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The Age of Steel

The Age of Steel

Series Episode Number: 716

World Premiere: Sat 20 May 2006 - 6:38pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Fri 3 Nov 2006 - 8:00pm EST [SyFy: East Coast Feed]
Running Time: 45 minutes 50 seconds

7.64 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 86 (UK)

Audience Share: 37.79% (UK)
Chart Position: 15 () (UK)

Recorded on Tue 01 Nov 2005 in Unit Q2 at these locations

The Cybermen take control of London and start converting the populace. It looks like even the Doctor is beaten...

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorDavid Tennant
Rose TylerBillie Piper
Jackie TylerCamille Coduri
Mickey SmithNoel Clarke
Pete TylerShaun Dingwall
John LumicRoger Lloyd Pack
Jake SimmondsAndrew Hayden-Smith
Mrs MooreHelen Griffin
Mr. CraneColin Spaull
Newsreader 1Duncan Duff
Cyber LeaderPaul Kasey
Cybermen's voiceNicholas Briggs
Ricky SmithNoel Clarke (uncredited)
Stunt Driving Double for Mrs MooreDerek Lea
Stunt CybermenJames O'Dee
Stunts PerformerShelly Benson
CybermanRuari Mears (uncredited)
CybermanNatascha Mortee (uncredited)
PasserbyLola Alexander (uncredited)
PasserbyOleg Kozhanov (uncredited)
PasserbyOakwell Muldoon (uncredited)
PasserbyGavin Cromwell (uncredited)
CrowdRobert Cowes (uncredited)
CrowdDaniel Blacker (uncredited)
CrowdJim Fox (uncredited)
CrowdAlan Wren (uncredited)
Rita-Anne SmithMona Hammond (uncredited)
CrowdGemma Whitmore (uncredited)
SoldierAndrew Ufondo (uncredited)
CrowdLamorna Waters (uncredited)
CybermanKevin Wickenden (uncredited)
CrowdSam Williams (uncredited)
Crowdlain Hampton (uncredited)
CybermanKarl Greenwood (uncredited)
CrowdFiona Hepburn (uncredited)
CrowdRuth Armstrong (uncredited)
CrowdJacqueline Morris (uncredited)
CrowdLaure Binnie (uncredited)
CrowdClaudio Laurini (uncredited)
CrowdBrian Bowen (uncredited)
CrowdAlison Clist (uncredited)
CrowdSadie Reid (uncredited)
CrowdAlistair Wood (uncredited)
CrowdBenedict Carter (uncredited)
CrowdEuneta Waithe (uncredited)
CrowdCheryl Rowlands (uncredited)
CrowdStacy Wallace (uncredited)
CrowdColum Sanson Regan (uncredited)
CrowdJeremy Harvey (uncredited)
CrowdDamian Attwell (uncredited)
CrowdGary Devonish (uncredited)
CrowdClaire Bonham (uncredited)
CrowdSian Gunney (uncredited)
CrowdAnthony Brookes (uncredited)
CrowdGary O'Brian (uncredited)
CrowdNia Collier (uncredited)
CrowdFionnula Rochford (uncredited)
CybermanGethin Jones (uncredited)
CrowdLaura Meredith (uncredited)
CrowdJessica Mears (uncredited)
CrowdKate Constance (uncredited)
CrowdBabette Lhospice (uncredited)
CrowdDertinder Regazzoli (uncredited)
CrowdDeita Hubbard (uncredited)
CrowdChelsea Whately (uncredited)
CrowdBecky Barrell (uncredited)
CrowdSelena Wilcox (uncredited)
CrowdSain Struel (uncredited)
CrowdJade Laing (uncredited)
CrowdCath Cornforth (uncredited)
CrowdJoanne Symon (uncredited)
CrowdEmma Raine Walker (uncredited)
CrowdJohanna Moon (uncredited)
CrowdAnita Rice (uncredited)
CrowdNatalie Cuzner (uncredited)
CrowdKirsty Alderton (uncredited)
CrowdSimon Clancy (uncredited)
CrowdJames Young (uncredited)
CrowdMalcolm Orr (uncredited)
CrowdJeff Clark (uncredited)
CrowdKwesi Gepi Attee (uncredited)
CrowdWayne Closier (uncredited)
CrowdElliot Curtis (uncredited)
CrowdDerek Appau (uncredited)
CrowdKevin Pugsley (uncredited)
CrowdJames Emtage (uncredited)
CrowdAlan Paget (uncredited)
CrowdGraham O'Malley (uncredited)
CrowdMatthew John (uncredited)
CrowdMatthew Cox (uncredited)
CrowdMatthew Goddard (uncredited)
CrowdPhil Jarrett (uncredited)
CrowdCharlie Rose (uncredited)
Double for Mickey/RickyCleve Berarey (uncredited)
Lumic GuardSimon Davey (uncredited)
Lumic GuardMichael Green (uncredited)
CrowdKyle Davies (uncredited)
CrowdMike Mills (uncredited)
CrowdHoward Hill (uncredited)
CrowdEmily Moore (uncredited)
CrowdNikki Clews (uncredited)
CrowdSimon Clews (uncredited)
CrowdPhil Beale (uncredited)
CrowdAlain Glet (uncredited)
CrowdAndy Watts (uncredited)
CrowdWarren Johnson (uncredited)
CrowdKatie Lewis (uncredited)
CrowdRichard Oxenham (uncredited)
CrowdJustin Claridge (uncredited)
CrowdAnthony Moulton (uncredited)
CrowdDurine Howell (uncredited)
CrowdHeidi Hollis (uncredited)
CrowdHelen Lennox (uncredited)
CrowdAnna Rudolph (uncredited)
CrowdAimee Dewitt (uncredited)
CrowdDarpan Kaur (uncredited)
CrowdHolly Surman (uncredited)
CrowdToni Rice (uncredited)
CrowdRebecca Evans (uncredited)
CrowdGayle Lewis (uncredited)
CrowdJennifer Pierce (uncredited)
CrowdClaire Pennington (uncredited)
CrowdJason Parkes (uncredited)
CrowdGenevieve Swift (uncredited)
CrowdKevin Hollis (uncredited)
Stunt CybercontrollerPaul Kennington (uncredited)
ADRStephen Bracken-Keogh (uncredited)
ADRPaula Keogh (uncredited)
ADRPaul Ganney (uncredited)
ADRWendi Sheard (uncredited)
ADRNicholas Wilkes (uncredited)
ADRHannah Welch (uncredited)
ADRVernon Keeble-Watson (uncredited)
ADRLindsay Hollingsworth (uncredited)
Production Team
WriterTom MacRae
DirectorGraeme Harper
ProducerPhil Collinson
Executive ProducerRussell T Davies
Executive ProducerJulie Gardner
Associate ProducerHelen Vallis
Production ManagerTracie Simpson
Director of PhotographyErnie Vincze BSC
Production DesignerEdward Thomas
EditorDavid Cresswell
ProstheticsNeill Gorton
Prosthetics Millennium FX
Special Effects Any Effects
Visual Effects SupervisorDave Houghton
Visual Effects ProducerWill Cohen
Visual Effects Designer The Mill
Incidental MusicMurray Gold
Make-up DesignerSheelagh Wells
Costume DesignerLouise Page
Sound RecordistSimon Fraser
Production AccountantEndaf Emyr Williams
Casting DirectorAndy Pryor CDG
Title MusicRon Grainer
With thanks to BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Cybermen created byKit Pedler
Cybermen created byGerry Davis
With thanks toMark Platt
First Assistant DirectorClare Nicholson
Second Assistant DirectorSteffan Morris
Third Assistant DirectorLynsey Muir
Location ManagerLowri Thomas
Location ManagerGareth Skelding
Unit ManagerRhys Griffiths
Production CoordinatorJess van Niekerk
Production/Script SecretaryClaire Roberts
Production RunnerTim Hodges
A/Production AccountantDebi Griffiths
A/Production AccountantKath Blackman
A/Production AccountantBonnie Clissold
ContinuityNon Eleri Hughes
Script EditorHelen Raynor
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Boom OperatorBryn Thomas
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Asst Supervising Art DirectorJames North
Design AssistantAl Roberts
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Design AssistantPeter McKinstry
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Post Production SupervisorChris Blatchford
Post Production CoordinatorMarie Brown
Dubbing MixerTim Ricketts
Sound EditorPaul McFadden
Sound EditorDoug Sinclair
Sound FX EditorPaul Jefferies
Finance ManagerRichard Pugsley
Co-Producer Canadian Broadcasting Corporation