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Deep Breath

Deep Breath

Series Episode Number: 801

World Premiere: Sat 23 Aug 2014 - 7:52pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Sat 23 Aug 2014 - 8:15pm EDT [BBC America]
Running Time: 76 minutes 26 seconds

9.17 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 82 (UK)

Audience Share: 37.9% (UK)
Chart Position: 2 (BARB Week Top 30 Chart) (UK)

Recorded at these locations

When the Doctor arrives in Victorian London, he finds a dinosaur rampant in the Thames and a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions.

Who is the new Doctor and will Clara’s friendship survive as they embark on a terrifying mission into the heart of an alien conspiracy? The Doctor has changed. It’s time you knew him.

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorPeter Capaldi
ClaraJenna Coleman
Madame VastraNeve McIntosh
Commander StraxDan Starkey
Jenny FlintCatrin Stewart
Half Face ManPeter Ferdinando
Inspector GregsonPaul Hickey
AlfTony WayInfo
ElsieMaggie ServiceInfo
CabbieMark KempnerInfo
BarneyBrian Miller
WaiterGraham Duff
Courtney WoodsEllis George
PolicemanPeter HannahInfo
FootmanPaul Kasey
MissyMichelle Gomez
The DoctorMatt Smith
StuntsGordon Seed
Stunt DoubleBelinda McGinley
Stunt DoubleRob Jarman
Stunt DoubleRobert Pavey
Stunt DoubleDean Forster
Stunt DoubleAnnabel Canaven
Victorian LadyGuinivere Edwards (uncredited)Info
Victorian Android AlienAmy Stuckey (uncredited)Info
PasserChristos Gauci (confirmed)
PasserFaye Irwin (uncredited)
PasserDiana Clay (uncredited)
PasserCaroline Smith (uncredited)
PasserKatie Griffiths (uncredited)
PasserBeverley Soar (uncredited)
PasserShyama Norton (uncredited)
PasserNicky Valentine (uncredited)
PasserKatie Powles (uncredited)
PasserFionnula Rochford (uncredited)
PasserGuinevere Edwards (uncredited)
PasserTimothy Walker (uncredited)
PasserLloyd Meredith (uncredited)
PasserSyed Tarek Ahmed (uncredited)
PasserSimon Challis (uncredited)
PasserCharles Damsell (uncredited)
PasserAlan Goodliffe (uncredited)
PasserJevon Rhys-Thomas (uncredited)
PasserRobert Thomas (uncredited)
PasserJohn Britton (uncredited)
PasserNigel Slarke (uncredited)
PasserGeorgie Leonard (uncredited)
PasserJoshua Davies (uncredited)
PasserDarren Clarke (uncredited)
PasserPatricia Dichler (uncredited)
PasserFrederick Smart (uncredited)
PasserJo Colwill (uncredited)
PasserEyup Aydin (uncredited)
PasserLynn Thomas (uncredited)
PasserXavier De La (uncredited)
PasserPatrick Lawlor (confirmed)
PasserRobert Arthur (confirmed)
PasserNicole Crees (confirmed)
PasserMelissa White (confirmed)
PasserAyaisha Griffith (confirmed)
PasserKelly Link (confirmed)
PasserNarinder Metters (confirmed)
PasserLisa Jordaan (confirmed)
PasserChristopher Broadbent (confirmed)
PasserJeremy Hoare (confirmed)
PasserBarbara Sergeant (confirmed)
PasserKally Davies (confirmed)
PasserXena Avramidis (confirmed)
PasserSteve Bailey (confirmed)
PasserOllie Douglas (confirmed)
PasserHoward Howell (confirmed)
Gregson’s PolicemanTom Grainger (confirmed)
PolicemanSteve Eynon (confirmed)
PolicemanGary Horton (confirmed)
PolicemanMatthew Rohman (confirmed)
PolicemanTim Beech (confirmed)
Lamp LighterBen Perkins (confirmed)
Driving Double for StraxRobin Hyde (confirmed)
Driving Double for CabbieAndrew Williams (confirmed)
Horse Riding Double for The DoctorAdam Francis (confirmed)
Double for Madame VastraGeorge James (confirmed)
Double for ClaraKally Davis (confirmed)
Double for JennyCharlotte Parsonson (confirmed)
Grooms ManJimmy Green (confirmed)
WorkmanSteve Coussens (confirmed)
WorkmanJonathan Colwill (confirmed)
Stable BoySean Chick (confirmed)
Cart DriverStefan Lievere (confirmed)
Waiter DroidSimon Carew (uncredited)
Chamber DroidClem So (confirmed)Info
Chamber DroidJeremy Harvey (uncredited)
Chamber DroidJessica McLean (uncredited)
Chamber DroidAlison Lenihan (uncredited)
Chamber DroidRichard Husband (uncredited)
Chamber DroidNatalie Cuzner (uncredited)
Chamber DroidBarbara Fadden (uncredited)
Chamber DroidMatthew Doman (uncredited)
Restaurant DroidRichard Allen (uncredited)
Restaurant DroidClaire Delaney (uncredited)Info
Restaurant DroidElaine Caulfield (uncredited)Info
Restaurant DroidShawn Aldin-Burnett (uncredited)
Restaurant DroidAngela Charles (uncredited)
Restaurant DroidHarry Burt (uncredited)
Restaurant DroidChris Cahill (uncredited)
Production Team include uncredited
WriterSteven Moffat
DirectorBen WheatleyInfo
ProducerNikki WilsonInfo
Executive ProducerSteven Moffat
Executive ProducerBrian Minchin
EditorWill Oswald
Production DesignerMichael Pickwoad
Director of PhotographyMagni Agustsson
Line ProducerTracie Simpson
Visual Effects MILK
Visual Effects BBC Wales Visual Effects
Special Effects Real SFX
Prosthetics Millennium FX
Sound RecordistDeian Llyr Humphreys
Costume DesignerHoward Burden
Make-up DesignerClaire Pritchard-Jones
MusicMurray Gold
Casting DirectorAndy Pryor CDG
Production ExecutiveJulie Scott
Script EditorDerek Ritchie
Post Production SupervisorNerys Davies
Production AccountantJeff Dunn
Stunt coordinatorCrispin Layfield
First Assistant DirectorSimon Morris
Second Assistant DirectorJames Dehaviland
Third Assistant DirectorDanielle Richards
Assistant DirectorGareth Jones
Assistant DirectorChris Thomas
Location ManagerIwan Roberts
Unit ManagerIestyn Hampson-Jones
Production CoordinatorAdam Knopf
Production Mangement AssistantSandra Cosfeld
Production AssistantMatthew Jones
Production AssistantKatie Player
Assistant AccountantBethan Griffiths
Art Department AccountantSimon Wheeler
Script SupervisorSteve Walker
Camera OperatorMartin Stephens
Focus PullerJonathan Vidgen
Focus PullerMatthew Waving
GripJohn Robinson
Camera AssistantCai Thompson
Camera AssistantKaty Kardasz
Camera TraineeGethin Williams
Assistant GripSean Cronin
Sound Maintenance EngineerTam Shoring
Sound Maintenance EngineerChristopher Golding
GafferMark Hutchings
Best BoyStephen Slocombe
ElectricianGafin Riley
ElectricianAndy Gardiner
ElectricianBob Milton
ElectricianGareth Sheldon
Supervising Art DirectorPaul Spriggs
Art DirectorVicki Stevenson
Standby Art DirectorAmy Pickwoad
Set DecoratorAdrian Anscombe
Production BuyerHolly Thurman
Prop BuyerDonna Shakesheff
Prop BuyerHelen O'Leary
DraughtspersonKartik Nagar
Prop MasterPaul Smith
Prop ChargehandKyle Belmont
Standby PropsLiam Collins
Standby PropsGary Leech
Set DresserJayne Davies
Set DresserMike Elkins
Set DresserJamie Farrell
StoremanJamie Southcott
Assistant StoremanRyan Milton
Concept ArtistChris Lees
Graphic ArtistChristina Tom
Standby CarpenterPaul Jones
Standby RiggerBryan Griffiths
Practical ElectricianChristian Davies
Props MakerAlan Hardy
Props MakerJamie Thomas
Props DriverGareth Fox
Construction ManagerTerry Horle
Construction ChargehandDean Tucker
CarpenterJohn Sinnott
CarpenterChris Daniels
CarpenterLawrie Ferry
CarpenterMatt Ferry
CarpenterJulian Tucker
CarpenterMark Painter
CarpenterJoe Painter
Head Senic PainterClive Clarke
Senic PainterSteve Nelms
Senic PainterMatt Weston
Construction DriverJonathan Tylke
Costume SupervisorClaire Lynch
Assistant Costume DesignerKatarina Cappellazzi
Assistant Costume DesignerGemma Evans
Assistant Costume DesignerCharlotte Bestwick
Make-Up SupervisorEmma Cowen
Make-Up ArtistAlison Webb
Make-Up ArtistAnn Marie Williams
Casting AssociateAlice Purser
Assistant EditorKatrina Aust
Assistant EditorCarmen Sanchez-Roberts
Visual Effects EditorJoel Skinner
Post Production CoordinatorSamantha Price
Dubbing MixerTim Ricketts
ADR EditorMatthew Cox
Dialogue EditorDarran Clement
Effects EditorHarry Barnes
Foley EditorJamie Talbutt
Graphics BBC Wales Graphics
Titles ConceptBilly Hanshaw
Online EditorMark Hardyman
Online EditorGeraint Pari Huws
ColouristGareth Spensley
Orchestrated byBen Foster
Mixed ByJake Jackson
Recorded byGerry O'Riordan
Title MusicRon Grainer
Sontarans created byRobert Holmes
Silurians created byMalcolm Hulke
With thanks to BBC National Orchestra of Wales

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