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On This Day (USA) - 30 August

Terror of the Zygons: Part One premiered on BBC One in 1975 at 5:46pm BST, watched by 8.40 million viewers.

Disaster in the North Sea brings the Doctor to Scotland. What is the mystery of Tullock Moor?

The Leisure Hive: Part One premiered on BBC One in 1980 at 6:14pm BST, watched by 5.90 million viewers.

Real Time: Episode Five premiered on BBC Online in 2002 at 12:00pm BST

Into the Dalek premiered on BBC One in 2014 at 7:30pm BST, watched by 7.29 million viewers.

As the Time Lord's greatest enemies close in on a lone rebel ship, his conscience is troubled by a decision that could change the Daleks forever.

Doctor Who Extra: Into The Dalek premiered on BBC Red Button in 2014 at 9:30pm BST

Into the Dalek premiered on BBC America in 2014 at 9:00pm EDT, watched by 1.23 million viewers.

A Dalek fleet surrounds a lone rebel ship, and only the Doctor can help them now...

Ellis George will be 23 - 5 credits, including Courtney Woods in The Caretaker

Ellis George is studying drama at the Young and Talented School of Stage and Screen, and appeared in Tropical Sun Food's first advert, produced in late 2013.

Angel Coulby will be 41 - credited as Katherine in The Girl in the Fireplace

Angel Coulby  is an English actress. She made her television debut in the BBC comedy 'Orrible. She is best known for portraying the character of Queen Guinevere "Gwen" Pendragon in the BBC fantasy series Merlin.

Coulby trained at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh where she studied for a degree in acting. She is seen in an episode of Scariest Places on Earth (#2.10 - Exorcism: Greyfriars Cemetery 1) as a student (Awassa Tact) who had an encounter with a ghost. Her breakthrough came in 2001 with her role in the Johnny Vaughan vehicle 'Orrible. She was later chosen to playGwen, a young woman who would later become Queen Guinevere the legendary wife of King Arthur and Queen of Camelot, in the BBC One fantasy TV series Merlin. 

She has been announced as starring in the upcoming BBC Two Stephen Poliakoff drama Dancing on the Edge

Alan Johns (died 2002 aged 58) would be 77 - credited as Ted Rogers in The Tomb of the Cybermen

Alan Johns played Ted Rogers in the Doctor Who serial The Tomb of the Cybermen.

Other work includes The Persuaders! and Z Cars

Peter Cartwright (died 2014 aged 78) would be 86 - credited as Arnold Underwood in The Power Of Three

Peter Cartwright's long career spans back to Armchair Theatre in the 1960s, and includes roles in Danger UXB, Rumpole of the Bailey, Yes, Prime Minister, and most famously as Bishop George Postlethwaite in Emmerdale. He also played Elphias Doge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Donald Hewlett (died 2011 aged 88) would be 99 - credited as Hardiman in The Claws of Axos

Donald Hewlett is an English actor best known for his sitcom roles of Colonel Charles Reynolds in It Ain't Half Hot Mum and Lord Meldrum in You Rang, M'Lord?, both written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. 

Hewlett attended Cambridge University where he was part of the Footlights Revue. During World War II he joined the Royal Navy and was stationed for several years in Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands before being posted to Singapore.

His first professional acting job was in repertory theatre at the Oxford Playhouse where he worked alongside Ronnie Barker. His first television acting role was the part of Lincoln Green in 1954's Orders are Orders.

His television appearances included The Ronnie Corbett Show, The Saint, The Avengers and The Dick Emery Show. However, he gained his most prominant role in the 1970s Croft and Perry sitcom It Ain't Half Hot Mum as Colonel Charles Reynolds. He was later reunited with fellow actor Michael Knowles in another David Croft sitcom, the sci-fi spoof Come Back Mrs. Noah, and later with the more successful You Rang, M'Lord? in 1989 as Lord George Meldrum. 

Other roles included 'Winkworth' in Morris Minor's Marvellous Motors in 1989 and The Adventures of Brigadier Wellington-Bull. His last TV appearance was in The Upper Hand in 1995.

He had a number of film appearances including Spike Milligan's Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall, A Touch of Class, Carry on Behind and The First Great Train Robbery

Donald Bisset (died 1995 aged 84) would be 111 - credited as Colin McLaren in The Highlanders

Donald Bisset was a British actor. 

He played Colin McLaren in the 1966 Doctor Who story The Highlanders.

He also wrote stories for children which he mostly illustrated himself. They have been translated into 16 languages.

He worked on The BillThe Black Velvet GownCampionOne Foot in the GraveAgatha Christie: PoirotWilliam TellThe Hound of the BaskervillesLittle DorritParadise PostponedThe Return of the AntelopeThe Invisible ManA Pattern of RosesOnly Fools and Horses....RagtimeScarf JackSmugglerThe Old Curiosity ShopLes MiserablesThe ProfessionalsThe Thirty Nine StepsLife of ShakespeareWarlords of AtlantisLove for LydiaBeryl's LotAre You Being Served?Escape from the DarkThe Bawdy Adventures of Tom JonesPlay for TodayThe PallisersMicrobes and MenThe Double DealersPollyannaFreewheelersClinic ExclusiveFor the Love of AdaNearest and DearestBlind TerrorYakDoctor in the HouseTwo a PennyThe Six Wives of Henry VIIICarry on Again DoctorSpecial BranchZ CarsThe Beverly HillbilliesThe ExpertMum's BoysThe TroubleshootersRocket to the MoonEye of the DevilR3No Hiding PlaceThe SaintThorndykeThe Indian Tales of Rudyard KiplingBoyd Q.C.The Hidden TruthHide and SeekCraneDr. Finlay's CasebookSuspenseThe Odd ManDixon of Dock GreenThe PursuersEmergency-Ward 10The Adventures of Robin HoodOn TrialA Touch of LarcenyThe Battle of the SexesFriends and NeighboursThe Headless GhostBroth of a BoyUp the CreekThe New Adventures of Martin KaneLittle Red MonkeyThe Brain MachineBBC Sunday-Night TheatreMurder in the CathedralMovie-Go-Round

Anthony Debaeck (died 2013 aged 46) - 4 credits, including French Newsreader in Army of Ghosts / Doomsday

Anthony Debaeck was a Belgian actor who played the French newsreader for Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures stories. 

Also worked on Dragon Age IICarmen in 3DZalikaThe Wolfman1066Clash of the SantasCarmenWire in the BloodThe QueenSeptième ciel BelgiqueLove SoupFemmes de loiLéopoldLes vacances de l'amourElisa top modèleAu port de la lunePremiers baisersLe collège des coeurs brisésJohnnyL'été de la révolution

Alan Wheatley (died 1991 aged 84) - credited as Temmosus in The Daleks

Alan Wheatley was a radio announcer who turned to stage and screen acting in the 1930's. He featured in many British films and television productions during the black and white era.

Wheatley left his job as an industrial psychologist to start an acting career. He made his film debut in the 1936 movie Conquest of the Air. During the Second World War, he worked for BBC Radio, both as an actor and as an announcer.

He is probably best known for his role as the Sheriff of Nottingham in the TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood in the 1950s, where he played the malevolent adversary to Richard Greene's Robin Hood. 

He had roles in Danger Man and The Avengers; and was the first person killed by a Dalek in an episode of Doctor Who, when he played Thal leader Temmosus in 1964. He was also an early Sherlock Holmes in a 1951 BBC TV series.

His film credits include: Caesar and Cleopatra (1945), The Rake's Progress (1945), Brighton Rock (1947), Calling Paul Temple (1948), Spaceways (1953), Simon and Laura (1955), A Jolly Bad Fellow (1964), and Tomorrow at Ten (1964) amongst others. He also appeared in Inn for Trouble (1960), a big screen spin-off from the popular TV comedy series The Larkins.

On stage he played Clifford Bax's The House of Borgia in 1935, as well as taking the lead in This Way to the Tomb - performed in London and Paris. He also played the tormented soul, Harry, in The Family Reunion.

Alan Wheatley also collaborated with the BBC English by Radio in a series of programmes for teaching English. He acted as "grandfather" in the series Ann and her Grandfather together with Brenda Cleather who acted as his granddaughter. 

Heplayed the Abbe in the BBC radio series The Count of Monte Cristo with the young Andrew Sachs playing Dante.

He died in Westminster in 1991 of a heart attack, at the age of 84.