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Last updated 09 January 2020

Part One

Part One

Series Episode Number: 534

World Premiere: Sat 25 Oct 1980 - 5:40pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Sun 29 Nov 1981 - 11:15pm CST [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 24 minutes 23 seconds

5.90 Million (UK)

Chart Position: 106 () (UK)

The TARDIS enters the universe of E-Space and lands on the planet Alzarius where Mistfall is occurring and creatures are stirring in the swamp.

Characters hide uncredited
Doctor WhoTom Baker
RomanaLalla Ward
LoginGeorge Baker
DraithLeonard Maguire
NefredJames Bree
GarifAlan Rowe
DexeterTony Calvin
AdricMatthew Waterhouse
VarshRichard Willis
TylosBernard Padden
KearaJune Page
OmrilAndrew Forbes
RysikAdrian Gibbs
Voice of K-9John Leeson
CitizenAlexander Joanner (uncredited)
CitizenAmanda Winn (uncredited)
CitizenArthur Parry (uncredited)
CitizenBerverly Jennings (uncredited)
CitizenBobby James (uncredited)
CitizenChris Cole (uncredited)
CitizenChris Holmes (uncredited)
CitizenDavid Brody (uncredited)
CitizenDavid Payne (uncredited)
CitizenJerry Judge (uncredited)
CitizenJill Anette (uncredited)
CitizenJulie Mellon (uncredited)
CitizenKaty Jarret (uncredited)
CitizenKay Williams (uncredited)
CitizenKevin O'Brien (uncredited)
CitizenMartin Grant (uncredited)
CitizenMartin McEnvoy (uncredited)
CitizenMichael Dray (uncredited)
CitizenMike Mungarvan (uncredited)
CitizenMykel Mills (uncredited)
CitizenNicki Dunsford (uncredited)
CitizenRay Hatfield (uncredited)
CitizenRay Sumby (uncredited)
CitizenRobert Smythe (uncredited)
CitizenRobin Squire (uncredited)
CitizenSarah Parry (uncredited)
CitizenSimon Ramirez (uncredited)
CitizenStephen Kane (uncredited)
CitizenSteve Ismay (uncredited)
CitizenTim Goodings (uncredited)
MarshmanBarney Lawrence (uncredited)
MarshmanGraham Cole (uncredited)
MarshmanJames Jackson (uncredited)
MarshmanKeith Guest (uncredited)
MarshmanStephen Watson (uncredited)
MarshmanSteve Kelly (uncredited)
Stunt ManStuart Fell (uncredited)
OutlerNick Staverson (uncredited)
OutlerTerry John Wood (uncredited)
SwimmerAndrew Mason (uncredited)
SwimmerDavid Greenaway (uncredited)