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Voyage of the Damned

Voyage of the Damned

Series Episode Number: 738

World Premiere: Tue 25 Dec 2007 - 6:51pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Fri 18 Apr 2008 - 8:30pm EDT [SyFy: East Coast Feed]
Running Time: 71 minutes 50 seconds

13.31 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 85 (UK)

Audience Share: 51.6% (UK)
Chart Position: 2 () (UK)

Recorded on Fri 13 Jul 2007 in Upper Boat Studios at these locations

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorDavid Tennant
AstridKylie Minogue
Captain HardakerGeoffrey Palmer
Midshipman Alonso FrameRussell Tovey
Max CapricornGeorge Costigan
Rickston SladeGray O'Brien
Chief StewardAndrew Havill
EngineerBruce Lawrence
Foon Van HoffDebbie Chazen
Morvin Van HoffClive Rowe
Bayldon CopperClive Swift
BannakaffalattaJimmy Vee
Wilfred MottBernard Cribbins
HimselfNicholas Witchell
The HostPaul Kasey
Kitchen HandStefan Davis
NewsreaderJason Mohammad
Alien VoiceColin McFarlane
Alien VoiceEwan BaileyInfo
Voice of the QueenJessica Martin
StuntsStephanie Carey
Stunt double for AstridDanielle Da Costa
Stunt HostJason Hunjan
Stunt Double for The DoctorMark Archer (uncredited)
Stunt Double for The DoctorGordon Seed (uncredited)
Teleporting GuestsAndy Jones (uncredited)
Teleporting GuestsLucy Hassan (uncredited)
Teleporting GuestsSharon Lee (uncredited)
GuestToby Lappet (uncredited)
GuestCraig Rogers (uncredited)
GuestPina Harrington (uncredited)
GuestDertinder Regazzoli (uncredited)
GuestAlice Mundy (uncredited)
GuestAmber Eastwood (uncredited)
ReceptionistClare Philips (uncredited)
ReceptionistSonal Mamta (uncredited)
StewardDale Ibbetson (uncredited)
StewardPeter Sheward (uncredited)
WaiterJames D Bartlett (uncredited)
HostRuari Mears (uncredited)
HostKen Hosking (uncredited)
Main StewardClaudio Laurini (uncredited)
Bridge CrewAndy Elvin (uncredited)
Bridge CrewIan Darlington (uncredited)
Bridge CrewJohn Sulivan (uncredited)
Bridge CrewRoger Shepherd (uncredited)
HostAdam Sweet (uncredited)
HostKarl Greenwood (uncredited)
StewardAnthony Carpenter (uncredited)
StewardAshley Roberts (uncredited)
WaiterTat Wa Lay (uncredited)
WaiterTobias Samuels (uncredited)
CroupierSteve Humphry (uncredited)
CroupierDavid Stock (uncredited)
SingerYamit Mamo (uncredited)
Double BassPaula Gardener (uncredited)
PianoBen Foster (uncredited)
DrumsGethin Jones (uncredited)
GuitarMurray Gold (uncredited)
SaxMark O'Connor (uncredited)
Guest (Handsome Man)Chester Durrant (uncredited)
Guest (Posh Woman)Rachel Anthony (uncredited)
Guest (Posh Boyfriend)Giles Clayden (uncredited)
Guest (Glamorous Man)Nathan Head (uncredited)
Guests (Beautiful Lady)Joanne McCallin (uncredited)
Guests (Beautiful Lady)Tenisha White (uncredited)
GuestMark Ashmore (uncredited)
GuestAdele Houghton (uncredited)
GuestSusan Morgan (uncredited)
GuestRichard Greatorex (uncredited)
GuestDavid Newton (uncredited)
GuestGareth McCall (uncredited)
GuestRichard Daniels (uncredited)
GuestIan Richardson (uncredited)
GuestMatt Kid (uncredited)
GuestVai On Ho (uncredited)
GuestRichard Oxenham (uncredited)
GuestJohn Shepherd (uncredited)
GuestRichard Knott (uncredited)
GuestGiles Clayden (uncredited)
GuestDarren Clarke (uncredited)
GuestKristian Arthur (uncredited)
GuestLewis D'shay (uncredited)
GuestAmy Yates (uncredited)
GuestHarriet Robinson (uncredited)
GuestDawn Hubbard (uncredited)
GuestCharlotte Mahoney (uncredited)
GuestGail Anne Felton (uncredited)
GuestSally Martin (uncredited)
GuestCherie Hamilton (uncredited)
GuestElizabeth Ngero (uncredited)
GuestLaura Marklew (uncredited)
GuestClare Webber (uncredited)
GuestJane Head (uncredited)
GuestEmma Raine Walker (uncredited)
GuestJuliet Catton (uncredited)
GuestJoanna Bell (uncredited)
GuestMaddy Read (uncredited)
EngineerDerris Ewers (uncredited)
Forklift DriverMatt Wild (uncredited)
StewardCraig Palmer (confirmed)
WorkerCee Jay Josephs (confirmed)
WorkerWilson Rogers (confirmed)
Stunt ReceptionistStephanie Carey (uncredited)
GuestRussell Hawkins (uncredited)
GuestMartin Williamson (uncredited)
GuestDoug Kirby (uncredited)
GuestJohn Michael Stuart (uncredited)
GuestOliver Hopkins (uncredited)
GuestHayley Jones (uncredited)
GuestCatrin O'Neil (uncredited)
GuestAleta Morgan (uncredited)
GuestNatascha Motee (uncredited)
GuestMelanie Cross (uncredited)
StewardAdam Harrington (uncredited)
GuestZac Bauman (uncredited)
GuestDertinder Regazzoli (uncredited)
GuestHeddi-Joy Taylor-Welch (uncredited)
Kitchen StaffDaffyd Gough (uncredited)
Kitchen StaffJames Mustoe (uncredited)
Kitchen StaffSamantha Starr (uncredited)
Kitchen StaffSimon M Thomas (uncredited)
Kitchen StaffJason Yip (uncredited)
Double for The DoctorColum Sanson Regan (uncredited)
Double for Morvin Van HoffGerald Sleith (uncredited)
HostJon Davey (uncredited)
Stunt EngineerDean Forster (uncredited)
Stunt HostDean Forster (uncredited)
The QueenAngharad Baxter (uncredited)Info
FootmanDuncan McLaurie (uncredited)
FootmanAdam Chilvers (uncredited)
ADRDaryl Adcock (uncredited)
ADRStephen Bracken-Keogh (uncredited)
ADRHannah Welch (uncredited)
ADRNicholas Wilkes (uncredited)
ADREmma Feeney (uncredited)
ADRJane S R Kyle-Hunt (uncredited)
ADRPaul Sparrowham (uncredited)
ADRLindsay Hollingsworth (uncredited)
ADRWendi Sheard (uncredited)
ADRPaul Ganney (uncredited)
Production Team
WriterRussell T Davies
DirectorJames Strong
ProducerPhil Collinson
Executive ProducerRussell T Davies
Executive ProducerJulie Gardner
Production ManagerTracie Simpson
Director of PhotographyErnie Vincze BSC
Production DesignerEdward Thomas
EditorMike Jones
Prosthetics Millennium FX
Special Effects Any Effects
Visual Effects The Mill
Visual Effects ProducerWill Cohen
Visual Effects ProducerMarie Jones
Visual Effects SupervisorDave Houghton
Incidental MusicMurray Gold
Make-up DesignerBarbara Southcott
Costume DesignerLouise Page
Sound RecordistJulian Howarth
Production AccountantOliver Ager
Production ExecutiveJulie Scott
Casting DirectorAndy Pryor CDG
Title MusicRon Grainer
With thanks to BBC National Orchestra of Wales
First Assistant DirectorPeter Bennett
Second Assistant DirectorJennie Fava
Third Assistant DirectorSarah Davies
Location ManagerGareth Skelding
Unit ManagerRhys Griffiths
Production CoordinatorJess van Niekerk
Production SecretaryKevin Myers
Production AssistantDebi Griffiths
Production RunnerNicola Brown
Floor RunnerHeddi-Joy Taylor
DriverWayne Humphreys
DriverDarren Leen
Contracts AssistantBethan Britton
ContinuitySheila Johnston
Script EditorBrian Minchin
Camera OperatorJulian Barber
Focus PullerSteve Rees
GripJohn Robinson
Boom OperatorJeff Welch
GafferMark Hutchings
Best BoyPeter Chester
Stunt coordinatorTom Lucy
ChoreographerAilsa Berk
Chief Supervising Art DirectorStephen Nicholas
Art Dept Production ManagerJonathan Marquand Allison
Supervising Art DirectorArwel Wyn Jones
Associate DesignerJames North
Art Department CoordinatorAnna Coote
Set DecoratorTristan Peatfield
Props BuyerJoelle Rumbelow
Standby Art DirectorRebecca Hemy
Design AssistantPeter McKinstry
Storyboard ArtistShaun Williams
Standby PropsPhil Shellard
Standby PropsPatrick Deacy
Standby CarpenterWill Pope
Standby PainterEllen Woods
Standby RiggerKeith Rigger
Props MasterPhil Lyons
Chief Props MakerBarry Jones
Props MakerPenny Howarth
Construction ManagerMatthew Hywel-Davies
Senic ArtistJohn Whalley
Senic ArtistAllen Jones
Graphics BBC Wales Graphics
Assistant Costume DesignerRose Goodhart
Costume SupervisorLindsay Bonaccorsi
Costume AssistantBarbara Harrington
Make-Up ArtistPam Mullins
Make-Up ArtistMorag Smith
Make-Up ArtistJohn Munro
Casting AssociateAndy Brierley
Visual Effects EditorCeres Doyle
Assistant EditorCarmen Roberts
Post Production SupervisorSamantha Hall
Post Production SupervisorChris Blatchford
Post Production CoordinatorMarie Brown
Special FX CoordinatorBen Ashmore
Special FX SupervisorDanny Hargreaves
Prosthetics DesignerNeill Gorton
Prosthetics SupervisorRob Mayor
Online EditorMatthew Clarke
ColouristMick Vincent
3D ArtistJean-Claude Deguara
3D ArtistNicolas Hernandez
3D ArtistNick Webber
3D ArtistNeil Roche
3D ArtistAndy Guest
3D ArtistBruce Magroune
3D ArtistMatt McKinney
3D ArtistMark Wallman
3D ArtistJeff North
2D ArtistSara Bennett
2D ArtistRussell Horth
2D ArtistBryan Bartlett
2D ArtistGreg Spencer
2D ArtistArianna Lago
2D ArtistSimon C Holden
2D ArtistIsobel Barber
Digital Matte PainterSimon Wicker
Visual Effects CoordinatorJenna Powell
Visual Effects CoordinatorRebecca Johnson
Visual Effects Production AssistantMarianne Paton
On Set Visual FX SupervisorTim Barter
Dubbing MixerTim Ricketts
Supervising Sound EditorPaul McFadden
Sound FX EditorPaul Jefferies
Foley EditorKelly-Marie Angell
Finance ManagerChris Rogers

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