Penny Howarth

Last updated 17 July 2013

Penny Howarth has worked on
Doctor Who 103 episodes
Torchwood 2 episodes
The Sarah Jane Adventures 1 episodes

Production Credits
2005The Christmas InvasionProp Maker
2006New EarthProp Maker
Tooth and ClawProp Maker
School ReunionProp Maker
The Girl in the FireplaceProp Maker
Rise of the CybermenProp Maker
The Age of SteelProp Maker
The Idiot's LanternProp Maker
The Impossible PlanetProp Maker
Love & MonstersProp Maker
Fear HerProp Maker
Army of GhostsProp Maker
DoomsdayProp Maker
Torchwood: Everything ChangesProps Maker
Torchwood: Ghost MachineProps Maker
2007The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the BaneProps Maker
The Shakespeare CodeProps Maker
Daleks in ManhattanProps Maker
The Lazarus ExperimentProps Maker
Human NatureProp Maker
BlinkProps Maker
The Sound of DrumsProps Maker
Voyage of the DamnedProps Maker
2008Planet of the OodProps Maker
The Poison SkyProps Maker
Forest of the DeadProps Maker
MidnightProps Maker
Turn LeftChief Props Maker
The Stolen EarthChief Props Maker
2010The Eleventh HourProps Maker
The Beast BelowProps Maker
Victory of the DaleksProps Maker
The Time of AngelsProps Maker
Flesh and StoneProps Maker
The Vampires of VeniceProps Maker
Amy's ChoiceProps Maker
The Hungry EarthProps Maker
Cold BloodProps Maker
Vincent and the DoctorProps Maker
The LodgerProps Maker
The Pandorica OpensProps Maker
The Big BangProps Maker
A Christmas CarolProps Maker
2011The Impossible AstronautProps Maker
Day of the MoonProps Maker
The Curse of the Black SpotProps Maker
The Doctor's WifeProps Maker
The Rebel FleshProps Maker
The Almost PeopleProps Maker
A Good Man Goes to WarProps Maker
Let's Kill HitlerProps Maker
Night TerrorsProps Maker
The Girl Who WaitedProps Maker
The God ComplexProps Maker
Closing TimeProps Maker
The Wedding of River SongProps Maker
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeProps Maker
2012Asylum of the DaleksProps Maker
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipProps Maker
A Town Called MercyProps Maker
The Power Of ThreeProps Maker
The Angels Take ManhattanProps Maker
The SnowmenProps Maker
2013The Bells of Saint JohnProps Maker
The Rings of AkhatenProps Maker
Cold WarProps Maker
HideProps Maker
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISProps Maker
The Crimson HorrorProps Maker
Nightmare in SilverProps Maker
The Name of the DoctorProps Maker
2018The Woman Who Fell to EarthProp Fabrication
The Ghost MonumentProp Fabrication
RosaProp Fabrication
Arachnids In The UKProp Fabrication
The Tsuranga ConundrumProp Fabrication
Demons Of The PunjabProp Fabrication
Kerblam!Prop Fabrication
The WitchfindersProp Fabrication
It Takes You AwayProp Fabrication
The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosProp Fabrication
2019ResolutionProp Fabrication
2020Spyfall: Part OneProp Fabrication
Spyfall: Part TwoProp Fabrication
Orphan 55Prop Fabrication
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorProp Fabrication
Fugitive of the JudoonProp Fabrication
PraxeusProp Fabrication
Can You Hear Me?Prop Fabrication
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiProp Fabrication
Ascension of the CybermenProp Fabrication
The Timeless ChildrenProp Fabrication
2021Revolution of the DaleksProp Fabrication
The Halloween Apocalypse: Flux: Chapter OneModelmaker
War of The Sontarans: Flux: Chapter TwoModelmaker
Once, Upon Time: Flux: Chapter ThreeModelmaker
Village of the Angels: Flux: Chapter FourModelmaker
Survivors of the Flux: Flux: Chapter FiveModelmaker
The Vanquishers: Flux: Chapter SixModelmaker
2022Eve Of The DaleksModelmaker
Legend Of The Sea DevilsModelmaker
The Power of the DoctorModelmaker
2023The Star BeastModeller
Wild Blue YonderModeller
The GiggleModeller
The Church On Ruby RoadModeller