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The Idiot's Lantern

The Idiot's Lantern

Series Episode Number: 717

World Premiere: Sat 27 May 2006 - 7:00pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Fri 10 Nov 2006 - 8:00pm EST [SyFy: East Coast Feed]
Running Time: 45 minutes 10 seconds

6.76 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 84 (UK)

Audience Share: 33.4% (UK)
Chart Position: 18 () (UK)

Recorded on Tue 07 Feb 2006 in Unit Q2 at these locations

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorDavid Tennant
Rose TylerBillie Piper
The WireMaureen Lipman CBE
Mr. MagpieRon Cook
Eddie ConnollyJamie Foreman
Rita ConnollyDebra Gillett
TommyRory Jennings
Grandma ConnollyMargaret John
Detective Inspector BishopSam Cox
CrabtreeIeuan Rhys
Aunt BettyJean Challis
Security GuardChristopher Driscoll
Mrs GallagherMarie Lewis
Stunt Double for the DoctorGordon Seed
Stunt Double for ThugSteve Griffin
Stunt Double for CrabtreeRocky Taylor
Stunt Double for The DoctorRay De-Haan
Stunt Double for Rose TylerSarah Franzl
Bus DriverIan Barlow (uncredited)
Riding Double for the DoctorMartyn Darby (uncredited)
Riding Double for Rose TylerToni Rice (uncredited)
Mr GallagherJohn Jenner (uncredited)
ThugJason Stevens (uncredited)
Bishops DriverDominic Kynaston (uncredited)
DadPaul Starsky (uncredited)
LocalJohn Dignam (uncredited)
LocalTom Boulding (uncredited)
LocalPaul Starsky (uncredited)
LocalJoanna Brown (uncredited)
LocalLesley Dring (uncredited)
LocalJason Hayes (uncredited)
LocalPhillipa Burt (uncredited)
Localjo Dibble (uncredited)
Riding Double for The DoctorPat Deacy (uncredited)
DriverBrian Winstone (uncredited)
DriverGraham Jones (uncredited)
Market WorkerGareth Long (uncredited)
Market WorkerTrevor Payne (uncredited)
Stunt Double for Grandma ConnollyDave Forman (uncredited)
Double for Grandma ConnollyJohn Jenner (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdDominic Mancienne (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdRichard Mancienne (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdDebbie Reid (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdNatasha Mottee (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdVincent Warltire (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdDamiem Mantoulan (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdDayve Dean (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdChris Richards (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdJames McLeod (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdRichard Knott (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdStuart Dorrance (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdGregg Bennett (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdAdam Chilvers (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdLynsey Muir (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdWendy Hobbs (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdAnita Rice (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdAnna Rudolph (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdSuzanne Burgess (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdDiane Dawson (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdKaren Dorrance (uncredited)
Faceless CrowdCatherine Olding (uncredited)
Rita's SisterLiz Edney (uncredited)
Rita's Brother-in-lawDai Murphy (uncredited)
Rita's NephewChristian Byard (uncredited)
Rita's CousinSimon Howells (uncredited)
Rita's Cousins WifeKaty Finbar (uncredited)
Uncle JohnRichard Randall (uncredited)
ChildLara Phillipart (uncredited)
ChildConner Edwards (uncredited)
LocalSimon Challis (uncredited)
LocalLevi James (uncredited)
LocalAnthony Churchill (uncredited)
LocalEryl Vaughan (uncredited)
LocalAnnisia (uncredited)
LocalNatalie Danks-Smith (uncredited)
White KidChris Jenkins (uncredited)
White KidJordan Struel (uncredited)
Studio StaffBehnaz Akghar (uncredited)
Studio StaffDixie Dickenson (uncredited)
Studio StaffGareth Gethin Evans (uncredited)
Studio StaffAndy Mayo (uncredited)
Studio StaffAlex Ford Robertson (uncredited)
Party GuestsDominic Mancienne (uncredited)
Party GuestsRichard Mancienne (uncredited)
Party GuestsMarium Mundy (uncredited)
Party GuestsNatasha Mottee (uncredited)
Party GuestsVincent Warltire (uncredited)
Party GuestsChris Richards (uncredited)
Party GuestsDayve Dean (uncredited)
Party GuestsWayne Closier (uncredited)
Party GuestsJames McLeod (uncredited)
Party GuestsRichard Knott (uncredited)
Party GuestsStuart Dorrance (uncredited)
Party GuestsGregg Bennett (uncredited)
Party GuestsAdam Chilvers (uncredited)
Party GuestsWendy Hobbs (uncredited)
Party GuestsAnita Rice (uncredited)
Party GuestsAnn Marie Hollyoake (uncredited)
Party GuestsKaren Swan (uncredited)
Party GuestsDiane Dawson (uncredited)
Party GuestsKaren Dorrance (uncredited)
Party GuestsCatherine Olding (uncredited)
Party GuestsKenesha Brown (uncredited)
Party GuestsPaul Lofts (uncredited)
Party GuestsSuzanne Burgess (uncredited)
Party GuestsJoanna Crozier (uncredited)
Party KidsCasey McDonald (uncredited)
Party KidsIndia Davies (uncredited)
Party KidsUnknown (uncredited)
Party KidsChris Jenkins (uncredited)
Party KidsJordan White (uncredited)
Party Kidslack Walker (uncredited)
ADRPaula Keogh (uncredited)
ADRNicholas Cater (uncredited)
ADRHannah Welch (uncredited)
ADRLindsay Hollingsworth (uncredited)
ADRDaryl Adcock (uncredited)
ADRStephen Bracken-Keogh (uncredited)
Production Team
WriterMark Gatiss
DirectorEuros Lyn
ProducerPhil Collinson
Executive ProducerRussell T Davies
Executive ProducerJulie Gardner
Production ManagerMarcus Prince
Director of PhotographyRory Taylor
Production DesignerEdward Thomas
EditorCrispin Green
ProstheticsNeill Gorton
Prosthetics Millennium FX
Special Effects Any Effects
Visual Effects SupervisorDave Houghton
Visual Effects ProducerWill Cohen
Visual Effects Designer The Mill
Incidental MusicMurray Gold
Make-up DesignerSheelagh Wells
Costume DesignerLouise Page
Sound RecordistSimon Fraser
Production AccountantEndaf Emyr Williams
Casting DirectorAndy Pryor CDG
Title MusicRon Grainer
With thanks to BBC National Orchestra of Wales
First Assistant DirectorPeter Bennett
Second Assistant DirectorSteffan Morris
Third Assistant DirectorLynsey Muir
Location ManagerGareth Lloyd
Unit ManagerRhys Griffiths
Production CoordinatorJess van Niekerk
Production/Script SecretaryClaire Roberts
Production RunnerSarah Davies
A/Production AccountantDebi Griffiths
A/Production AccountantKath Blackman
ContinuityNon Eleri Hughes
Script EditorSimon Winstone
Focus PullerSteve Rees
GripJohn Robinson
Boom OperatorJeff Welch
GafferMark Hutchings
Best BoyPeter Chester
Stunt coordinatorDave Forman
Supervising Art DirectorStephen Nicholas
Art Dept Production ManagerJonathan Marquand Allison
Standby Art DirectorLee Gammon
Asst Supervising Art DirectorJames North
Design AssistantAl Roberts
Design AssistantPeter McKinstry
Standby PropsPhil Shellard
Standby PropsMatthew North
Set DecoratorDavid Morison
Property MasterAdrian Anscombe
Production BuyerJoelle Rumbelow
Assistant Props MasterPaul Aitken
Props ChargehandPhil Lyons
Props StoremanStuart Wooddisse
Specialist Prop MakerMark Cordory
Prop MakerPenny Howarth
Construction ManagerMatthew Hywel-Davies
Construction ChargehandAllen Jones
Storyboard ArtistShaun Williams
Graphics BBC Wales Graphics
Costume SupervisorAnna Lau
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Make-Up ArtistAnwen Davies
Make-Up ArtistSteve Smith
Make-Up ArtistMoira Thomson
Prosthetics SupervisorRob Mayor
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Prosthetics TechnicianMartin Rezard
Special Effects CoordinatorBen Ashmore
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3D ArtistChris Petts
Digital Matte ArtistIlyas Phelan
Visual Effects CoordinatorKim Phelan
Dubbing MixerTim Ricketts
Sound EditorPaul McFadden
Sound EditorDoug Sinclair
Sound FX EditorPaul Jefferies
Finance ManagerRichard Pugsley
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