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Last updated 31 May 2015

Part One

Part One

Series Episode Number: 584

World Premiere: Tue 18 Jan 1983 - 6:50pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Sun 2 Dec 1984 - 11:00pm CST [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 24 minutes 26 seconds

6.70 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 65 (UK)

Chart Position: 95 () (UK)

Five hundred years after being exiled, the Mara is returning home to the planet Manussa. And it is using Tegan's subconscious to get there in the TARDIS

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorPeter Davison
TeganJanet Fielding
NyssaSarah Sutton
AmbrilJohn Carson
TanhaColette O'Neil
DojjenPreston Lockwood
LonMartin Clunes
DugdaleBrian Miller
Fortune TellerHilary Sesta
HawkerGeorge Ballantine
Lon's BodyguardBob Mills (uncredited)
Tanha's BodyguardBarney Lawrence (uncredited)
SnakedancerRay Lavender (uncredited)
(extra)Derek Holt (uncredited)
(extra)Fred Redford (uncredited)
(extra)Jean Channon (uncredited)
(extra)Sheila Vivian (uncredited)
(extra)Derek Hunt (uncredited)
(extra)Brian Moorhead (uncredited)
(extra)John Beardmore (uncredited)
(extra)Derek Suthern (uncredited)
(extra)Douglas Auchterlonie (uncredited)
(extra)Stephen Whyment (uncredited)
(extra)Geoffrey Whitestone (uncredited)
(extra)April Love (uncredited)
(extra)Lionel Sansby (uncredited)
(extra)Peter Roy (uncredited)
(extra)Terry Sartain (uncredited)
(extra)Delphine (uncredited)
(extra)Linda Carroll (uncredited)
(extra)Victor Reynolds (uncredited)
(extra)Tina Winter (uncredited)
(extra)Sally Gardener (uncredited)
(extra)Karen Burch (uncredited)
(extra)Kenneth Goodfellow (uncredited)
(extra)Monique Briant (uncredited)
(extra)Nancy Adams (uncredited)
(extra)Pamela Dale (uncredited)
(extra)Mary Rennie (uncredited)
(extra)Mark Allington (uncredited)
(extra)Valero Martinez (uncredited)
(extra)Gaenor Rees (uncredited)
(extra)Angela Delaney (uncredited)
(extra)Patricia Roy (uncredited)