Camera Assistant

Last updated 28 March 2020

Camera Assistant has been credited in:
132 episodes of Doctor Who
1 episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures
1 episode of Factual

1975Pyramids of Mars: Part One (uncredited)Nigel Meakin
Pyramids of Mars: Part Two (uncredited)
Pyramids of Mars: Part Three (uncredited)
Pyramids of Mars: Part Four (uncredited)
1999Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): Doctor Who and The Curse Of Fatal Death: Part FourStuart Clayton
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): Doctor Who and The Curse Of Fatal Death: Part FourDavid Hedges
2005The End Of The WorldAnna James
The End Of The WorldDavid Jones
The Unquiet Dead
The Unquiet DeadAnna James
2006The Girl in the FireplacePenny Shipton
The Age of Steel
Fear Her
2007The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the BaneRob Gilmore
The Lazarus ExperimentPenny Shipton
BlinkStephen Andrews
The Sound of DrumsTom Hartley
Last of the Time Lords
2008The Fires of PompeiiJonathan Vidgen
Planet of the Ood
The Sontaran StratagemTom Hartley
The Unicorn and the WaspJonathan Vidgen
The Unicorn and the WaspTom Hartley
2009Factual: The Eleventh DoctorJohn Shuker
The Waters of MarsTom Hartley
The Waters of MarsJonathan Vidgen
2010The Eleventh Hour
The Eleventh HourTom Hartley
The Beast BelowJonathan Vidgen
The Beast BelowTom Hartley
Victory of the DaleksJonathan Vidgen
Victory of the DaleksTom Hartley
The Time of AngelsJonathan Vidgen
The Time of AngelsTom Hartley
Flesh and StoneJonathan Vidgen
Flesh and StoneTom Hartley
The Vampires of Venice
The Vampires of VeniceJonathan Vidgen
Amy's Choice
Amy's ChoiceTom Hartley
The Hungry Earth
The Hungry EarthJonathan Vidgen
Cold Blood
Cold BloodTom Hartley
Vincent and the DoctorJonathan Vidgen
Vincent and the DoctorTom Hartley
The LodgerJonathan Vidgen
The LodgerTom Hartley
The Pandorica Opens
The Pandorica OpensJonathan Vidgen
The Big Bang
The Big BangTom Hartley
A Christmas CarolSimon Ridge
A Christmas CarolSvetlana Miko
2011The Impossible AstronautMatthew Lepper
The Impossible AstronautSvetlana Miko
The Impossible AstronautSimon Ridge
Day of the MoonMatthew Lepper
Day of the MoonSvetlana Miko
Day of the MoonSimon Ridge
The Curse of the Black SpotMatthew Lepper
The Curse of the Black SpotSimon Ridge
The Curse of the Black SpotSvetlana Miko
The Doctor's WifeSimon Ridge
The Doctor's WifeSvetlana Miko
The Doctor's WifeMatthew Lepper
The Rebel FleshSvetlana Miko
The Rebel FleshSimon Ridge
The Rebel FleshMatthew Lepper
The Almost PeopleSimon Ridge
The Almost PeopleSvetlana Miko
The Almost PeopleMatthew Lepper
A Good Man Goes to WarSimon Ridge
A Good Man Goes to WarSvetlana Miko
A Good Man Goes to WarMatthew Lepper
Let's Kill HitlerSvetlana Miko
Let's Kill HitlerSimon Ridge
Let's Kill HitlerMatthew Lepper
Night Terrors
Night TerrorsSvetlana Miko
Night TerrorsSimon Ridge
The Girl Who WaitedElliot Hale
The Girl Who WaitedSimon Ridge
The Girl Who WaitedMatthew Lepper
The God ComplexSimon Ridge
The God ComplexSvetlana Miko
The God ComplexMatthew Lepper
Closing TimeKyle Brown
Closing TimeBecky Pesco
Closing TimeSvetlana Miko
The Wedding of River SongMatthew Lepper
The Wedding of River SongSvetlana Miko
The Wedding of River SongSimon Ridge
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeOwain Thatcher
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeTom Hartley
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeRebecca Pescod
2012Asylum of the DaleksMeg De Koning
Asylum of the DaleksSam Smithard
Asylum of the DaleksCai Thompson
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipMeg De Koning
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipSam Smithard
A Town Called MercyMeg De Koning
A Town Called MercySam Smithard
A Town Called MercyCai Thompson
The Power Of ThreeEvelina Norgren
The Power Of ThreeMeg De Koning
The Power Of ThreeSam Smithard
The Angels Take ManhattanMeg De Koning
The Angels Take ManhattanSam Smithard
The Angels Take ManhattanEvelina Norgren
The SnowmenMeg De Koning
The SnowmenSam Smithard
The SnowmenEvelina Norgren
2013The Bells of Saint JohnSam Smithard
The Bells of Saint JohnCai Thompson
The Bells of Saint JohnMeg De Koning
The Rings of AkhatenSam Smithard
The Rings of AkhatenMeg De Koning
The Rings of AkhatenCai Thompson
Cold WarMeg De Koning
Cold WarEvelina Norgren
Cold WarSam Smithard
HideMeg De Koning
HideEvelina Norgren
HideSam Smithard
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISMeg De Koning
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISEvelina Norgren
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISSam Smithard
The Crimson HorrorEvelina Norgren
The Crimson HorrorSam Smithard
The Crimson HorrorMeg De Koning
Nightmare in Silver
Nightmare in SilverCai Thompson
Nightmare in SilverSam Smithard
The Name of the DoctorMeg De Koning
The Name of the DoctorCai Thompson
The Name of the DoctorSam Smithard
The Day of The DoctorChris Johnson
The Day of The DoctorCai Thompson
The Day of The DoctorMeg De Koning
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): The Five(ish) Doctors RebootCai Thompson
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): The Five(ish) Doctors RebootGethin Williams
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): The Five(ish) Doctors RebootSarah Jones
The Time of the DoctorNatalie Davies
The Time of the DoctorPete Lowden
The Time of the DoctorKyle Brown
2014Deep BreathKaty Kardasz
Deep BreathCai Thompson
Into the Dalek
Into the DalekKaty Kardasz
Robot Of Sherwood
Robot Of SherwoodCai Thompson
ListenKaty Kardasz
Time HeistCai Thompson
Time HeistKaty Kardasz
The CaretakerCai Thompson
The CaretakerKaty Kardasz
Kill The MoonCai Thompson
Kill The MoonKaty Kardasz
Mummy On The Orient ExpressCai Thompson
Mummy On The Orient ExpressKaty Kardasz
FlatlineElliot Hale
FlatlineJohn Davis
FlatlineTom Rowe
In The Forest Of The NightCai Thompson
In The Forest Of The NightKaty Kardasz
In The Forest Of The NightTom Rowe
Dark WaterKaty Kardasz
Dark WaterTom Rowe
Dark WaterCai Thompson
Death in Heaven
Death in HeavenKaty Kardasz
Death in HeavenTom Rowe
Last ChristmasCai Thompson
Last ChristmasKaty Kardasz
Last ChristmasTom Rowe
2015The Magician's ApprenticeCai Thompson
The Magician's ApprenticeScott Waller
The Witch's FamiliarCai Thompson
The Witch's FamiliarScott Waller
Under the LakeMatthew Lepper
Under the LakeScott Waller
Under the LakeCai Thompson
Before The FloodMatthew Lepper
Before The FloodScott Waller
Before The FloodCai Thompson
The Girl Who DiedMatthew Lepper
The Girl Who DiedScott Waller
The Girl Who DiedCai Thompson
The Woman Who Lived
The Woman Who LivedMatthew Lepper
The Woman Who LivedScott Waller
The Zygon InvasionCai Thompson
The Zygon InvasionMatthew Lepper
The Zygon InvasionScott Waller
The Zygon InversionCai Thompson
The Zygon InversionScott Waller
The Zygon InversionMatthew Lepper
Sleep No MoreCai Thompson
Sleep No MoreMatthew Lepper
Sleep No MoreScott Waller
Face The RavenCai Thompson
Face The RavenScott Waller
Face The RavenMatthew Lepper
Heaven Sent
Heaven SentScott Waller
Heaven SentCai Thompson
Hell Bent
Hell BentMatthew Lepper
Hell BentScott Waller
The Husbands of River SongMatthew Lepper
The Husbands of River SongScott Waller
The Husbands of River SongCai Thompson
2016The Return Of Doctor MysterioDan Patounas
The Return Of Doctor MysterioGethin Williams
The Return Of Doctor MysterioDrew Marsden
2017The PilotGethin Williams
The PilotDrew Marsden
The PilotDan Patounas
SmileDrew Marsden
SmileGethin Williams
SmileDan Patounas
Thin Ice
Thin IceDrew Marsden
Thin IceGethin Williams
OxygenDan Patounas
OxygenDrew Marsden
OxygenGethin Williams
ExtremisDan Patounas
ExtremisDrew Marsden
ExtremisGethin Williams
The Pyramid At The End Of The WorldDan Patounas
The Pyramid At The End Of The WorldDrew Marsden
The Pyramid At The End Of The WorldGethin Williams
The Lie Of The LandDrew Marsden
The Lie Of The LandGethin Williams
The Lie Of The LandDan Patounas
Empress Of MarsGethin Williams
Empress Of MarsDan Patounas
Empress Of MarsDrew Marsden
The Eaters of LightDan Patounas
The Eaters of LightDrew Marsden
The Eaters of LightGethin Williams
World Enough And TimeDan Patounas
World Enough And TimeDrew Marsden
World Enough And TimeGethin Williams
The Doctor FallsChris Jacobi
The Doctor FallsDrew Marsden
The Doctor FallsDan Patounas
The Doctor FallsGethin Williams
Twice Upon A TimeDrew Marsden
Twice Upon A TimeGethin Williams
Twice Upon A TimeDan Patounas
2018The Woman Who Fell to EarthCai Stephens
The Woman Who Fell to EarthDrew Marsden
The Woman Who Fell to EarthGethin Williams
The Ghost Monument
The Ghost MonumentCai Stephens
The Ghost MonumentDrew Marsden
RosaGethin Williams
RosaCai Stephens
RosaDrew Marsden
Arachnids In The UK
Arachnids In The UKGethin Williams
Arachnids In The UKCai Stephens
The Tsuranga Conundrum
The Tsuranga ConundrumGethin Williams
The Tsuranga ConundrumScott Walker
Demons Of The PunjabDan Patounas
Demons Of The PunjabScott Walker
Demons Of The PunjabSophie Hardcastle
Kerblam!Cal Stephens
Kerblam!Gethin Williams
Kerblam!Scott Walker
The WitchfindersDrew Marsden
The WitchfindersGethin Williams
The WitchfindersCal Stephens
It Takes You Away
It Takes You AwayGethin Williams
It Takes You AwayDrew Marsden
The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosDan Patounas
The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosScott Waller
The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosSophie Hardcastle
2019ResolutionScott Waller
ResolutionSophie Hardcastle
ResolutionDan Patounas
2020Spyfall: Part One
Spyfall: Part OneSophie Hardcastle
Spyfall: Part OneJoshua Montoro Bailes
Spyfall: Part OneScott Waller
Spyfall: Part OneGwilym Jenner
Spyfall: Part TwoSophie Hardcastle
Spyfall: Part TwoDan Patounas
Spyfall: Part TwoScott Waller
Spyfall: Part TwoGwilym Jenner
Orphan 55Dan Patounas
Orphan 55Sophie Hardcastle
Orphan 55Scott Waller
Orphan 55Gwilym Jenner
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorDan Patounas
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorJade Jenkins
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorScott Waller
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorGwilym Jenner
Fugitive of the JudoonDan Patounas
Fugitive of the JudoonJade Jenkins
Fugitive of the JudoonGwilym Jenner
Fugitive of the JudoonScott Waller
PraxeusDan Patounas
PraxeusSophie Hardcastle
PraxeusJoshua Montoro Bailes
PraxeusScott Waller
PraxeusGwilym Jenner
Can You Hear Me?Scott Waller
Can You Hear Me?Gwilym Jenner
Can You Hear Me?Dan Patounas
Can You Hear Me?Evangeline Davies
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiDan Patounas
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiEvangeline Davies
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiScott Waller
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiGwilym Jenner
Ascension of the CybermenScott Waller
Ascension of the CybermenGwilym Jenner
Ascension of the CybermenDan Patounas
Ascension of the CybermenEvangeline Davies
The Timeless ChildrenDan Patounas
The Timeless ChildrenEvangeline Davies
The Timeless ChildrenScott Waller
The Timeless ChildrenGwilym Jenner
2021Revolution of the Daleks
Revolution of the DaleksScott Waller
Revolution of the DaleksDan Patounas
Revolution of the DaleksEvangeline Davies
Flux: Chapter One: The Halloween ApocalypseDan Patounas
Flux: Chapter Two: War of The Sontarans
Flux: Chapter Three: Once, Upon Time
Flux: Chapter Four: Village of the Angels
Flux: Chapter Five: Survivors of the FluxEvangeline Davies
Flux: Chapter Five: Survivors of the FluxNic Yates
Flux: Chapter Five: Survivors of the FluxDan Patounas
Flux: Chapter Six: The Vanquishers
Flux: Chapter Six: The VanquishersEvangeline Davies
Flux: Chapter Six: The VanquishersNic Yates
2022Eve Of The DaleksEvangeline Davies
Eve Of The DaleksNic Yates
Legend Of The Sea DevilsEvangeline Davies
Legend Of The Sea DevilsNic Yates
Other Productions: Shakedown: Return of the SontaransSimon Cohen
Other Productions: Shakedown: Return of the SontaransJames E. Mastroianni