Sandra Cosfeld

Last updated 05 March 2013

Sandra Cosfeld has worked on
Doctor Who 94 episodes
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous) 1 episodes

Acting Credits
2013Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): The Five(ish) Doctors RebootSelf
Production Credits
2011The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeProduction Assistant
2012Asylum of the DaleksProduction Secretary
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipProduction Secretary
A Town Called MercyProduction Secretary
The Power Of ThreeProduction Secretary
The Angels Take ManhattanProduction Secretary
The SnowmenProduction Secretary
2013The Bells of Saint JohnProduction Secretary
The Rings of AkhatenProduction Secretary
Cold WarProduction Secretary
HideProduction Secretary
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISProduction Secretary
The Crimson HorrorProduction Secretary
Nightmare in SilverProduction Secretary
The Name of the DoctorProduction Secretary
The Day of The DoctorAssistant Production Coordinator
The Time of the DoctorAsst Production Coordinator
2014Deep BreathProduction Mangement Assistant
Into the DalekProduction Mangement Assistant
Robot Of SherwoodProduction Mangement Assistant
ListenProduction Mangement Assistant
Time HeistProduction Mangement Assistant
The CaretakerProduction Mangement Assistant
Kill The MoonAssistant Production Coordinator
Mummy On The Orient ExpressAssistant Production Coordinator
FlatlineAssistant Production Coordinator
In The Forest Of The NightAssistant Production Coordinator
Dark WaterAssistant Production Coordinator
Death in HeavenAssistant Production Coordinator
Last ChristmasAssistant Production Coordinator
2015The Magician's ApprenticeProduction Coordinator
The Witch's FamiliarProduction Coordinator
Under the LakeAssistant Production Coordinator
Before The FloodAssistant Production Coordinator
The Girl Who DiedAssistant Production Coordinator
The Woman Who LivedAssistant Production Coordinator
The Zygon InvasionAssistant Production Coordinator
The Zygon InversionAssistant Production Coordinator
Sleep No MoreAssistant Production Coordinator
Face The RavenAssistant Production Coordinator
Heaven SentAssistant Production Coordinator
Hell BentProduction Coordinator
The Husbands of River SongAssistant Production Coordinator
2016The Return Of Doctor MysterioProduction Coordinator
2017The PilotProduction Coordinator
SmileProduction Coordinator
Thin IceProduction Coordinator
OxygenProduction Coordinator
ExtremisProduction Coordinator
The Pyramid At The End Of The WorldProduction Coordinator
The Lie Of The LandProduction Coordinator
Empress Of MarsProduction Coordinator
The Eaters of LightProduction Coordinator
World Enough And TimeProduction Coordinator
The Doctor FallsProduction Coordinator
Twice Upon A TimeProduction Coordinator
2018The Woman Who Fell to EarthProduction Coordinator
The Ghost MonumentProduction Coordinator
RosaProduction Coordinator
Arachnids In The UKProduction Coordinator
The Tsuranga ConundrumProduction Coordinator
Demons Of The PunjabProduction Coordinator
Kerblam!Production Coordinator
The WitchfindersProduction Coordinator
It Takes You AwayProduction Coordinator
The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosProduction Coordinator
2019ResolutionProduction Coordinator
2020Spyfall: Part OneProduction Coordinator
Spyfall: Part TwoProduction Coordinator
Orphan 55Production Coordinator
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorProduction Coordinator
Fugitive of the JudoonProduction Coordinator
PraxeusProduction Coordinator
Can You Hear Me?Production Coordinator
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiProduction Coordinator
Ascension of the CybermenProduction Coordinator
The Timeless ChildrenProduction Coordinator
2021Revolution of the DaleksProduction Coordinator
The Halloween Apocalypse: Flux: Chapter OneProduction Coordinator
War of The Sontarans: Flux: Chapter TwoProduction Coordinator
Once, Upon Time: Flux: Chapter ThreeProduction Coordinator
Village of the Angels: Flux: Chapter FourProduction Coordinator
Survivors of the Flux: Flux: Chapter FiveProduction Coordinator
The Vanquishers: Flux: Chapter SixProduction Coordinator
2022Eve Of The DaleksProduction Coordinator
Legend Of The Sea DevilsProduction Coordinator
The Power of the DoctorProduction Coordinator
2023The Star BeastProduction Coordinator
Wild Blue YonderProduction Coordinator
The GiggleProduction Coordinator
The Church On Ruby RoadProduction Coordinator
2024Space BabiesProduction Coordinator
The Devil's ChordProduction Coordinator
BoomProduction Coordinator