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Episode Eight

Episode Eight

Series Episode Number: 251

World Premiere: Sat 7 Jun 1969 - 5:14pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 24 minutes 37 seconds

3.50 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 53 (UK)

Chart Position: 96 () (UK)

Recorded on Thu 29 May 1969 in Television Centre 8
Archive State: 16mm t/r

The Doctor is captured by the War Chief, who belongs to the same race of people as the Doctor, and offers an alliance. In the 1917 zone, fighters prepare to attack Central Control.

Production Team hide uncredited
WriterMalcolm Hulke
WriterTerrance Dicks
DirectorDavid Maloney
ProducerDerrick Sherwin
DesignerRoger Cheveley
Incidental MusicDudley Simpson
Title MusicRon Grainer
Title Music BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Film CameramanAlan Jonas (uncredited)
Film EditorChris Hayden (uncredited)
LightingHoward King (uncredited)
SoundJohn Staple (uncredited)
CostumesNicholas Bullen (uncredited)
Make-upSylvia James (uncredited)
Visual Effects DesignerMichaeljohn Harris (uncredited)
Special SoundBrian Hodgson (uncredited)
Special Sound BBC Radiophonic Workshop (uncredited)
Script EditorTerrance Dicks (uncredited)
Fight ArrangerPeter Diamond (uncredited)
Fight ArrangerArthur Howell (uncredited)
Assistant Floor ManagerMarion McDougall (uncredited)
Production AssistantEdwina Verner (uncredited)
Film Camera AssistantJohn Walker (uncredited)
Film Sound RecordistBill Meekums (uncredited)
Assistant Sound RecordistAlan Cooper (uncredited)
Effects AssistantDave Havard (uncredited)
Vision MixerDavid Langford (uncredited)
Technical ManagerDavid Hare (uncredited)
Assistant Floor ManagerCaroline Walmsley
Title Music ArrangerDelia Derbyshire (uncredited)
Title SequenceBernard Lodge (uncredited)