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Part Three

Part Three

Series Episode Number: 446

World Premiere: Sat 12 Feb 1977 - 6:18pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Thu 29 May 1980 - 5:30pm CDT [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 23 minutes 51 seconds

13.10 Million (UK)

Chart Position: 15 () (UK)

Recorded on Wed 07 Dec 1977 in TC8

One of the crew is the insane Taren Capel, who is using robots to carry out the murders. The Doctor discovers that there are also others who aren't what they appear to be either.

Production Team hide uncredited
WriterChris Boucher
DirectorMichael E Briant
ProducerPhilip Hinchcliffe
DesignerKenneth Sharp
Script EditorRobert Holmes
Costume DesignerElizabeth Waller
Make-up ArtistAnn Briggs
Film CameramanPeter Chapman (uncredited)
Visual Effects DesignerRichard Conway
Special SoundDick Mills
LightingDuncan Brown
SoundTony Millier
Title SequenceBernard Lodge
Production AssistantPeter Grimwade
Production Unit ManagerChris D'Oyly-John
Incidental MusicDudley Simpson
Title MusicRon Grainer
and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Assistant Floor ManagerDavid Tilley (uncredited)
Title Music ArrangerDelia Derbyshire (uncredited)
Technical ManagerRichard Ashman (uncredited)
Vision MixerJoan Duncan (uncredited)
Grams OperatorGordon Phillipson (uncredited)
Floor AssistantTony Vanden Ende (uncredited)
Film Operations ManagerIan Brindle (uncredited)
Film SoundJohn Gatland (uncredited)
Film Sound AssistantMorton Hardaker (uncredited)
Electronic EffectsA J Mitchell (uncredited)
Director's AssistantMargaret Lewty (uncredited)
Make-Up AssistantJudith Dalton (uncredited)
Make-Up AssistantAnne Spiers (uncredited)
Make-Up AssistantHeather Squires (uncredited)
Scenic Props BuyerRuth Hyde (uncredited)
Artist BookingNansi Davis (uncredited)
Post Production SoundR. Partridge (uncredited)
Post Production SoundAdrian Bishop-Lagget (uncredited)
Visual Effects AssistantChris Lawson (uncredited)
Visual Effects AssistantTony Harding (uncredited)
Production SecretaryAnn Rickard (uncredited)