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Dressing Props

Last updated 01 April 2013

Dressing Props has been credited in:
41 episodes of Doctor Who

2010The Eleventh HourRhys Jones
The Eleventh HourMartin Broadbent
The Beast Below
The Beast BelowRhys Jones
Victory of the Daleks
Victory of the DaleksMartin Broadbent
The Time of AngelsRhys Jones
The Time of AngelsMartin Broadbent
Flesh and StoneRhys Jones
Flesh and StoneMartin Broadbent
The Vampires of VeniceRhys Jones
The Vampires of VeniceMartin Broadbent
Amy's ChoicePhilip Everett-Lyons
Amy's ChoiceMartin Broadbent
The Hungry EarthRhys Jones
The Hungry EarthMartin Broadbent
Cold BloodRhys Jones
Cold BloodMartin Broadbent
Vincent and the Doctor
Vincent and the DoctorRhys Jones
The LodgerPhilip Everett-Lyons
The LodgerMartin Broadbent
The Pandorica OpensPhilip Everett-Lyons
The Pandorica OpensMartin Broadbent
The Big BangPhilip Everett-Lyons
The Big BangMartin Broadbent
A Christmas CarolStuart MacKay
A Christmas CarolKristian Wilsher
2011The Impossible Astronaut
The Impossible AstronautMartin Broadbent
Day of the MoonKristian Wilsher
Day of the MoonMartin Broadbent
The Curse of the Black SpotTom Belton
The Curse of the Black SpotKristian Wilsher
The Doctor's WifeMartin Broadbent
The Doctor's WifeKristian Wilsher
The Rebel FleshMartin Broadbent
The Rebel FleshKristian Wilsher
The Almost People
The Almost PeopleMartin Broadbent
A Good Man Goes to WarTom Belton
A Good Man Goes to WarKristian Wilsher
Let's Kill HitlerTom Belton
Let's Kill HitlerKristian Wilsher
Night Terrors
Night TerrorsMartin Broadbent
The Girl Who WaitedTom Belton
The Girl Who WaitedKristian Wilsher
The God Complex
The God ComplexTom Belton
Closing TimePaul Everett Lyons
The Wedding of River SongKristian Wilsher
The Wedding of River SongTom Belton
2012Asylum of the DaleksMike Elkins
Asylum of the DaleksIan Griffin
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipTom Belton
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipMike Elkins
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipIan Griffin
A Town Called MercyMike Elkins
A Town Called MercyIan Griffin
A Town Called MercyTom Belton
The Power Of ThreeMike Elkins
The Power Of ThreePaul Barnet
The Angels Take ManhattanIan Griffin
The Angels Take ManhattanMike Elkins
The SnowmenJamie Farrell
The SnowmenPaul Barnett
The SnowmenMike Elkins
2013The Bells of Saint John
The Bells of Saint JohnPaul Barnett
The Rings of Akhaten
The Rings of AkhatenMike Elkins
Cold War
Cold WarRob Brandon
Cold WarPaul Barnett
HideJayne Davies
HidePaul Barnett
HideMike Elkins
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISPaul Barnett
The Crimson Horror
The Crimson HorrorMike Elkins
The Crimson HorrorRob Brandon
Nightmare in SilverMike Elkins
Nightmare in SilverJayne Davies
Nightmare in SilverPaul Barnett
The Name of the DoctorMike Elkins
The Name of the DoctorJayne Davies
The Name of the DoctorPaul Barnett
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): An Adventure In Space And Time (as Dressing Prop)Scott Rogers
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): An Adventure In Space And Time (as Dressing Prop)Tony Bandy
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): An Adventure In Space And Time (as Dressing Prop)Pete Fentem