Last updated 24 March 2024

Episode 3

Series Episode Number: 159

World Premiere: Sat 22 Apr 1967 - 5:50pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 23 minutes 10 seconds

7.90 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 53 (UK)

Chart Position: 43 () (UK)

Recorded on Tue 18 Apr 1967 in Lime Grove D
Archive State: 16mm t/r

With the support of Inspector Crossland, the Doctor pursues his investigations. But the Chameleons have already taken steps to prevent the Doctor from uncovering the truth.

Characters hide uncredited
Dr. WhoPatrick Troughton
SpencerVictor Winding
MeadowsGeorge Selway
Ann DavidsonGilly Fraser
JamieFrazer Hines
Samantha BriggsPauline Collins
CrosslandBernard Kay
BladeDonald Pickering
CommandantColin Gordon
Jean RockWanda Ventham
HeslingtonBarry Wilsher
Chameleon Tours PassengerBarry Noble (uncredited)
ATC TechnicianRoy Curtis (uncredited)
ATC TechnicianVic Taylor (uncredited)
ATC TechnicianRoger Jacobs (uncredited)
Passenger (Chamelon Tours)Ann Barber (uncredited)
Passenger (Chamelon Tours)Tina Simons (uncredited)
Passenger (Chamelon Tours)Valerie Vynor (uncredited)
Passenger (Chamelon Tours)Maria Hauffer (uncredited)
Passenger (Gatwick)Lisa Nobel (uncredited)
Passenger (Gatwick)Joanna Robins (uncredited)
Passenger (Gatwick)Don Simons (uncredited)
Passenger (Chamelon Tours)James Holbrook (uncredited)
Passenger (Chamelon Tours)Mike Britton (uncredited)
Passenger (Chamelon Tours)John Dickinson (uncredited)
Passenger (Chamelon Tours)Gary Leeman (uncredited)