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Episode 2

Episode 2

Series Episode Number: 266

World Premiere: Sat 28 Mar 1970 - 5:14pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Tue 14 Oct 1975 - 6:30pm CDT [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 24 minutes 39 seconds

7.60 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 61 (UK)

Chart Position: 59 () (UK)

Recorded on Fri 20 Feb 1970 in Television Centre 3
Archive State: PAL Restor

Recovery 7 has returned to Earth but the UNIT convoy transporting the capsule is ambushed. The Doctor is able to relocate the capsule, but is he too late?

Characters hide uncredited
Doctor WhoJon Pertwee
Liz ShawCaroline John
Brigadier Lethbridge-StewartNicholas Courtney
TaltalianRobert Cawdron
Ralph CornishRonald Allen
Carrington John Abineri
QuinlanDallas Cavell
CollinsonRobert Robertson
GreyRay Armstrong
John WakefieldMichael Wisher
Van LydenRic Felgate
Miss RutherfordCheryl Molineaux
Control Room AssistantBernard Martin
DobsonJuan Moreno
Corporal ChampionJames Haswell
Unit SergeantDerek Ware
(extra)Geoffrey Brighty (uncredited)
Control Room AssistantKeith Simons (uncredited)
Control Room AssistantRay Mimins (uncredited)
Control Room AssistantRoger Minnis (uncredited)
Control Room AssistantSally Avory (uncredited)
Control Room AssistantStella Conway (uncredited)
Helicopter PilotJW Peckowski (uncredited)
Low-Loader DriverMichael Duggan (uncredited)
UNIT DriverBG Herth (uncredited)
UNIT DriverBruce Cox (uncredited)
UNIT DriverRichard Pickford (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierCrawford Lyall (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierJo Santos (uncredited)
UNIT SoldierRoy Brent (uncredited)
Stunt MotorcyclistMarc Boyle (uncredited)
Stunt MotorcyclistRoy Scammell (uncredited)
Stunt MotorcyclistRoy Street (uncredited)