: Part TwoAtiff Tahir
Spyfall: Part TwoDewi Thomas
Orphan 55John Thomas
Orphan 55Atiff Tahir
Orphan 55Dewi Thomas
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorJohn Thomas
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorAtiff Tahir
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorDewi Thomas
Fugitive of the JudoonJohn Thomas
Fugitive of the JudoonAtiff Tahir
Fugitive of the JudoonDewi Thomas
PraxeusEirwyn Thomas
PraxeusDewi Thomas
Can You Hear Me?Tom Major
Can You Hear Me?Anwen Haf
Can You Hear Me?John Thomas
Can You Hear Me?Dewi Thomas
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiJohn Thomas
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiDewi Thomas
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiTom Major
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiAnwen Haf
Ascension of the CybermenTom Major
Ascension of the CybermenAnwen Haf
Ascension of the CybermenJohn Thomas
Ascension of the CybermenDewi Thomas
The Timeless ChildrenJohn Thomas
The Timeless ChildrenDewi Thomas
The Timeless ChildrenTom Major
The Timeless ChildrenAnwen Haf