Props Maker

Last updated 28 March 2020

Props Maker has been credited in:
88 episodes of Doctor Who
3 episodes of Torchwood
1 episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures

2006Torchwood: Everything Changes (as Specialist Props Maker)Mark Cordory
Torchwood: Everything ChangesPenny Howarth
Torchwood: Day One (as Specialist Props Maker)Mark Cordory
Torchwood: Day OneNicholas Robatto
Torchwood: Ghost Machine (as Specialist Props Maker)Mark Cordory
Torchwood: Ghost MachinePenny Howarth
The Runaway BrideBarry Jones
2007The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the BanePenny Howarth
The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the BaneNicholas Robatto
The Shakespeare CodePenny Howarth
The Shakespeare CodeMark Cordory
The Shakespeare CodeNicholas Robatto
Daleks in Manhattan
Daleks in ManhattanPenny Howarth
Daleks in ManhattanMark Cordory
The Lazarus ExperimentNicholas Robatto
The Lazarus ExperimentPenny Howarth
The Lazarus ExperimentMark Cordory
BlinkPenny Howarth
BlinkNicholas Robatto
The Sound of Drums
The Sound of DrumsPenny Howarth
Voyage of the Damned
2008Partners in CrimeNicholas Robatto
The Fires of PompeiiJon Grundon
Planet of the OodPenny Howarth
The Sontaran StratagemNicholas Robatto
The Poison SkyPenny Howarth
The Doctor's DaughterNicholas Robatto
The Unicorn and the WaspJon Grundon
Silence in the LibraryNicholas Robatto
Forest of the DeadPenny Howarth
Turn LeftNicholas Robatto
2010The Eleventh Hour
The Eleventh HourPenny Howarth
The Beast BelowNicholas Robatto
The Beast BelowPenny Howarth
Victory of the DaleksNicholas Robatto
Victory of the DaleksPenny Howarth
The Time of AngelsNicholas Robatto
The Time of AngelsPenny Howarth
Flesh and StoneNicholas Robatto
Flesh and StonePenny Howarth
The Vampires of Venice
The Vampires of VeniceNicholas Robatto
Amy's Choice
Amy's ChoicePenny Howarth
The Hungry Earth
The Hungry EarthNicholas Robatto
Cold Blood
Cold BloodPenny Howarth
Vincent and the Doctor
Vincent and the DoctorNicholas Robatto
The Lodger
The LodgerPenny Howarth
The Pandorica OpensNicholas Robatto
The Pandorica OpensPenny Howarth
The Big BangNicholas Robatto
The Big BangPenny Howarth
A Christmas Carol
2011The Impossible AstronautNicholas Robatto
The Impossible AstronautPenny Howarth
Day of the MoonNicholas Robatto
Day of the MoonPenny Howarth
The Curse of the Black Spot
The Curse of the Black SpotNicholas Robatto
The Curse of the Black SpotAlan Hardy
The Doctor's WifePenny Howarth
The Doctor's WifeNicholas Robatto
The Rebel Flesh
The Rebel FleshPenny Howarth
The Almost People
The Almost PeopleNicholas Robatto
A Good Man Goes to WarAlan Hardy
A Good Man Goes to WarPenny Howarth
A Good Man Goes to WarNicholas Robatto
Let's Kill Hitler
Let's Kill HitlerPenny Howarth
Night Terrors
Night TerrorsNicholas Robatto
The Girl Who WaitedAlan Hardy
The Girl Who WaitedPenny Howarth
The Girl Who WaitedNicholas Robatto
The God ComplexAlan Hardy
The God ComplexPenny Howarth
The God ComplexNicholas Robatto
Closing Time
Closing TimePenny Howarth
The Wedding of River SongAlan Hardy
The Wedding of River SongNicholas Robatto
The Wedding of River SongPenny Howarth
The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeNicholas Robatto
2012Asylum of the DaleksPenny Howarth
Asylum of the DaleksAlan Hardy
Asylum of the DaleksJamie Thomas
Asylum of the DaleksTom Belton
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipPenny Howarth
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipAlan Hardy
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipJamie Thomas
A Town Called MercyPenny Howarth
A Town Called MercyAlan Hardy
A Town Called MercyJamie Thomas
The Power Of ThreePenny Howarth
The Power Of ThreeAlan Hardy
The Power Of ThreeJamie Thomas
The Angels Take ManhattanAlan Hardy
The Angels Take ManhattanJamie Thomas
The Angels Take ManhattanPenny Howarth
The SnowmenJamie Thomas
The SnowmenPenny Howarth
The SnowmenAlan Hardy
2013The Bells of Saint JohnPenny Howarth
The Bells of Saint JohnAlan Hardy
The Rings of Akhaten
The Rings of AkhatenPenny Howarth
Cold WarAlan Hardy
Cold WarPenny Howarth
Cold WarJamie Thomas
HideAlan Hardy
HidePenny Howarth
HideJamie Thomas
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISAlan Hardy
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISPenny Howarth
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISJamie Thomas
The Crimson HorrorPenny Howarth
The Crimson HorrorAlan Hardy
Nightmare in SilverPenny Howarth
Nightmare in SilverAlan Hardy
The Name of the Doctor
The Name of the DoctorPenny Howarth
The Day of The DoctorJamie Thomas
The Day of The DoctorAlan Hardy
The Time of the Doctor
The Time of the DoctorJamie Thomas
2014Deep Breath
Deep BreathAlan Hardy
Into the Dalek
Into the DalekJamie Thomas
Robot Of Sherwood
Robot Of SherwoodAlan Hardy
ListenJamie Thomas
Time HeistAlan Hardy
Time HeistJamie Thomas
The CaretakerAlan Hardy
The CaretakerJamie Thomas
Kill The MoonAlan Hardy
Kill The MoonJamie Thomas
Mummy On The Orient ExpressAlan Hardy
Mummy On The Orient ExpressJamie Thomas
FlatlineAlan Hardy
In The Forest Of The Night
In The Forest Of The NightJamie Thomas
Dark WaterAlan Hardy
Dark WaterJamie Thomas
Death in HeavenAlan Hardy
Death in HeavenJamie Thomas
Last ChristmasAlan Hardy
Last ChristmasJamie Thomas
2015The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's ApprenticeAlan Hardy
The Witch's FamiliarJamie Thomas
The Witch's FamiliarAlan Hardy
Under the LakeJamie Farrell
Under the LakeAlan Hardy
Under the LakeJamie Thomas
Under the LakePaul Lynch
Before The Flood
Before The FloodAlan Hardy
Before The FloodJamie Farrell
Before The FloodJamie Thomas
The Girl Who Died
The Girl Who DiedAlan Hardy
The Woman Who Lived
The Woman Who LivedJamie Thomas
The Zygon InvasionAlan Hardy
The Zygon InvasionJamie Thomas
The Zygon Inversion
The Zygon InversionAlan Hardy
Sleep No More
Sleep No MoreJamie Thomas
Face The Raven
Face The RavenAlan Hardy
Heaven Sent
Heaven SentJamie Thomas
Hell Bent
Hell BentAlan Hardy
The Husbands of River Song
The Husbands of River SongJamie Thomas