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Conducted By

Last updated 28 March 2014

Conducted By has been credited in:
87 episodes of Doctor Who

1964The Sensorites: Strangers in SpaceNorman Kay
The Sensorites: The Unwilling Warriors
The Sensorites: Hidden Danger
The Sensorites: A Race Against Death
The Sensorites: Kidnap
The Sensorites: A Desperate Venture
The Reign Of Terror: A Land of FearStanley Myers
The Reign Of Terror: Guests of Madame Guillotine
The Reign Of Terror: A Change of Identity
The Reign Of Terror: The Tyrant of France
The Reign Of Terror: A Bargain of Necessity
The Reign Of Terror: Prisoners of Conciergerie
1970Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 2Carey Blyton
Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 4
Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 5
Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 6
Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode 7
2009The End of Time: Part OneDavid Temple
The End of Time: Part OneBen Foster
2010The End of Time: Part Two
The End of Time: Part TwoDavid Temple
Amy's ChoiceBen Foster
The Hungry Earth
Cold Blood (uncredited)
The Lodger
The Pandorica Opens
The Big Bang
A Christmas Carol
2011The Impossible Astronaut
Day of the Moon
The Curse of the Black Spot
The Doctor's Wife
The Rebel Flesh
The Almost People
A Good Man Goes to War
Let's Kill Hitler
Night Terrors
The Girl Who Waited
The God Complex
Closing Time
The Wedding of River Song
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeJeremy Holland Smith
2012The Power Of ThreeBen Foster
The Angels Take Manhattan
2013Cold War
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
The Crimson Horror
Nightmare in Silver (as Conductor and Orchestrator)
The Name of the Doctor (as Conductor and Orchestrator)
The Day of The Doctor
The Time of the Doctor
2014Into the Dalek
Robot Of Sherwood
Time Heist
The Caretaker
Kill The Moon
Mummy On The Orient Express
In The Forest Of The Night
Dark Water
Death in Heaven
Last Christmas
2015Under the Lake
Before The Flood
The Girl Who Died
The Woman Who Lived
The Zygon InvasionAlastair King
The Zygon Inversion
Sleep No More
Face The RavenBen Foster
Heaven SentAlastair King
Hell Bent
The Husbands of River Song
2016The Return Of Doctor Mysterio
2017The Pilot
Thin Ice
The Pyramid At The End Of The World
The Lie Of The Land
Empress Of Mars
The Eaters of Light
World Enough And Time
The Doctor Falls
Twice Upon A Time
2018Demons Of The PunjabAlec Roberts